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Com N Shrinivasa Reddy JTO Circle Office donated Rs.8000-00 to SNEA Karnataka. We are thankful to Com Reddy.





CS Com S B Nagavi, COS Com Govind Gudi and DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar met CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju and discussed various issues.

CGM informed us that today the stay issued in respect of Executives' Association membership verification in WP 7211 of 2014 is vacated by the Hon HC of Karnataka and clears the way for membership verification. We have thanked CGMT for engaging the ASG to argue the case on behalf of BSNL.

Regarding Rule 8 transfers relieving, CGMT informed that it is already committed to your association in writing and accordingly action will be taken to relieve all the JTOs of the 64 proposed cases. We have strongly objected to biased action by some DGMs in SSA in the cases of JTOs relieving, CGM assurred to look into the details of the cases we have taken up.

Regarding the intra circle transfers also CGMT informed us that he will check up all cases for their relieving if not done so far.

Regarding new Business Area Concept, CGMT informed us that option will be called for the posts if diverted to new area and postings will be done in a transparent way.

We have once again thanked CGMT for the positive actions taken in respect of our demands on the agitation programme.



Welcome To New GM Admn Shri Ashok Agarwal:

SNEA met new GM Admn and HR Shri Ashok Agarwal on 8th and welcomed him. Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Savitha CVP and Com Makkannavar DS CO represented.




We have requested GM for the relieving of the JTOs and SDEs in the pending transfer orders and publication of the combined SDE inter circle transfer long stay list to be sent to BSNL CO and issue of Rule 8 transfer orders of OG to AP 21 cases and UP W 3 cases. GM assured to look into. Later we have met and discussed with Shri M V Angadi on the said issues and to take immediate action in the matter.

Accordingly yesterday the list of SDEs and the Rule 8 transfers of AP are issued.

SNEA is successful in making progress of the achievements of the agitation programmes at the circle level.



Gate Meeting at Circle Office on 2nd June:

DS Com Makkannavar has arranged gate meeting at circle office to clear the confusions created and to update the factual position of the updates on CHQ issues.Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD and Com S B Nagavi CS addressed the gathering. All the members thanked CS for the clarification and supported the right approach of CHQ in the issues. For glimpses of meeting click here.


CS Meets PGM HR Circle office:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Savitha CVP and Com S V Makkannavar DS met PGM HR Shri N Venkateshwara Rao and reviewed the pending issues. PGM informed that 14 JTOs in the first transfer list and the SDEs transfered in the month of March 2016, if any pending will be relieved today positively. The Rule 8 case for OG to MP( Ashutosh Namdev, Pradep Singh and Bhanupratap Singh) circle today orders will be issued. The orders regarding the Sanchar Seva Padak also will be released shortly. Regarding SDE long stay transfer modifiocations he has informed us to discuss with CGMT only. Today we are meting CGMT at 1530 hours.


CS writes to CGMT KTK Shri P Nagaraju protesting the modification to the long stay transfer orders leading to discrimination and violation of the transfer policy. For letter click here.

Meeting with PGM HR and Admn Shri N Venkateshwar Rao:

CS along with Com Govind Gudi COS, met PGM HR yesterday and discussed various issues. (1) Shortage of SDEs to Bijapur: We strongly protested the on going modification in the SDE long stay list and requested to restore back the original order. PGM assured to discuss with CGMT, but surprisingly signed the modification in the evening ( Great lie by Officers) (2) Relieving of Transferred officers in the cadre of JTO and SDEs: PGM assured to reliever them in ERP if they are not relieved by the SSA by this month end i.e. 31str May. (3) Sending of the common long stay list of the SDEs including non territorial circles for inter circle transfers to BSNL CO. PGM told he will ensure the same in the couple of days. (4) Status of Rule 8 transfer: PGM office informed that only MP circle has sent the final approval in 3 cases ( Ashutosh Namdev, Pradep Singh and Bhanupratap Singh) and other circle are awaited. We have insisted for the relieving of the case which are concluded.




Kumari Abhigana (588/600) and Anughana (589/600) twin doughters of Smt Veena SDE Kunigal , member of SNEA achieved remarkable results in PUC Science. SNEA feel proud to congratulate both proud twin girls and their parents for this great achievement and wishes her great success in her future career.

Sachin Sampath Son of H Prasanna DE (Transimssion) Tumkur scored 590/600 in PU Science and secured 7th Rank to Karnataka State. SNEA is proud of these meritorious children of BSNL Employees.


CS and DS Makkannavar met Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka and discussed various issues with him.





At the outset CS congratulated CGMT getting the first prize in recognition of "FTTH Connections " (Absolute)" from CMD BSNL. In turn CGMT congratulated all the staff and the executives of Karnataka circle for achieving this Goal and especially BGTD in this regard. We have also congratulated Shri Janardhan Rao, Sr GM who is nodal officer for this segment. We would place on record the foundations laid by Shri Jayaram the then PGM BGTD (PGM Mysore) for having given exclusive importance and improved FTTH connections in Bangalore and there after by Shri R Mani the present PGM BGTD.

CS then discussed on the issue of the BSNL CO report on Karnataka being shown as incurring a loss of Rs.65 crores. CGMT clarified that the said information was provisinal but as per the figures after taking into all entires we are this year going to be positive by about Rs. 40 Crores

In addition to Kerala , Andaman and Odissa we are being added as the profit making SSA this year.Our revenue will be around Rs. 2490 crores as compared to last year Rs. 2360 Crores. And the current year expenditure may be around Rs. 2450 crores. CGMT thanked all the staff and executives for this achievement and requested to maintain the same tempo in the current year.

In respect of retaining the DGM Smt Rekha Bhat at Mangalore as already discussed by us as part of our agenda we have thanked CGMT in the background of the new development of the Business Area Concept. But in respect of getting back of Smt Shamala Bhat reported at Madikeri back to Mangalore, CGM appriciated her decision of joining at Madikeri and informed that he will also consder her case when any new incombants join/get promotion. We have informed CGM that though Smt Shamala Bhat is senior, she is subjected to discrimination.

In repsect of non sending of the common long stay list of of the SDEs including the non recruiting circles by our staff section all the SDEs of Karnataka circle are subjected to long stay transfer and we will loose our SDEs. We strongly protested for the non action of Staff Section. While AP circle extracted the information from ERP and sent the list and Karnatka instead still waiting for the reply from non recruiting cirlces and our comrades are the victims now and subjected to injustice and discrimination. CGMT assured immediate action in the matter.

Regarding Rule 8 transfer CGM assured to instruct the section for the issue off orders in completed cases of all procedure.

Regarding relieving of all the SDEs transferred during March and also of intra circle transfers of JTOs, he will instruct the PGM HR to instruct the concerned GMs to take action to relieve them.



Glimpses of GB Meeting held at Kolar

Glimpses of GB Meeting held at Circle Office Bangalore

Glimpses of GB Meeting held at BGTD


GS Com K Sebastin visits Karnataka:

Com GS will address the GB Meeting of Circle Office on 24th May at 1330 hours at Circle Office and GM Meeting of BGTD at 1530 hours at PGM Office Auditorium on SWAS programme.

GS will address the GB Meeting of Kolar SSA at Kolar on 25th May 2016 at 1130 hours on SWAS programme.





Daughter of Manjanagouda Patil SDOP Shivamogga and member of SNEA has secured 621/625 marks and 5th rank to the State in SSLC examination ( Sanskrit 125, Mathematics 100, Science 99, Social Studies 100, Kannada 99 and English 98). SNEA feel proud to congratulate Kum Krupa and her parents for this great achievement and wishes her great success in her future career.


Com N Shrinivasa Reddy JTO Circle Office donated Rs.8000-00 to SNEA Karnataka. We are thankful to Com Reddy.

As per the assurance on our local agitation demands, the anomalies in the DGM posting are ratified. Com Iswara Bhat and Com Sudha are retained in Bangalore as DGM on their promotion. Earlier the case of Com Ganapathi Bhat was also settled in this regard. We are thankful to Shri P Nagaraju CGMT, Shri N V Rao PGM HR in this regard. Regarding one more order of intra circle transfer of JTOs we are pursuing with the administration.

new17-05-2016: (2200 hours)

Relay Hunger Strike Deferred....

CHQ Update.........

Congratulations to all:

Comrades, our unity and commitment leading to resolution of the long pending issues:

In view of the Relay Hunger Strike from tomorrow onwards, CMD and DIR(HR) called SNEA for detailed discussion on various HR issues as decided in the meeting held on 13.05.2016. From Assn side GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec attended the meeting. GM(Pers), GM(Estt), GM(SR), Addl GM(Pers) and DGM(Estt) was present in the meeting. At the outset CMD told that he had taken it very seriously that a very responsible Assn like SNEA gone for agitation at a very crucial period. This year is very crucial for BSNL as 3rd PRC is fully depending on this years performance. All the issues will be resolved in a time bound manner, CMD assured. GS and President explained the compulsion of the Assn to serve notice as no decision is taken on Joint Committee recommendations even after 7 months even though all the three Assns given a unanimous recommendation, thousands of JTOs, JAOs, SDEs, AOs officiated as SDE, AO, DE, CAO in DoT and BSNL before 19.02.2010 are facing recovery and reduction of pay due to wrong clarifications, on 30% superannuation the assurances are not followed, notional pay for Civil/Elect etc not considered so far etc giving an impression that management is not serious on resolving the issues. Eventhough the time schedule given after the meeting with DIR(HR) is reasonable, Assn want concrete action plan how the issues are going to be resolved within the target dates:

After that discussions held on various agenda items:

1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on:

a) Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A.

Assn strongly pleaded for its early implementation as 3rd PRC is fast approaching. Already there is a unanimous opinion in the Khan Committee on the issue and hence there is no justification for delaying the matter further. The five assured promotions should not be disturbed. The cascading effect also to be considered from E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7, Assn demanded. On this CMD informed that there is an additional financial implication of more than 200 Cores for this alone and DoT may not agree for change of all the pay scales. After detailed discussion, CMD assured that first, Khan Committee recommendation will be implemented by replacing E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 by making necessary changes in the EPP to protect the five TB promotions and it will not be linked with cascading factor. It will be taken to MC and approved latest by 31st May, as assured. CMD categorically assured that it is the responsibility of BSNL management to get it approved from DoT and he personally taken the responsibility for that. On our repeated pleading for cascading effect from E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6 and E6 to E7, CMD assured that it will be considered after this.

b) Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy:

GM(Pers) explained the status of the issue. Assn demanded that as a onetime measure, Executives on higher pay scales may be promoted to the next higher grade without DPC by taking VC, as DPCs are already done for TBP. Further pleaded that the DPCs should be decentralised, promotion shall be based on recruitment year wise giving relaxation to the qualifying service for the Executives recruited/promoted in the same vacancy year, uniform date of promotion, change of designation by giving designation followed in BSNLCO like Asst Manager for JTO, Dy Manager for SDE, Manager for Sr SDE, Asst General Manager for DE etc. Assn expressed its concern over the delay as a simple issue like standard pay scales taken so much time, so management is not serious on this issue also. On this CMD directed GM(Pers) to stick to the target date. GM(Pers) assured CMD, DIR(HR) and Assn that the draft will be ready by the target date of 31st August.

c) Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Assn strongly protested as this issue was not even reflected in the letter on action plan on various issues. GM(Pers) explained that it is linked with CPSU and will be processed after that and hence not shown as a separate item. Assn explained that this can be settled earlier itself and it has to be implemented w.e.from 01.10.2000. Since CPSU related work is already started, finally it was assured that it will be processed immediately after that. Necessary correction in the action plan also will be made.

2. Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

Assn explained the issue in detail. Management side maintained that a committee examined the matter and found that the orders/clarifications are correct. Now after submission of further data, mgt agreed that it will be re-examined based on the additional inputs given by the Assn like MC Note, Hon SC orders, FRSR etc. Assn demanded that since the clarifications are wrong and it is against the provisions of EPP order dated 18.01.2007 and FRSR, it has to be withdrawn immediately. Pay protection is provided under FRSR and as long as FRSR is followed in BSNL, it cannot take a contradictory stand. Thousands of SDEs, AOs, DEs and CAOs are facing pay reduction and recovery by the wrong clarification. After thorough discussion, management finally agreed to withdraw both the clarifications dated 30.05.2007 (sl no.10) and 19.02.2010(sl no.4 and 9). This is a great breakthrough and will give relief to more than 15,000 SDEs, AOs, DEs and CAOs who are facing pay reduction and recovery by the wrong clarification. By this, this issue will be fully settled. 3. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees. As assured in the meeting with DIR(HR), the contribution will be worked out after the recalculation of the medical expenditure.

4. Membership verification among Executives

Associations by addressing the issues raised. Restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted. Mgt side explained that salary deduction cannot be implemented as it will influence the verification. Then Assn demanded that the verification has to be done as notified earlier and there is no stay on the verification as claimed by the mgt. On this CMD and DIR(HR) responded very positively and directed concerned officers to take all necessary actions to complete the verification at the earliest in a time bound manner. Finally management decided to conduct the membership verification due to our struggle. This will be another breakthrough.

5. Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

DIR(HR) informed that all efforts are being taken to resolve the court cases. A senior lawyer from Hon Supreme Court is deputed to Ernakulam for final arguments. Similarly other cases also will be dealt.

6. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Assn explained the Vinai Shahi Committee report, BSNL Board decision etc. Earlier it was linked with JAO pay scales but now it is settled for JAO in isolation. But only for Civil/Elect wings Executives, E1A and E2A pay scales are not implemented. BSNL policy is a) uniform promotion policy and b) uniform pay scales for all the equivalent cadres in different wings. To have uniform pay scales of E1A and E2A for all the JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs it has to be implemented for Civil/Elect etc wings also w.e.f 01.10.2000. After discussion CMD directed concerned officers to settle the issue favourably ensuring uniform pay scales for all the Executives w.e.f 01.10.2000. This issue was pending for years together and after the intervention of CMD and DIR(HR), it is getting settled. This is another major breakthrough in todays meeting.

7. First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grades as done in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

It is decided to examine the case as per earlier discussion. Assn clearly told that it will not tolerate any discrimination. Management assured that there will not be any discrimination and the whole issue will be examined in totality as per the time schedule. Our sincere gratitude to CMD, BSNL and DIR(HR) for their timely intervention and taken bold steps to resolve the issues in a time bound manner. There are no words to congratulate all the Executives, especiaaly our SNEA comrades who stood solidly behind the issues and struggled shoulder to shoulder. Hats off to them. Congratulations to all the CSs, SSA/Branch secretaries and office bearers and activists at different level for their effective leadership to make the struggle a grand success. Our struggle will ensure that the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.1.2007, ie 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 and future recruits getting E2 scale starting with Rs 20600.

This will set the stage for implementation of 3rd PRC. When the others tried their best to derail the issue by raising irrelevant things, our struggle saved the issue.

Comrades, we had only deferred the agitation programme, not withdrawn it knowing very well that lot of negative forces are working against the resolution of the issues.

We should be very careful about their tactics. We have to keep all the organizational preparedness to respond in a short notice if there is any deviation from the commitment and target dates.


Relay Hunger Strike

on 18th, 19th and 20th may 2016

at CGMT Office Bengaluru


at all SSA HQs

Make extensive preparations to make the Relay Hunger Strike successful. Our demand of standard pay scales of E2, E3 with five promotions (with or without cascading effect) for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 should settle before constitution of 3rd PRC. Settlement of CPSU cadre Hierarchy, 1st TBP, 30% superannuation benefit with minimum 6% as promised, Officiating pay protection, Notional pay of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect etc etc are fully depends upon the success of our struggle.

All Executives are requested to join this movement for the upliftment of the cadres.


CS along with DS BGTD Com Jayaprakash Javali and DP Com Huliraj met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju and discussed on the issues relating to the anomalies in the posting orders of DGM and AGMs and detailed to reconcile the same as discussed earlier. CGM assured to look into. Regarding the considering the intra circle transfers of JTOs also CGM informed that now the Business Area concept has been approved and is going to be introduced and taking into consideration of the development, the issue is being reviewed and within a couple of days it will be finalized. The long stay transfer orders issued are modified and the posting to Bijapur have been withdrawn. This was strongly protested by SNEA. No vacancy was shown to Tumkur at the time of SDE long stay orders. But now an SDE's order is modified to Tumkur. This has created great de motivation to the se3nior SDEs who were deprived of getting Tumkur. We have demanded to reconcile the issue.

Later we have met PGM HR and Admn Shri N V Rao and discussed on the promises that were given regarding the posting issues. PGM assured positive decision.


CHQ Update...

We have to be very careful about those who are playing with the future of the Executives after making recommendations for E2, E3 pay scales without cascading effect and during implementation time, making noises demanding cascading effect. They are already exposed since they didn’t make any recommendation for cascading effect. They were silent from 2012 to 2015. They never interested in E2, E3 scales for the new recruits from the beginning, never pursued it in BSNL or DoT or DPE to get the E1A and E2A scales rejected. They are for E1+5 increments. In the committee also they tried to derail it by demanding E2 scale from 01.10.2000. Even in the meeting with DIR(HR) on 26.04.2016, they mentioned that they are happy with E1, E2, -- E6 if cascading is not given. The present move is a very clever and calculated move to derail its implementation demanding cascading effect or reducing the promotion from five to four, knowing very well that management will not accept it. Even if management accepts, Board and DoT will reject it. Their only intension is to confuse the Executives, promising changes in pay scales for all and ultimately force management even not to implement simple E2 and E3 pay scales, our comrades should understand. Mgt also never interested to implement it rather tried their best to demote the JTO/JAO, SDE/AO cadres from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. When SNEA started agitation, Joint Committee reconstituted in 2015. Committee made sweeping recommendations on standard pay scales, CPSU Hierarchy and 1st TBP. Their agenda suits management, which doesn’t want to implement E2, E3. If management is sincere, it will implement the recommendations in toto without any further delay as promised. If that is not happening, it can be presumed that this drama is going on with the support of management to scuttle the pay scales, CPSU Hierarchy and 1st TBP. We should not allow this to happen. No pay scales means, no CPSU Hierarchy and no 1st TBP. The 3rd PRC implementation will become an impossible task. Officiating pay fixation and pay protection is another issue where thousands of Executives, SDEs, AOs, DEs and CAOs facing pay reduction to the tune of one or two increments. It has to be corrected immediately. DPCs are to be expedited. Assurance of 6% on superannuation benefit is to be implemented. Membership verification to be completed immediately to decide the majority Association. Justice is to be rendered to the Executives of Civil/Elect wings.

So comrades,

Make extensive preparations for the relay hunger strike from 18-20, May, 2016 and other future programmes. It is a do or die battle for us.


Intra Circle Transfer of JTOs:


You all have seen my detailed SMS on 7th May 2016. I have detailed all the discussions we had with CGMT Karnataka at 1730 hours before releasing the posting orders of TTA promoted JTOs on 7th. Deliberately the details of the same were not put it in our web site. Now you can understand the truth how the capitalization of the settled issues were being claimed. On 7th May CGMT Shri P Nagaraju CGMT given an offer that if we allow the posting of the TTAs on as is where is basis, he agreed to consider all the possible intra circle transfers where these TTAs are geting posting and increasing the strength of JTOs and also considering the WL to be maintained for the incoming SSA wise. In fact CGMT further instructed PGM to consider maximum cases even to the extent of 40 to 50 cases.In the background of this assurance we have agreed for the proposal as it really helps us these JTOs who are waiting for their transfer. In the larger interest of JTOs in Karnataka and to focus the attention of the administration we have launched this organizational programe and are successful in achieving our goal. Let other people change their colors and stand daily we are not concerned. Whatever we do we do it openly and no hide and seek policy. We are really encouraged by the support that we are getting even from the members of other association for having taken a principled stand. Yes we are getting the results. We are thankful for the solidarity and support enmass shown by the executive community.

With warm regards,



Massive Dharna all over Karnataka Circle is observed by the Comrades of SNEA on 11th May 2016. Many BSNL recruited Engineers ( DR JTOs and JAOs ) have attended the Dharna programme and expressed their solidarity support for our right cause . We thank and congratulate all the participants and the supporters of the programme

For glimpses of the programme click here.



Day long Dharna on 11th May 2016

As per the CHQ Call, Dharna will be observed at all SSA HQrs and in Bangalore at CGMT Office Halasur on 11th May 2016. All the members of SNEA are requested to apply leave and participate in the Dharna programme and make the programme a great success.

Charter of demands:

1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on: a) Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A, b) Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, c) Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

2. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees.

3. Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

4. Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

5. Membership verification among Executives Associations by addressing the issues raised. Restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted.

6. First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grades as done in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

7. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.

Programme of Trade Union actions:

Massive Dharna at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 11th May, 2016

Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 18th, 19th and 20th May, 2016.

If the issues are not resolved, more vigorous trade union actions will be resorted to from June, 2016.


Congratulations Comrades.

We have finally achieved the destination and achieved our demand of 27th Jan 2016 meting conclusions. Both CGMT Karnataka and PGM HR Karnataka have invited for the discussion on the agenda points appealed us for the withdrawal of the proposed organizational programme. For letter of appeal click here.



Comrades, after discussion with the management, SNEA decided to defer the programme of organizational actions, giving due respect to the assurance of the management.





GS writes to Director HR to intervene in the issues in Karnataka Circle related to the posting of JTOs considering Rule 8 and Intra circle Transfers strictly as per the agreement reached with the Association.To protest against the biased attitude of CGMT / KTK, SNEA Karnataka Circle will hold Dharna at Circle and all SSA HQs on 07-05-2016.....

View below the extract.

No: SNEA/CHQ/DIR(HR)/2015-18/24 Dated 3rd May, 2016.

To Smt Sujata T Ray,

DIR(HR), BSNL, New Delhi.

Respected Madam,

Sub: Kind intervention solicited regarding the posting of JTOs, considering Rule 8 and intra circle Transfers strictly as per the agreement reached with the Assn. in KTK Circle.

Ref: No: SNEA/CHQ/DIR(HR)/2015-18/22 Dated 19th April, 2016.

Kindly refer the letter under reference regarding posting of JTOs on promotion as substitute to consider the Intra SSA and Rule 8 transfer cases in Karnataka Circle. After your kind intervention on 28.04.2016, CGMT, Karnataka Circle reversed his decision on transfer and posting of JTOs on promotion to consider the pending request and Rule 8 transfers as per the settled policy followed in BSNL and DoT. Normally all the request transfers in respective cadre will be considered as and when new promotions/recruitments taking place. Accordingly posting orders also issued on 30.04.2016 posting the new JTOs having 4 years leftover service to other SSAs from where transfer requests are pending (copy enclosed). To our surprise, within one day CGMT changed the posting order defying the instructions of BSNLCO and DIR(HR). In the history of Karnataka Circle, we never saw such weak officers who could not protect his orders even for a day. If CGM is not able to utilise the manpower as per the requirement of the company and do justice to the JTOs who are eagerly waiting for their transfers for 3 to 14 years, then how he will steer such a potential Circle out of crisis is not known. We leave this to the top BSNL management to decide. SNEA, Karnataka Circle decided to protest against the biased attitude of CGMT, Karnataka Circle. As CGMT of the Circle, he is supposed to behave in a non partisan way. To protest against the biased attitude of CGMT, SNEA Karnataka Circle will be holding Dharna at Circle and all SSA HQs on 07.05.2016 as per the notice already issued. The attitude of CGMT is creating large scale resentment among hundreds of JTOs waiting for transfer and leading to industrial unrest in the potential Circle, a Circle growing very fast for last few years under Mr R. K. Mishra.

Your kind intervention is once again solicited.

With regards,

(K. Sebastin)

Copy to: Sri. N.K. Gupta, DIR(CFA) for information and n/a please.



Yesterday at 1430 hours management called CS for discussion with regard to the demands and the agitation notice to the new chamber of PGM HR and Admn. Shri N Venkateshwar Rao PGM and Admn, Shri M V Angadi DGM Staff and Shri Swaminathan AGM Legal and HR were present. CS Com S B Nagavi and DS Com Sadanand Makkannavar represented from SNEA.

The proposal given by the management was nothing but their original stand only. Surprisingly they informed us that the order of postings dated 30th April 2016, will be revised and all will be posted on as is where is basis. Management re-iterated that they will consider 64 rule 8 and 14 intra circle transfers by resorting to long stay transfers.

We demanded that all the intra circle transfer can be considered by using the present JTO trainees ( who are having more than 3 years of service as on 31st March 2017 as was initially assurred by CGMT/PGM) so that after two years all those who have gone on long stay can be brought back on far with the principle followed in respect of SDEs. Management said they will call back again in the evening after discussion with CGMT. They have not called us again but revised the posting orders of 30th April 2016.

By this management under the leadership of present CGMT Karnataka and the PGM in charge of Human Resource Department (HR andAdmn) have demonstrated their mind set about the concern and difficulties of our officers working in the field units and doing all that is possible to demotivate and neglect the real strength of working class which is instrumental in bringing more than 2500 Crores of revenue and we have been taken for granted. We strongly condemn the partisan and biased action of the management.

We appeal all the comrades to make our programme of agitation a grand success to make the management understand that how important we are in the system.



We have to concentrate on our Day Long Dharna scheduled on 7th May 2016, as such we have to achieve the cadre issue of intra circle request transfers and rule 8 transfers of JTOs. Our Association is to pursue the issues of executives.

Now the true colors of others calling us as "Sister Organization" have come out. If not so what is their stand on considering the 130 intra circle transfers. If this WL is not cleared now, how come the long stay JTOs' if transferred will be able to come back (pending the WL) after 2 years if they are transferred now. We request these sister organisations to think of the present members and overall impact. If such a huge WL of intra circle JTOs is not cleared then proposing the long stay transfer by the so called association is nothing but forcing these JTOs to go on long stay transfer and stay there for decades or take VR and go home. We want a win win situation wherein, if the WL is cleared with the present opportunity all JTOs either promoted or already taken long stay transfer ( last year cases) all will be able to come back after two years. This is our policy but not to grab membership by hook or crook.

Hence comrades our struggle is not over, we have to intensify and make the DHARNA programme a grand success.


Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration at Circle Office

Massive demonstration took place at circle office on 29th as scheduled in protest against the wrong policy of circle administration. Comrades from BGTD, Circle Office, the neighboring SSAs like Kolar, Tumkur and comrades from Mangalore, Belgaum, Hubli, Shimoga and Madikeri have also attended. Com Pandurang Nayak JSS South has attended and addressed the gathering. For the glimpses of the event click here. We thank for the tremendous response and request for targeting the 7th May Dharna Programme.



Our Lunch hour demonstration is as per schedule and will be held tomorrow the 29th April 2016 at CGMT Office, Halasur, Bangalore at 1300 hours. CS appeals for maximum participation.

This struggle is to protect the dignity of executives .

This struggle is to remind the judicious decisions of Shri R Chandramouli, the then PGM HR.

This struggle is to remind the hard work and the commitment of Shri R K Misraji, the then CGMT Karnataka,

This struggle is to get back the active and vibrant administration which should strive hard for best service to the customers and to replace the passive mangers.

Let us struggle as no struggle goes without results.

March on to CGMT Office and be there at 1300 hours of 29th April 2016.


"Meeting with DIR(HR): GS and AGS met DIR(HR) on 27.04.16 and held discussions on KTK issue where CGM is deviating from the settled policy on JTO promotion and postings and settlement of Rule 8 and other Inter SSA transfers. Assn demanded that there should not be any deviation from the earlier policy. DIR(HR) immediately spoken to CGM/KTK Circle and directed him to strictly follow the earlier policies and settlement with SNEA in the posting of JTOs as per the earlier practices. When promotion orders are issued, they have to be utilised for settling the Rule 8 and Inter SSA tfrs as usual and there should not be any long standing transfers for their substitutes, DIR(HR) told. There should not be any deviation from the settled principle and if there is any change adopted now, it has to be corrected and go back to the old practices, DIR(HR) directed CGMT. When CGMT tried to convince her that there is no deviation, DIR(HR) directed him to examine the matter again as BSNLCO received complaint in this regards from Assn. Further DIR(HR) directed GM(Pers) to speak to concerned officers of KTK Circle again and ensure that the settled policies are followed and transfers are implemented.

Our KTK comrades are on agitation against the CGM on various issues like growth related issues, poor performance of CGM, deviation from the policies on transfer and postings etc."


SNEA serves notice of Organisational Action for resolution of various demands as per the Bangalore CEC resolution. For notice copy click here.

Get ready for massive


ON 29TH APRIL 2016.


District Conference of BGTD:

District Conference of Bangalore Telecom District was held on 16th April 2016 in the Conference Hall of CTO Building. Com B S Venkateshmurthy Circle President was the chief guest of the function. The conference was attended and addressed by CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS Com M H Gombi and others. The conference resolved to fight against the wrong policy of the circle in JTO transfers and for the failure of the management to provide basic infrastructure to give quality of service.

Com M Huliraja, Com Jayaprakash Javali and Com K Gurunath have been elected as the District President, District Secretary and the District Treasurer respectively. For full list of office bearers click here..

Glimpses of BGTD Conference


CS Com S B Nagavi appeals to members and executives for the support of the right and just cause. For appeal Click here..


Emergency Meetings of Circle Office/mobile Branch is scheduled at

Circle Office Auditorium today the 25th April at 1330 hours


Emergency Meeting of BGTD Branch is scheduled at 1700 hours of toady at NTB Conference Hall 5th Floor Bangalore

Members are requested to attend.


Circle Executive Committee Report:

The emergency CEC was held on 19th April 2016 at SNEA Bhavan, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore. The meeting commenced at 1000 hour with the invocation by Com Govinda Gudi. Com B S Venkatesh Murthy Presided over the meeting. One minute silence to the departed soul was observed and the house acknowledged the services rendered by the departed leader Com W Sheshagiri Rao.


After the Presidential remarks by Com B S Venkateshmurthy and approval of the agenda, Com S B Nagavi, CS welcomed the gathering and gave a detailed account of the latest developments related to the agenda points.


Except Bidar all the SSAs, STR, Mobile Services, STR ROK have attended the meeting. All SSAs have participated in the discussion on all the agenda points and resolutions have been passed unanimously and it was decided to fight against the irrational policy being followed by the circle administration in respect of considering the intra circle request transfers and the rule 8 transfers.

Com Girish Mulabharathi, Rep from Gulbarga, Com Bijjaragi DS Bijapur, Com Virupakshappa DS Bellary, Com Gopalakrishana DS Chickmagalur, Com Kencharadder DS STR ROK and representing DS Shimoga, Com Rathod DS Hassan , Com Prashanth DS Madikeri, Com Mahesh DS Tumkur, Com Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar, Com A B Naragund DS Mysore, Com Bhat representing DS Karwar, Com Muralidhar DS Mangalore (DKTD), Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli, Com Channappa rep DS Davangere, Com Jayaprakash Javali, DS BGTD Com Kulkarni DS STR BG, DS NGSN Com Ravi and Circle office Bearers Com Govinda Gudi, Com M H Gombi, Com Savita, Com Deepak Kumar, Com Ravishankar, Com R G Kulkanrni and Com Ramesh have spoken on the main issue of biased action of circle office in the transfer and posting issues and dilution tactics of the administration in ensuring maximum transfers of JTOs by utilizing the JTO trainees's and demanded for the organizational action to defeat the wrong policy of the circle administration.


On the organizational front it is decided to Hold the Circle Conference at Shimoga in the month of July 2016. In this regard it is decided to collect a donation of Rs. 500-00 from each member to meet the expenses of the conference. It is also decided to deposit Rs. 12 lakh as Fixed Deposit out of the total donations of Rs.14.2 lakhs received by the members of the association towards the utilization of SNEA BHAVAN and the remaining amount of Rs. 2.2 Lakhs will be used for the conference purposes.Com Pandurang Nayak, Joint Secretary South CHQ attended the meeting and addressed the gathering. The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by Com M S Hiremugadur.


For Glimpses of the CEC click here.


For the Resolutions click here..



CS along with Com Makkannavar DS CO met CGMT Karnataka Circle today morning and comunicated the decision of CEC amd made over the resolutions of Bangalore CEC held on 19th April 2016. For CEC resolutions click here.. For letter to CGMT Click here..

As per the decision of the CEC, we are issuing the notice of organisational action by Monday the 25th April 2016. Members be in touch with the DS, CS, COB and active members of the organisation. We have to gear up as per the resolutions of Bangalore CEC.

Glimpses of CEC




GS writes to DIR (HR) to intervene regarding the posting of JTOs, considering Rule 8 and Intra circle Transfers strictly as per the agreement reached with the Association and settling the anomaly in the posting orders of incoming DEs and promoted DGMs in Karnataka Circle...View Letter copy.

CS had already written letter to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju, on the issue of Rule 8 and intra circle transfers of JTOs and anomalies created in the posting of the AGMs and DGMs. For letter click here..




Emergency CEC meeting is scheduled to be held

on 19th April 2016

at Bangalore

SNEA BHAVAN Sahakara Nagar.

All the CEC, CWC members, Circle Office Bearers and the District Secretaries are requested to attend the meting positively. For notice click here. JSS (South) Com Pandurang Nayak will represent CHQ and attend the meeting.



Incoming AGM Posting orders issued. Com R B Joshi AGM posted to BGTD. Welcome to our BGTD SNEA leader ( EX DS BGTD) back to Bangalore. Com K Karagappa AGM is also posted to BGTD. We welcome both our SNEA leaders. For orders click here.


Minutes of the meeting held with CGMT STR Chennai are issued. For minutes click here..

Meeting held with CGMT KTK and PGM HR KTK on 5th and 4th April respectively. The details will be sent to DSs and Circle Office Bearers through email. Organize for serious actions accordingly.


District Conference of BGTD

The District Conference of Bangalore Telecom District will be held

on Saturday the 16th of April 2016 at 1500 hours

in the Auditorium of CTO, PGM BGTD Office Bangalore.

Members are requested to attend in large number.


Meeting with CGMT Karnataka Circle


CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS CO Com Makkannavar met CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju yesterday and discussed on the progress of the Rule 8 transfers and the considering the intra circle request transfers of JTOs. Though huge waiting list of JTOs is pending for both inter and intra circle transfers, circle office instead of following the methods as per transfer and positing policy inclined to deviate from the earlier decisions. We have registered our strong protest on the approach adopted now which will highly de motivate the JTOs who are waiting for the transfers for years together. Conspicuously missing, avoiding the present opportunity to clear the entire WAITING LIST of transfers in the cadre of JTOs, and later going to LONG STAY transfer of the JTOs will be highly unlawful and discriminative and such move will be opposed by this association even resorting to organizational actions.This point was made very clear to CGMT Karnataka. DGM Staff Shri M V Angadi who was present in the meting also detailed on the agreed policy during our meting with Shri N Venkateshwara Rao PGM HR in this regard.

We have also explained that more than 50 AGM vacancies exist in Bangalore and forcing the incoming AGMs on transfer from other circles be accommodated in places of their choice instead of posting them again by disturbing to other places.

After detailed discussion CGM assured to hold one mare meeting on the issue on Tuesday.



Meeting with GMM STR Banglore:

CS along with Com T G Kulkarni DS STR Bangalore and President Com Arun Divate met GMM STR Shri Pande and discussed on the progress of the decisions taken at our meeting with CGMT STR Chennai. GMM informed that he will be waiting for the instructions from the CGM STR and would take action accordingly. However we have informed that we waited for enough time and the members are very much agitated particularly the outdoor executives which is very much negledted lot in the STR Comrades we have to gear up for organisational action as per the decision taken in our Davangere meeting if issues are not resolved within a week time.




 CHQ Writes to CMD


SNEA/CHQ/CMD/2015-18/20                 Dated 30th March, 2016.


Sri Anupam Shrivastava,

Chairman and Managing Director,

BSNL, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Request to immediately put on hold the proposal to get approval of BSNL/Board to pay 3% as superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct recruits. Proposal is a naked betrayal. Management will be squarely responsible for huge unrest such retrograde decision is bound to create. Nothing short of assured 6% which takes the total contribution to 24% is acceptable. Management has to understand that they cannot play with the future of BSNL Direct recruits and treat them in such an insensitive way.

Ref:   1. DPE order dated 02.04.2009 in this regard:

2. SNEA/CHQ/CMD/2015-18/13     Dated 29th February, 2016.

BSNL Management has all along been extremely insensitive towards resolution of legitimate HR issues of BSNL Executives. Let alone resolution of issues, BSNL management has sunk down to such depths where they felt no concern in demoting the cadres of JTO/SDE from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. This is unprecedented and speaks volumes and volumes about how the management treats Human Resources - like    garbage- and we are talking of the most potential segment in BSNL which constitutes future face of the Company and is to undoubtedly play a very key and decisive role in turning around the Company and meeting emerging competitive challenges.

Similarly, another critical issue concerning their career growth and that of all the Executives i.e the mechanism of CPSU cadre hierarchy the implementation of which would have impacted the growth of the Company as well, has been gathering dust for the last 4 years. The result is that the career growth of BSNL Executives is strangulated and their morale is at its lowest ebb for obvious reasons- demoting them from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2 and mortgaging their functional career growth by putting CPSU cadre hierarchy in cold storage.

As if this were not sufficient, management has been treating this potential segment in most contemptuous and disdainful manner by denying them their legitimate 30% superannuation benefits and thus even from day one depriving them of their social security in terms of pension that is available to those absorbed from DOT. For the last more than six years, management’s attitude and actions, towards resolution of 30% superannuation, to say the least, has been condemnable, reflecting insensitivity and sheer apathy. BSNL Management is a classic case of this kind of attitude and concern towards potential HR segment. Actions of BSNL in this regard are unmatched and will find no parallels. We feel really ashamed in describing how the management has been treating this issue for the last six years. It is painful and sad beyond words. The amount of pain that the management continues to inflict on this segment is indescribable.

We understand that a proposal to get 3% from BSNL/Board is awaiting its approval. Who has arrived at this figure of 3%, what the rationale is and where have been the consultations with the stake holders - at least we are not aware. In a hush-hush and arbitrary manner, this magical figure has been arrived and this has shocked everyone. After waiting for more than six years, BSNL management takes this kind of U-turn.

To avoid imminent, unavoidable and massive industrial turmoil in the Company, which would be undoubtedly catastrophic at this stage, we solicit your kind personal intervention to put the so called dubious proposal on hold and instead start working on extending 6%, which takes the total contribution to 24%, that was categorically assured. In fact, what shocks and stuns us is that more than three years before, management mooted extending 4% which was obviously not acceptable. And now after three years have elapsed, 4% has come down to 3%. This is just funny and only reflects managements’ complete lack of involvement and interest.

Sir, finally the ball is in the court of the management. If management wants industrial peace and is genuinely interested that upward growth journey that we have just started continues in an uninterrupted manner, the sinister proposal of 3% must be forthwith shelved. There is no other way round. This is our humble submission. 


Thanking you,

With regards,



(K. Sebastin)

Copy to:

1) Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR & Fin), BSNL Board for information and n/a please.

2) Sri Mukesh Mathur, PGM(EF), BSNLCO for information please.

3) Smt Madhu Arora, GM(Estt), BSNLCO for information please.



STR Bangalore Branch Meeting.

STR Bangalore Branch Meeting was held on 24th March 2016 at NTB Bangalore and the following members have been elected as the new office beares.

1. President: Com Arun Divate, SDE OD III BG

2. Division Secretary: Com T G Kulkanrni SDE NMC Bangalore

3. Treasurer: Com M Kiran JTO NMC Bangalore.

CS attended and addressed the meeting. Circle organisation extends full co-operation to thed newly elected body.


Request transfers and long stay transfers orders in the cadre of SDEs issued. For orders click here..


Meeting with CGM STR Chennai.

As per the scheduled meeting fixed by CGMT STR Chennai on 21-03-2016 at 1500 hours, at Chennai, CS Com S B Nagavi, along with Joint Secretary South Com Panduranga Nayak,Shri R Rajashekar CS SNEA Tamilnadu Circle DS STR ROK Com Kencharadder, DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar have attended the meeting. From the Administration side Shri D V Ramanamurthy CGM, Kalyansagar PGM Finance, Shri K C Pande GMM Bangalore, Shri Chandrashekar DGM OP, Shyamaladevi AGM Admn and other senior Officers have attended the meeting.It may be recalled that on 19-07-2015 we have held the meeting of the ROK STR comrades at Davangere and there on held meeting with GMM BG on 30-10-2015. Since most of the contentious issues remain unresolved we have insisted for a meeting with CGMT on the same agenda points based on the resolutions of Davegere meeting. For the letter click here. For the GMM BG minutes click here. DS Com Kencharadder has explained the marginal change with respect to grant of temporary advance sanction and store related issues. However, SNEA vehemently insisted for the alternate viable method of Outdoor OF Cable maintenance system either by outsourcing or by employing the contract labours so as to remove the over burden on the outdoor executives. The present non standard method has put all the field officers to severe stress, overload of work and risk factors that involved while employing local labours in case of unforeseen accidents as these engagements are not covered by the insurance policies. After a prolonged discussion and after understanding the real difficulties faced by the field officers, it was agreed to explore the possibility of coming out of these difficulties. However we have demanded for the outsourcing of the OF cable maintenance work as BSNL CO has long back issued the guidelines and management has utterly failed to provide the adequate supporting staff and labour force to cope with the present rate of breakdowns and interruptions.

We have very seriously demanded for the considerations of the request transfers in the cadre of SDEs and JTOs who are waiting for a pretty long time in rest of Karnataka. On the other hand in Karnataka Telecom Circle such transfers are being considered regularly and 100% in case of SDEs. This clear discriminative stand of the administration was strongly protested by SNEA. CGM after detailed discussion authorized GMM STR Bangalore, to discuss the matter with the association and consider the cases of the request transfers in Karnataka and also send a proposal in respect of SDEs' which will be approved by CGM.



Posting of TTAs after training as JTOs.

This association has never followed hide and seek policy. Our stand is very clear from the begining and informed the administration well before the release of the first batch after Phase I training. We wanted all the vacancies to be open for the all the trainees from the first batch itself as they are being sent for training as per seniority and the first batch should not be deprived of the chances of their getting better choice if the vacancies opened subsequenstly. This should be followed to the subsequent batches also. This was agreed to in our meetings with the administration. We have also written clear letter in the begining. For letter click here or see the updat on 29-02-2016 specially the point 1,2 and 3 on this issue of posting. Our members are requested to kindly go through the same and also to insist upon the same for all the batches instead of geting confused. Yesterday also administration has informed us that this policy is being scrupulously followed.


CHQ News.....

LET US NOT DILUTE E2 for JTO and E3 for SDEs.


A father left 17 Camels as an Asset for his Three Sons. When the Father passed away, his sons opened up the will. The Will of the Father stated that…..


The Eldest son should get Half of 17 Camels,


The Middle Son should be given 1/3rd of 17 Camels,


Youngest Son should be given 1/9th of the 17 Camels,


As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, the sons started to fight with each other. Finally, they decided to go to a wise man.


The wise man listened patiently about the Will. The wise man, after giving his thought, brought one camel of his own & added the same to 17. That increased the total to 18 camels.


Now, he started reading the deceased fathers will.


Half of 18 = 9. So he gave 9 camels to the eldest son.


1/3rd of 18 = 6. So he gave 6 camels to the middle son.


1/9th of 18 = 2. So he gave 2 camels to the youngest son.


Now add this up: 9 + 6 + 2 = 17 and this leaves 1 camel, which the wise man took back.


The attitude of negotiation & problem solving is to find the 18thcamel, i.e. the common ground. Once a person is able to find the common ground, the issue is resolved. It is difficult at times but not impossible…..


In standard pay scale issue, the 18th camel is staying in E3 scale for 10 years (by reaching it 5 years earlier) without losing financially, also ensuring 5 TBPs as in existing EPP and also BSNL need not loose around 400 Cr in the form of pension contribution. And we can always take back the 18th camel once the financial health of BSNL is improved, which is very much visible. Now let us decide whether we are ready to add the 18th camel to resolve the standard pay scale issue or keep it tangled.


Remember the need of the hour is replacing E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 as this is having the direct impact on post 2007 executives and the 3rd PRC. And those of who are worried about eligibility to DGM RR(External Recruitment) can wait for some more time…..



Meeting with Sr GM Finance Circle Office:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS CO Com Makkannavar met Sr GM Finance Smt Sumam Pillai and discussed on the issue of revised pay fixation of 1999 JAO Batch. On the recent development of SC judgement and DOPT orders dated 2-3-2016, we have requested to defer any proposed recovery. Sr GM agreed to defer the same. For our letter submited to CGMT/Sr GM Finance click here..


Gadag is Karnataka's First Wi Fi - Enabled City:

With the initiative of GM Hubli Shri Vivek Jaiswal and Hon Minister Karnataka for Rural Development of Shri H K Patil and efforts by all our executives and staff we got business of Rs. 60 lakhs from the State Govt from extending WiFi. Media reports below..





Meeting with PGM HR Admn;

CS wrote to PGM HR Shri N Venkateshwar Rao, to give meeting to discuss the various issues referred to in our various letters yesterday morning. For letter click here.

PGM was kind enough to give the meeting in afternoon at 1600 hours.

The meeting was attended from SNEA side by CS Com S B Nagavi,DS Mobile Services Com Sudheendra, DS BGTD Com Ramesh and CVP Com Aithal. Shri M V Angadi, DGM Staf and Shri Shannbhag AGM were also present. PGM informed that most of the points of our letters have been considered and few points will be looked into.

Regarding the long stay transfers in the cadre of SDEs it was stated that about 26 SDEs will be transferred on long stay basis ( Bangalore 19, Hubli 3 and Mysore 4) to fill up the various vacanies. ( CKG 2, HSN 12, BJP 2, MDY 1, KOL 4, MDI 2, DVG 2 and Mr 1).

It was also informed that already proposals have been sent to various circles to consider a total of 64 Rule 8 transfers. We have also demanded for considering the Spouse cases of Rule 8 transfers and also intra circle transfers of JTOs in the said process as discussed ino our earlier letters.

We have strongly protested on the outright rejection of the request cases of STR, STP, QA, etc. and equested to follow the transfer policy of BSNL CO.

In certain cases where the applications are not forwarded by the field units action be taken by circle office to ensure that they reach them and are duly considred as per policy.

We have informed that the intra Bangalore transfers like BGTD to CO and vice versa ETC., TO be also CONSIDERED.

We have requested for the posting of more INCOMING AGMs to BGTD and restricting thier posting to BGTD in the instance of sufficient vacanies will be injustice to the incoming AGMs who have alreay served in other circles.

All the other issues were discussed in detail. The meting lasted for more than one hour. CS thanked PGM for the detailed meting and having understood our concerned in these issues.



CS writes to CGMT Karnataka and PGM BGTD for immeidate restoration of OF/Transmission faults thereby retain DATA customers in Bangalore with copy to CMD for a better solution . For letter click here.


The contentious issues raised before Hon CAT Bagnalore in respect of the JTO Transfers ordered in May 2015:

The stand taken by the applicants were in conflict with the agreed policy of the executive associations with circle administration. This association had a very close watch on the issue and on many occasions reiterated to administration not to dilute the said stand. We are thankful to the circle administration for effectively handling the case and ensuring the order so as to uphold the policy being followed. OA 170/521 to 534/2015 is dismissed. Even the appeal filed by the applicants in WP 11184/2016 before Hon HC Karnataka is also dismissed and the order passed by the Hon CAT was upheld.For the information of our members we are placing the important para's of the order so that such litigations be avoided in future. For the important points of Hon CAT order click here. For full Order click here.


Transfer 2015 SDEs:

Options called for from BG, My, RTTC My and Hubli.. For circle office letter click here. Shortage SSAs identified CKG, HSN,KLR, BJP, MDY, MDI, MDY and DVG. Options to all the SSAs can be given in the order of preference. Options from SSAs should reach circle office on or before 11-03-2016. For letter Click here...

Time Bound Upgradations:

TBU E4 E5 orders issued. For orders click here.. Still APARs/Spl Report to be received from many SSAs. SDEs concerned to pursue through their respective DSs. We will pursue for remaining orders.

Volunteers to RTTC Mysore in the cadre of JTOs:

Volunteers from JTO are called for to work in RTC Mysore. The last date is 20-03-2016. For circle office letter click here.


Notification of LICE Examination for the promotion of JTO from the cadre of TTA and other Group C employees:

Today the notification for more than 1000 vacancies for Karnataka Circle alone is likely to be notified by circle office. Give wide publicity for the same. Ensure all the vacancies are filled up. Our active members are requested to arrange for the much needed coaching classes at all SSA headquarters and help grabbing the golden opportunity for these non executives. It is going to pave the way for further Rule 8 transfers.


The Writ Appeal filed by 7 JTOs against the Hon CAT judgment upholding the long stay transfers of JTOs came up for hearing before Hon HC yesterday. BSNL had earlier filed Caveat and hence received notice of the WP. At the admission stage itself the Hon HC observed no grounds to interfere in the Hon CAT order and thereby dismissed the WP. This clears the way for the relieving of the JTOs who have been waiting in various SSAs on their request transfers. We will meet the appropriate authority to expedite the the relieving in this regard.



At the instance of case taken by SNEA; PGM HR and Admn issued instructions to forward all the Request and Rule 8 transfer applications to circle office. For letter click here.. DSs to pursue the cases at SSA level please.


CS writes to PGM HR and Admn Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, requesting to consider maximum request transfers of JTOs and also to treat the cutoff date of age as 31st March 2017 for both JTOs/SDEs. For detailed letter click here. We seek meeting for the detailed discussion.


CS writes to PGM HR and Admn Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, requesting to remove the anomaly in the posting of the DEs who have come on incoming transfer to Karnataka Circle after completing their tenure of two years. For letter Click here..


JTO request and long stay transfer case in the Hon CAT Bangalore challenging the transfer order by the long stay JTOs; earlier resevered by the Hon CAT is pronounced today and the case is DISMISSED.


Service With A Smile

Are we really doing it ? ? ? ? ?

Lack of interest in providing the FTTH connections in District Headquarters for want of proper initiation of the administration in the procurement of LOW COUNT cable, tapping and using of the ACCESS NW cable, absence of dedicated team, no iniation to off load the over load on the field staff by providing the adequate labour force or contract labours etc.,

CS writes to Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, PGM in charge of GM Chickamaglur citing one such example. For letter click here..

Comrades, as per the discussion in the Kolkotta CWC let us bring these points to the notice of CS (nagavisb@gmail.com) which we will consolidate and put up before CMD.


Arbitrary Circular of HRD section of circle office in case of JTO transfer guidlines.

I Request transfer within circle

1 (c ) Request transfer application to non-recruiting units and vice-versa shall not be registered”

As per the above guidlines now none can get transfer to Karnataka circle from STR, STP etc and vice-versa. SNEA very strongly opposes this stand of the management. Now even the registration of our request has also been withdrawn.

CS therefore writes to Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, PGM HR opposing the decision of the managment. For letter click here.. For the CO guidlines click here.


Com Deepika Singhal, Dr JTO, Circle Office, First Woman along with her teammates to get Two Bronze Medals ( 4x400 relay and 4x100 relay ) in the All India Athletic Championship 2015-16 held at Mysore from 20th to 22nd Jan 2016. The very active and committed member of SNEA has brought fame and credit to Karnataka Circle which was appreciated by CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju in the meeting held in the chamber of CGMT last week. Karnataka Circle is declared as the Men Champion team jointly with Kerala. SNEA Karnataka congratulates Com Deepika and her team for the twin achievement. SNEA also congratulates the entire Karnataka Athletics team, Com Ganesh Babu Ex Sports Secretary, Shri Ganapathi Bhat Sports Secretary for the outstanding achievements.







Rule 8 Transfers and intra Circle transfers of JTOs and SDEs:

CS along with Joint Secretary South Com Pandurang Nayak met PGM HR and Admn Shri P Venkateshwara Rao and DGM Shri M V Angadi separately and discussed on the latest updates regarding the various transfers and particularly Rule 8 and JTO/SDE request transfers. DGM informed that they are comprehensively considering both the issues of JTOs intra circle request transfers and Rule 8 as agreed with us to the extend of more than 65 Rule 8 cases which will by and large cover 2005 batch JTOs. In these resultant vacanies the intra circle requests also will be considered. We have demanded for more transfers to be considered. We have thanked for the proactive actions in this regard.

CS will be on tour to CWC Kolkota on 8th and 9th Feb 2016.




Our Active Member Com H C Byregowda JTO Rajajinagar BGTD, passed away on 4th Feb. 2016 due to massive heart attack. We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family..



Condolence Meeting:

Condolence meeting to pray respects to the departed Veteran Leader Com W Sheshagiri Rao is arranged


at 1200 hours

on 3rd Feb 2016.

All the members of Circle Office, STR, STP, DATA Centre, NGSN, QA etc., are requested to join the same .

Com G L JOGI, Chairman SNEA CHQ will be attend to pay respect to the departed leader and address the gathering.


With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of our veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao due to cardiac arrest at around 01.00 am on 01-02-2016. 


The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever. The likes of him have seldom walked the earth. Com W Seshagiri Rao cannot die, but will live on and on. We pray to the almighty to receive him into the ranks of the best and the blessed. Our deepest condolence to his respected wife, children, grand children and family members. May God sustain them to overcome the irreparable grief and loss.



The Leader, towering leader, leader of mass, leader of engineering fraternity of DOT and BSNL, the pioneer of engineers unity and the founder of SNEA, the comrade in real sense Com W Sheshagiri Rao is passed away on 1st Feb 2016 in the early morning at 01.05 am.

No I am wrong to say So, this great leader has confirmed his place in the hearts of each and every member of this mighty association. His ideals, his vision, his determination, his commitment to this cadre of engineers and officers and above all his determination to enforce all these into reality are firmly imprinted in the membership of this association.

So for us his all these achievements are always a guiding force, and bench marks to perform as trade union leaders and the executives of this company.

Com W Sheshagiri Rao, Amar Rahe,

Executives' Unity Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad.


S B Nagavi

CS SNEA Karnataka.


Rule 8 Transfers of JTOs in Kartnataka Circle.

This Association has held a meeting with Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka circle yesterday from 1630 hours to 1830 hours and discussed on the agenda points published by this association on 22nd. On the discussion of our main Agenda for consideration of the RULE 8 TRNASFERS IN THE CADRE OF JTOs, who have been working in this circle for 8 to 14 years having lost the hope of getting the transfer on the tough stand taken by the earlier administration. Though initially the management was banking on the shortage of executives, the status of the working strength of neighboring circles etc., and they would be working out the possible few cases to be considered ete.etc.,. This association has presented the status of the cases and year wise analyses and the increase in the strength that is getting added due to the incumbents right now under training and also in the coming LICEs etc., We have placed our firm demand that if administration is not serious and committed even though we have been claiming our demand periodically that when the appropriate opportunity is clearly available before the management and also to look into the angle of the employee side who are in fact loosing their social and family life for decades, this organization will be left with no other option other than resorting to organizational ways and means. PGM Admn and HR Shri N Venkateshwara Rao while reacting to our view point of demanding more than 100 Rule 8 transfers, expressed that administratively around 65 to 70 cases of Rule 8 can be considered right now in the present situation. CGM was ultimately kind enough to consider the suggestion and assured us that not less than 65 cases of Rule 8 will be considered. We have reiterated our demand to consider even more.

Comrades, we really acknowledge and place on record the humane approach of our CGMT Shri P Nagaraju and PGM HR and Admn Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, for the keen interest in understanding the feelings and heart burns of these comrades and the difficulties and the agony being faced by them and ultimately came forward to resolve the long standing issue. We are thankful to them.

Comrades, we are also committed to our demand of commencing the process and completion of these assured 65 Rule 8 transfers. We therefore further requested for the time bound action in the matter. PGM HR assured to complete the process within 15 days from today.

Whatever other demands were also there were discussed and CGM assured positive action in the matter.

This association requests all the active members and the district branches to be in a state of alert and ready for any sort of organizational action if the assured case of Rule 8 transfer gets diluted in any manner. If we miss this time we miss it for a long time. Let us not miss the bus.

From SNEA Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Govinda Gudi COS, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar and Com Panduranga Nayak JSS CHQ have represented. Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, PGM HR and Admn and Shri M V Angadi DGM Staff wre also present from the administaation side.

CS once again thanked administration for the concrete assurance on Rule 8 transfers.



Agenda Meeting is Scheduled with CGMT Karnataka Circle on pressing HR issues on 25-01-2015 at 3 pm. For the agenda Click here..


Thanks for the positive response regarding 2016 Diary.

We have received hundreds of encouraging reports on the Diary published by SNEA Karnataka. We have already sold out more than 2200 diaries. Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS Circle office had taken keen interest and worked behind the project single handedly in successfully brining in out the diary and even in its smooth and timely dispatch and distribution. Circle organization proudly acknowledges his service and is tankful in this regard.

Of course we have failed to bring it on the new year day due to delay in getting the confirmed demands from many of the SSAs. But we are thankful to the printer M/s Paragon Plastics Bangalore for bringing the same on time in a shortest period.

Few more Diaries are with us. If any SSA is in need they may immediately contact Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS Circle office (9449835101).


CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju releases the Diary 2016 published by SNEA Karnataka. CS, DS BGTD, CS circle office and other leaders were present at the meeting.






Diaries are being dispatched TODAY. District Secretaries are requested to be in touch with Com Sadanand Makkannavar (9449835101). Inform if any extra requirement today itself.

CGMT Karnataka Circle has given approval for Diary 2016 at the rate of Rs.150-00 for executives. For the approval letter click here.

SNEA is publishing Diary 2016 with improved quality and look, with necessary service matters and the latest telephone directory of all important officers and union office bearers. The cost of the Diary will be Rs.150-00 including postage to the district headquarters.

All DSs are requested to immediately contact/ send SMS to Com Sadanand Makkannavar (9449835101) DS CO and furnish the address for dispatch of Diary with quantity. Any additional requirement if any also to be intimated in advance.

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The Diaries will be issued to others also on the same price and if any additional requirements are there may immeidately report to us.

CHQ News:

Glorious Struggle of SNEA against Coruption:

What a glorious end to Kerala struggle- crusade against corruption has come to its logical end - posterity will always emulate this historic struggle against corruption.

It all began with just a humble request from CS of our kerala Unit in May 2014 to Sh. M.S.S.Rao, then CGM, urging upon and pleading with him not to reopen the issue of penalty of Rs 30 crores imposed and realized from MS Nortel more than three years before for its failure to meet contractual obligations of executing GSM project within the stipulated timeframe. Hell bent upon giving reprieve to Nortel, come what may, in one or the other, this simple request infuriated M.S.S.Rao, already with a tainted past, to such an extent that he unleashed a reign of terror and ruthlessly victimized thousands and thousands of our members through arbitrary transfers, fabricated dies-nons and concocted charge sheets and what not. Oppression of the worst kind was let loose, reminiscent of the tyrants in the medieval days. 

Undeterred and unruffled, great Comrades of our Kerala continued their tirade against corruption and did not allow M.S.S.Rao to dilute the said penalty, despite his unrelenting efforts to form one committee after another to somehow waive off the said penalty. This was precisely and exactly the crux of the crusade waged by our valiant heroes of Kerala who never looked back during the course of their tireless struggle and continued their onslaught against corruption fearlessly to stop M.S.S.Rao from vitiating an otherwise healthy working environment of Kerala and safeguarding resources of the Company by exposing his corrupt activities.

The end of this glorious struggle is not ignominious exit of M.S.S.Rao, since that was and has never been our issue and is not our culture, but serving of two major charge sheets under Rule 14 to M.S.S Rao, both involving serious financial irregularities and impropriety. That is where our struggle assumes historical significance and relevance and we stand very very tall in the house of the Trade Unions and fully vindicated, heads high up. Our relentless tirade against corruption and its inevitable success yet again places us at the top of the ladder in so far as exposing and defeating corruption is concerned.  

One charge sheet relates to when Sh. M.S.S Rao was booked by CBI in the year 2008-09 as GM marketing BSNL CO. This Association got him shifted that time also from GM marketing instantaneously. CBI, after thorough investigation, spanning over six years, and establishing his complicity in the financial irregularities, recommended initiation of major disciplinary proceedings against him.

 The second charge sheet significantly pertains to series of serious financial and other irregularities, including that of Nortel, committed by him as CGM/Kerala. This Association apprised MOC&IT, Secy/DOT and the vigilance machinery of DOT/BSNL, including BSNL Management, in detail and continuously about these serious irregularities and finally this Association succeeded in getting these irregularities probed by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle of BSNL after prolonged discussions with the then CVO/BSNL

After a thorough investigation by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle, for more than a year, involvement of Sh.M.S.S.Rao in these irregularities is fully established. Thereafter, after thorough scrutiny of the report of the vigilance wing of BSNL by the vigilance wing of DOT , and seeking opinion and obtaining concurrence from the CVC, major disciplinary proceedings under Rule -14 have also been initiated against Sh.M.S.S.Rao for these irregularities.

Thus, after thorough investigations, by CBI and CVO/BSNL, Sh M.S.S.Rao is severely indicted on grounds of serious financial and other irregularities. What a glorious and inevitable end to crusade against corruption by our great fighters of Kerala. Posterity will emulate this ever memorable struggle to safeguard legitimate interests of the Company and will not allow corrupt people to squander away precious resources of the Company and vitiate its working environment. And finally, of course and unquestionably, all those, who brazen facedly and in defiance of all known ethics of trade union, not only supported corrupt practices of Sh M.S.S.Rao but his massive acts of victimization against all those who stood up like a rock to oppose these acts, stand thoroughly exposed.

SNEA Kerala Zindabad..

Fight Against Corruption Zindabad....



Report on the District Conferences of

Shivamogga,Tumakuru,Belagavi and Madikeri


The district conference of Shivamogga was held at GM Office Conference hall on 20th Dec 2015 with a attendance of more than 70 members. The conference has deliberated the issues relating to the QOS and redressal of the field problems. CS com S B Nagavi attended the conference and addressed the gathering and gave a detailed account of the activities of the CHQ and the circle. CS in his address explained the reasons as to why many young JTOs have been joining this association and how we are successful in resolving the policy issues at CHQ level and circle level. Com Rajashekar DS gave a detailed account of the functioning of the SSA in his DS report and the key role played by SNEA in the district level. The open session was addressed by the DGM Shri Subbanna, IFA Shri Ritti and others. The leaders of the unions and associations have also addressed the gathering. The meeting was presided over by Com D N Hegde and anchored by Com Dattatri. Com Raghavendra, SDE Mysore ( Recently transferred from J&K, very much liked by CS SNEA J&K for the remarkable works done by him during his tenure at J&K ) has also attended the conference and shared his experiences of J&K.

Com H C Krishnamurthy AO TRA, Com B G Chandrashekar SDE, Com A M Nagaraja SDE and Com K Rajashekara have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, District Treasurer and Organizing Secretary respectively.


Tumkur District Conference was held at GM Office Conference hall on 1st Nov 2015 and more than 80 members have attended the conference. Com Sangameshwaraiah has presided over the function. Com S B Nagavi CS attended and addressed the conference. CS has in detail explained the steps that SNEA at the state level taken up the issues with the circle particularly on Rule 8 transfers in the background of the new JTO RRs and TTA regularization as JTOs. Com S Shridhar ACS explained on the issues taken by SNEA in respect of the STR comrades.

Com B G Sangameshwaraiah, Com V Mahesh and Com T P Nijalingappa have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively.


The District conference was held at GM Office Conference hall on 23-08-2015 with more than 90 members in the gathering. Com G C Kamat presided over the function. The open session was attended and addressed by GM Belagavi Shri Deepak Tayal. CS Com S B Nagavi attended and addressed the gathering. Com Panduranga Nayak JSS CHQ has also attended and addressed on all the CHQ issues.Com Jagadale DS Hubli has also attended and addressed the conference. The DS report was submitted by Com Arun Chavali. Com R G Kulkarni CWC member has given presentation on the marketing issues and anchored the function.

Com M G Chinchani, Com G C Kamat and Com N T Balekundri have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively.


The district conference of Madikeri was held at Madikeri on 21-08-2015 with a great gathering of young comrades of Madikeri SSA in the Telephone Exchange premises. Com Lingappagouda has presided over the function. Com Panchakshari DS presented the DS report. Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA attended and addressed the conference and appreciated the JTOs of Madikeri for their efforts in maintaining the district in the absence of the minimum needed support of the management. A detailed account of the field difficulties encountered by our members was discussed and resolved to bring it to the notice of the management. It was also resolved to ensure the Rule 8 transfers by tasking up the matter with the circle administration., Com Dee pak Kumar ACS has also attended and addressed the gathering.

Com D J Panchakshari, Com Prashanth A and Com Ragthavendra have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively