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CS will be attending the CHQ office bearer and CS meeting to be held at Delhi on 5th and 6th of Sept 2014. For any emergency please contact Com M S Hiremugadur ACS (9449854786).


Post card campaign on 03.09.2014: 

All District Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL.

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The dispute on the interse seniority of seniority list number 6 and 7 between the seniority and LDCE candidates gets decided in favour of the 75% seniority candidates by the Hon Supremce Court. The notional benefits claimed by the LDCE candidates is not extended to others except 124 Karnataka candidates in OA No.181/2009 of CAT Bangalore. For supreme court order click here...

There is no benefit of examination to (1509-124) 1989 batch JTOs. The JTOs of Batch 1990 to 1994, suffer pay loss compared to their own batchmates who have either failed in the examination or not appeared except 124 SDEs of Karnataka Batch.

More than 2500 LDCEans successful in 2007-08 and another 2500 LDCEans successful in 2012 will also not get the benefit of interse seniority in the ratio 2:1 (3:1)as per the above supreme court order.

BSNL management is actively considering to extend the LDCE concept for JAO to AO promotion also ???



CS writes to General Secretary Com Sabastin, to take up the matter of retention of the promoted DEs to the extent of vacancies in Karnataka including the resultant vacancies of DE to DGM promotion in pipeline. For letter click here


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka to re-concile the JTO request transfer WL in case of Smt Dipika Singhal JTO Kolar. For letter <<view>> ..


TBU of JTOs.

The long awaited TBU to be reviewed on 10-08-2013 is getting moved cases of Kolar, Chickmaglur, Bidar are getting ready for DPC minutes. The names of whose cases need further clarification are furnished to our DSs in the respective SSA. It may be recalled that we have taken up this case long back and pursuing the matter. For the letter <<view>>


Early dissemination of UAN among EPF Account holders of BSNL Karnataka. CS writes to Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka.. <<View >>


Com Shrinivas Murthy SDE Kolar SSA is appriciated by CGMT Karnataka during the inspection of the section of Com Shrinivas Murthy. Com Murthy had brought pride to our executive cadre of Kolar SSA.

While congratulating Com Shrinivas Murthy for the appriciation he deserved and received, we also acknowledge the initiation of Shri R K Misraji for recognising an SDE of his good works. Of late such sort of motivation was totally missing in the company which is brought in by our CGM Shri Misraji. In the process CGMT has given blue print of his plans in the future.

We appeal to all executives especially our members to kindly go through the instructions and give utmost importance on the points of good service and best revenue growth. At the same time we would like to declare that this association is committed to take up any issue; of your difficulty to the notice of CGMT, which you are encountering in the process of achieving such tasks and put our full efforts to resolve them.

For letter of appriciation click here....




The case of notional fixation and the interse seniority have been heard in Hon Supreme Court before a three member division Bench headed by Hon CJI Court in Hall No.1 of Supreme Court of India. The argument continued for almost a day from morning 1030 hours to 1600 hours.

Notioanl case:

It was held by the court that the out come of Santana Kriashnan case cannot be compared to the case of Premkumar because of the fact that both are governed by differant RRs. Santankrishnan by 1981 RRs and Premakumar by 1996 RRs. In 1981 RRs provision existed for yearly examination as well as to accord seniority in the ratio 2:1 between the seniority (qualified) and LDCE quota. Since these two provisions are not there in the 1996 rule, the court denied to extend the notional benefit in BSNL Vs Dubey extended by the Hon Cat Jabalpur and declared that Premkumar judgement is bad in law and hence cannot be extended further to others. The court also observed that as such the case of Premkumar and 123 others has attained finality even by the judgement of apex court the benefit given to them is protected.

Seniority Case:

In seniority case the Hon Appex Court took the view that when two processes of promotion are not held simultaniously and held on differant dates whatever may be the reason; if there is no specific rule to the contrary; the benefit of inter se seniority cannot be extended to the date anterior to the date of actual joining to the post for which one is promoted." Either in 1996 RRs or 2002 RRs, the clause of inter se seniority is not provided. The quota of "75% seniority and 25% LDCE" limits itself only to the extent of getting eligibility to get promoted on seniority quota in 75% or to get selected as SDE under 25% by writing the examination. In the absence of clear provision for the inter se seniority in the RR naturally the date of joining should only be the basis to decide the seniority position between the two groups.

As BSNL had extended 3:1 seniority and also notional fixation in 124 SDEs of Karnataka, it was our right to fight to protect it and exend the notional benefits to others. We have fought for it, fought upto the end even at Hon SC with great constraints; but unfortunately it was not our day. We respect and Honour the outcome.



The cat is out of Bag.

On 2-4-2013, SNEA CHQ published the fact of the Dismissal of a court case WP 16102/2011 and 26246/2011 in Hon Chennai HC filed by an executive association. The said association on 3-4-3013, categorically denied they have not filed the case which ultimately delayed the promotion of their own members and report published by SNEA CHQ is false. Today the Karnataka branch of the said association claims in their website that they had filed the case in the interest of their members. What is the real fact ??? Do you want to know more click here


SDE to DE looking after released today. For orders click here.


Clarity in implementing the JTO Transfer orders:

Many JTOs under transfer orders have been contacting CS regarding their relieving as the SSA heads were reluctant to relieve them as no substitutes have been shown in the transfer order. In fact this association had been pursuing the administration to show clear substitutes in the original order. CS met DGM Admn yesterday and today and had a detailed discussion on this confusion. Finally the adminstration has issued the clear order which helps the JTOs under transfer orders to get themselves relieved. For concerned order click here. We are thankful to Shri Kannulkar DGM Staff and Admn for the timely action in the matter.

The posting order of the JTO trainees is also issued. For orders click here. We congratulate and thank the JTOs trainees for having joined at various places. SNEA is committed to take up their issues at every level including their transfers as per their turn. When the JTOs who were waiting for transfer since 2010/2011; any right thinking association has to take up their issues on priority and SNEA has done it. It may be recalled that when the examination (LICE) was delayed in Karnatka State, due to court case; CS SNEA along with the auspirant TTAs at Bangalore met Sh R Chanrdamouli Ex Sr GM and requested for early hearing of the matter by filing the MA. CS then continuously persued the issue till it is decided by the Court.

Rgarding SDE to DE LO orders also CS met DGM Admn as the Sr GM HR is on medial leave. DGM informed that the fileis ready and today they will take the approval of CGMT. The order is likely to be issued tomorrow or on Monday.


Who is really bothered about DR JTOs ??? Factual analyses by AGS Com Pandurang Nayak ( DR 2002 Batch) ..To know more << view>> .

Kudos to Comrades of Kerala. Com K D Sebastin Ex Circle President Kerala writes on the agitation << view>>



History speaks about SNEA. SNEA is committed to the betterment of the Executive Cadre. Opportunity is at your door steps to write your destiny. Unity and unity alone can strengthen the objective of our goals. To know more see the Brief Account of SNEA achievements deliberated in Panjab CEC..<< view>>


Sleeping Staff Section of Circle Office. DE looking after orders inordinately delayed. CS will meet GM Admn today in this regard.


SNEA Karnataka observed the Hunger Fast today in front of CGMT Office. Com S B Nagavi CS, Com S Ramesh DS BGTD, Com A Savita CVP, Com Sadanand Makkannvar DS CO, Com Balakrishna Aithal CVP, Com C R Sureshkumar CT, Com Munishekar CWC Member Kolar, Com B G Sangameshwaraiah CAS and many comrades have participated in the programme during the entire day. Com M H Gombi ACS has also addressed the lunch hour programme.

Great Success of SNEA Kerala..

Agitation Called off after the written assurance from the managment on all the contentious issues raised. We salute and congratulate the comrades of Kerala for their tolerance, courage, commitment, determination in enduring the pressure from the managment and also the most unwanted interference of other non-ethical groups.

Particularly one group beated their drums in favour of SNEA on one day and against SNEA on another day. Another group felt as if we are fighting agaisnt them. Most unfortunate is that these organisations have forgotten that they are representatives of the memabers who have been the targets of the same management. Who stalled them to fight when it is detrimental to their interest? Our fight was not and will never be against any other association.

We believe in unity, unity of executives. We believe in working and working for the just cause of every executiave and for the betterment of the company. This has been manifestly exhibited by the comrades of Kerala. When our leaders of Kerala took a stand to fight, all members stood like a rock behind them not for one day but for two months and an historical HUNGER STRIKE for unbroken 37 days.

More than 1300 members protested by their unique action of proceeding on leave for one week indicating their unhappiness about the hostile managment. Comrades members will follow if they have faith in their leadership otherwise it would have been just another drama of Jantar Manter. We are deeply pained and felt unhappy the way our parteners of the United Forum of Executives behaved. Comrades here the fight was against the autocratic approach. Here the fight was to protect the basic rights of executives. Of course our fight is to protect BSNL. Our fight was peaceful and democratic.

One must think that the members at the base root level are capable of understainding everything. We cannot fool them once or twice but not at all times.

SNEA believes in its hard work, struggle, the sustained struggle comrades. No struggle goes a waste. Every struggle is a foundation stone for our next success. Our leaders like Com Sheshagiri Rao, Com G L Jogi have trained us in that line by their untiring works and selfless service to this organisation. Com George Varghees our beloved CS Kerala has been emerged as our new trend setter for SNEA; Of course with the committed support of all Kerala Comrades.

We also place on record, the role played by CS BSNLEU Kerala and his support at the right time, the true solidarity shown to us.

Thank u Com George and your team. Long live Executives unity. Long live SNEA ...

S B Nagavi

For and on behalf of Karnataka SNEA.


Due to Bangalore Bandh on 31st July 2014, it is decided to hold the Hunger Strike on 1st Aug 2014..



in front of




31st July 2014

in solidarity support of Kerala SNEA agitation.

Attend enmass and make the programme a grand success.

AIGETOA salute the unity, solidarity and struggle power shown by SNEA members Kerala Circle. Do you want to know more click here..



Brave SNEA comrades of Kerala continue their struggle for more than one month. To know more click here..

As per CHQ call SNEA Karnataka will observe " HUNGER STRIKE IN FRONT OF CGMT OFFICE" on 31-7-2014. Members are requested to support in large number. For CHQ notice click here...


JTO Request transfers:

Our principled efforts of getting JTO request transfers consequent on reporting of trainees is finally achieved. We had been pursuing this for the last 2 month.Yesterday again CS had met CGMT and requested for early issue of orders. Today orders are issued. For orders click here.<<part 1>> << part 2>> . We are thankful to CGMT KTK in his firm stand on the commitment.


CS meets CGMT Sh R K Misraji, Sr GM HR/Admn and requests for the immediate release of JTOs request transfer order.

CS also delivered the interium stay order of Hon CAT Bangalore in respect of the transfer/struck off DS BGTD and requests for immediate implimentation. Hon CAT is pleased to keep both orders of transfer and struck off under suspension for 14 days and call on the case on 7-8-2014. For stay order click here .

Comrades we were really not interested to bring the issue to this stage. But certain other forces started throwing stones outside; sitting inside the glass house.

For the kind information of our members the saga of events are detailed below...

More than 14 office bearers of an association on their promotion (order dated 19-7-2013)got retention under the name of immunity vide order dated 31-7-2013.<<view order>>

On scruitiny 4 of them were got cancelled on 13-8-2013 as they ceased to be the office bearers << view order>>

SNEA KTK on noticing the name of DS SNEA BGTD in long stay list represented to management to delete the name of DS on 17-3-2014 to maintain equal treatment to all associations << view our letter>>

CGMT Ktk negated our claim arbitrarily on 21-3-2014 << View CGMT letter>>

When about 10 members of the other association have been extended such benefit who are the office bearers even for more than 1 year, how can it be denied to us? This issue we have raised before CGMT on 27-3-2014 << view our letter>>

On June BSNL CO further extends immunity upto 31-3-2015 clearly stating that the extention is on imunity grounds. These executives are enjoying the immunity for more than one year ( 19-7-2013 to 31-3-2015). << view order>>

All these facts were in detail brought to the notice of the CGMT Karnataka with all relevant records and in addtion to discussion sumitted detailed letter on 3-7-2014 which is self explanatory. << view letter>>

Unfortunately for reasons best known to the managment , our civilised, moderate and gentlemen approaches have failed to bring the management to extend equallity and fair play. Management miserably failed to maintain a level plying role when the membership verification is on.

On 24-7-2014, suddenly PGM BGTD struck off our DS without making over the formal charge as per proceedure.

SNEA having no other option was hance compelled to file a case to get justice in Hon CAT Bangalore, admitted vide OA 905/2014 and granted interium stay.

It recalls us again on our sustained struggle of Kolar case.

Comrades march ahead. The tradition of SNEA is to struggle and work for the betterment of the welfare of the members and executives that only takes the organisation to its glory. Of course we never lag behind in supportiong management in the steps to improve service delivery and development of our beloved company particularly with changed gaurd of administration in Bangalore.



CS had met CGMT, Sr GM and DGM of circle office on various issues especially on the relieving of the SDEs on request transfers and held detailed discussions. Now our efforts are yeilding results. All SDEs of differant SSAs are relieved/taking action to relieve.

We have been pursing for the considderation of the request tranfer of JTOs as per the waiting list maintained and to correct the discrepancies in the list if any. Now Sr GM admn assurred that shortly the transfrer orders will be issued.

We have also met PGM Finacne and held a strong protest on the delay in issuing the Time Bound Upgradation of some of the JTOs for want of internal clarification from the accounts section. As per our earlier request she had already initiated action and shortly she will submint the report to staff/HRD section.

CS will be on tour to Delhi for 3 days from 20-7-2014 to 22-7-2014. For any emergency members may contact Com Hiremugadur ACS ( 9449854786)


CGMT Karnataka issues instructions to relieve all the SDEs who are under transfer orders. For letter click here..


CS Com S B Nagavi along with ACS Com M H Gombi, CVP Com Ithal, COS Com Gudi, DS BGTD Com Ramesh, DP BGTD Com Virupakshaiah have met CGMT Shri R K Misraji on 15-07-2014 and protested on the discriminative and pick and choose attitude of SSAs in relieving the SDEs on long stay transfer ( In Hubli SSA even the long stay SDEs are not relieved so far ) and on the discriminative appraoch of the management in respect of retaining of Executives on imunity grounds. We urged to take a uniform stand to avoid the unrest and heart burn among the executives. People have started occupying the posts of union office bearers for the sake of transfer immunity. We have also requested for the issue of JTO request transfer orders at the earliest. CGM immediately called the AGM Staff and issued instructions to Hubli SSA to relieve such officers immediately.



CHQ News.....

DPE out rightly rejects the proposal sent by DOT recently to allow BSNL to introduce replacement scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs in BSNL based on the decision of the BSNL Board.

This Association has had been having consistent interaction with the concerned officers in DPE for the last about three months to impress upon them and convince them not to take an exception to the proposal of DOT to allow BSNL to introduce non standard IDA replacement scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL for JTO/SDEs in the context of guidelines issued by DPE to all the CPSUs not to extend non standards IDA scales. DPE has further directed DOT to correct any aberration, if at all, in this regard.

With the rejection of proposal by DPE, our demand to extend standard IDA scales of E2 and E3 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs gets strengthened since BSNL Management very recently during our organizational actions made a firm commitment to us that it will consider our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 with an open mind in case DPE takes a contrary view to the decision of BSNL Board to allow extending replacement IDA scales of E1A and E2A to JTOs, SDEs etc. This is a very positive development and surely brings us closer to resolution of our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs, SDEs etc.

This Association has had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE on this issue. CHQ president and GS had a detailed discussion on this issue with Secy/DPE and JtSecy/DPE nearly three months before and succeeded in impressing upon them to reiterate to DOT that BSNL must switch over to standard IDA scales approved by Govt. based on the recommendations of 2nd PRC and immediately correct any anomalous situation that prevails in BSNL with regard to existence of non standard IDA scales. This is a big milestone as far as resolving the issue of extending standard scales of E2 and E3 to JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc is concerned and gives us huge strategic leverage to get the issue resolved. 



Illegitimate favour to vendor at the cost of BSNL <<view more>>


Karnataka SNEA Observed Lunch Hour Demonstration in all SSAs and at CGMT Office Bangalore:

In solidarity support to the ongoing Agitation of SNEA Kerala, in Karnataka also Demonstrations were held in all SSAs on 9th July 2014. At CGMT office Banglaore the demonstration was held which was addressed by the circle secretary. CS explained as to why our comrades are on agitation path. CS informed members to be fully prepared for further struggles, if situation warrnats as per the call given by CHQ.

View Glimpes of LHD at Bangalore


Lunch Hour Demonstration:

SNEA Karnataka will hold Lunch Hour Demonstraion on 9th July 2014 at All SSA Headquarters and at CGMT Office in Bangalore.

All Branches of Bangalore; BGTD/ STR/ STP/ Mobilce / Circle office and BBNW will attend the LHD at Circle office at 1330 hours positively.

The demonstraion is being held in solidarity support to our Brave Kerala Comrades who are on hunger strike for the last 12 days against the anti BSNL acts of Kerala Circle head and in accordance with the call given by the CHQ.


CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Hiremugadur ACS, Com Balakrishna Aithal CVP, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com B Ramesh DS BGTD and Com Virupakshaiah DP BGTD met Sr G M HR Shri Desarkar on 05-07-2014 and discussed on various issues. We have very strongly protested on the failure of FAIR PLAY in respect of the retention of office bearers on immunity grounds. We have requested for the consideration of the request transfer of JTOs who are waiting for a long time based on our letter already written to the CGMT ( For letter click here). Sr GM agreed that the cases to the maximum extent will be considered.


The posting orders on the recently retained AGM/DEs is approved by Sr GM admn and orders are likely to be issued today.


CS Com S B Nagavi is back on duty on 03-07-2014.

CS yesterday met DGM Staff Shri Kannulkar and Sr GM Admn Shri Desarkar and discussed various issues including consideration of the request transfer of JTOs and the relieving of the SDEs who are under transfer orders immeidately. We have sought the time of SR GM to discuss on these issues particularly on immunity case where BSNL is trying to adopt dual policy. Sr GM agreed to have a detailed discussion.

CHQ Call...

"All CSs / DSs are requested to conduct demonstration at Circle / SSA HQs in support of Kerala Circle agitation on 09-07-2014 demanding immediate settlement of the issues."

Hence Karnataka Circle has taken a decision to hold lunch hour demonstration at CGMT Office and at all SSA head quaters in support of the brave fight of our Kerala Comrades. All DSs are requested to make the programme a grand success.



Comrades of Kolar have done it again:

Under the leadership of Com Narain Nandeakumar DS and Com Munishekar CWC member and others, the postings and re-arrangments as requested by SNEA Kolar were agreed and done by the managment. DS Kolar extends his thanks and gratitute to GM Tumkur, DGM Kolar ( Inchage of Kolar) and others for the positive response and support given to us, which definately motivates us to work better in Kolar.

Com Udaya Ravi, AGM DKTD has donated Rs.3000-00 for the circle fund. Circle Organisation is thankful to him.


CS will be on leave upto 26th June 2014 on personal work. For any emergency members are requested to contact Com M S Hiremugadur, ACS (HQ)..(9449854786)

CWC Jaipur:

Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Pandurang Nayak AGS and CWC Members Comrades Chandrahas Ullal DKTD, R G Kulkarni BM, Somanath Jagadale Hubli, Munishekar Kolar and B Ramesh BGTD have attended the meeting held on 26th and 27th May 2014. All the memabers have actively participated in the meeting and instrumental in taking the very important decisions. Com Munishekar, JTO from 2007/08 batch has very effectively presented the demotivation enforced on the young JTOs of these batches and impressed upon the CHQ to take up the matter on top priority. CS also represented on the issues relating to 4 years TBU, the difficulties faced in the field units especially in Groups and Outdoor sections due to non availability of Stores, absence of proper labour force, absence on AMC on equipments like Power Plants, AC, EA etc., and also participated on all the matters of the agenda.CS also thanked the CHQ for having cancelled the transfer orders of Com Diggavi SDE and retention of Com Ganesh AGM STP and Com Morab AGM BGTD. He has further pressed for the cancellation of remaining medical cases. CHQ assurred to take up the matter with BSNL CO.

For the glimpses of CWC click here


District Conference of DKTD:

The 6th District Conference of DKTD was held at Ravindra Kala Bhavan University College Campus Hampanakatta Mangalore on 10th May 2014, The open Session was addressed by Shri Y C Mishra GM DKTD and Shri K M Shetty GM Designate Tumkur. Com Pandurang Nayak AGS, Com Chandrahas Ullal CWC member, Com Deepak Kumar AS (S) have also graced the accasion and addressed the gathering. Com S B Nagavi CS in his address expressed on the need of our active and focussed role in giving the better service to the customers even under the prevailing difficult conditions. The conference was presided by Divakar Rai, District President. Com K S Muralidhar DS presented the report and expained the difficulties of the field officers in service delivery. Com Chandrahas Ullal anchored the programme. More than 20 retired executives were falicitated in the conference.

Com Ganapathi Samaga, Com K S Muralidhar and Com Aithappa Moolya have been elected as the District President, Dist rict Secretary and the District Treasurer respectively...



Com Dayanand Narayan Lakkumane SDE Tr Karwar Aged 58 years expired on 31-05-2014. He was suffering from Kidny Failure. He has left behind his wife Smt Sharavati and doughters Dharmashree and Dheeksha. He was our very active member of Karwar District Branch. We condone the untimely demise of Com Lakkumane and pray God that enough strength be given to his family members and may his soul rest in peace.



CS writes to Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka ..

To consider request/rule 8 transfer of JTOs.<< View>>

To issue Time Bound Upgration cases of JTOs whose cases are pending for internal clarifaicatrion for more than one year.<< View>>

For Relieving of SDEs who are under transfer orders of March 2014 << View>>



The following members have donated to the circle fund.

(1) Com Ramesh Bandiwaddar SDE Hbl Rs.11,111-00

(1) Com Ramachandra SDE DKTD Rs.10,000-00

(3) Com Shivalingaiah SDE Hubli Rs.5,001-00

We are thankful for the kind gesture.


CS along with DS CO met Shri Prakash Rao , DGM Staff on 21-5-2014and discussed the following issues. (1) Relieving of Santhosh JTO from SMO to Gulbarga on transfer (2) Time Bound Upgradation in the cadre of JTOs whose cases have been pending for the last one for want of internal clarification.(3) Relieving of SDEs by SSA who are on transfer orders. DGM assurred to discuss all the issues with Sr GM Admn and take decision in the matter.


CWC at Jaipur:

CGMT Karnataka has granted Special CL to the CS, AGS and CWC members to attend CWC at Jaipur to be held on 26th and 27th May 2014. For letter click here...


CS Com S B Nagavi met CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji today and discussed various matters related to development and to issue some more looking after arrangenements in the cadre of SDEs to various circles and particularly to Madikeri where accute shoirtage of SDEs after the recent transfer and promotions is creating an administrative problems and hampering the smoth working. CGM assurred to look into and also advised to discuss the same with the DGM/GMs.

Meeting with Sr GM Admn Shri Deserkar:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HE, Com Balakrishna Aithal C VP I, Com Savita C VP II, Com Sudheendra DS MS wing, Com Sathyanarayana SDE MS met Sr GM Admn on 12-5-2014 and welcomed him to his new assignment. Shri Prakash Rao, DGM Staff and Shri Gopinathan AGM Staff were also present. We have discussed the following issues.

(1) Delete the arbitrary clause in the promotion order of Shri A D Kulkarni DGM MS BG. We took a very strong objection for the unwarranted clause in the order which tentamounts to modification of the corporate office order and inturn giving no factual benefit to the officer. Sr GM assurred to look into the matter.

(2) Issue of Mutual transfer order case of Com Bhuvanlal Suryavamshi JTO BM. Sr GM assurred to issue the orders. ( The case is now approved by GM and sent to CGM for infn)

(3) Endorshing the cancellation orders of transfer Case of Com Diggavi, SDE Hubli. Sr GM informed that action will be taken today. ( Orders relesed)

(4) Issue of suitable instrutctioins to field units to relieve the SDEs who are on transfer orders issued by circle office in the month of March 2014. Sr GM assured to issue suitable instructions.

Meeting with GM CM Shri Krishna Sharma:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Sudheendra DS MS Wing, Com Ganesh Babu President MS wing, Com Goving Bhat SDE , Com Satyanarayana SDE and other staff have met Shri Krishna Sharma on his reporting of GM Mobiles on 12-5-2014. We have welcomed him to the new assignment and assurred him of our co-operation and support in the improvement of the services.



CS along with Com Balakrishna Aithal CVP yesterday met DGM Staff Shri Praksh Rao, as Sr GM Admn was on leave and disussed important and urgent issues.

(1) Relieving of SDEs on transfer: Some of the SSAs are reluctant to relieve the SDEs who are on transfer on the ground of shartgage of executives. The transfers were done after ensuring the equal number of strenght of SDE/JTOs in all SSA. Hence we have insisted that CO will take suitable action to ensure for the relieving of the SDEs under transfer orders.

(2) Removal of arbitrary clause in the promotion order of Shri A D Kulkarni DGM MS BG. Without any authority an arbitrary clause has been added in the order which is very strongly opposed by us as it will have adverse bearing on the last pay drawn of the officer who is due to be retired in aug 2014.


Grand and Successful Fare well:

SNEA had organised a grand farewell function and felicitated Shri R Chandramouli PGM HR and Admn CGMT Office Bangalore on the occassion of his superannuation retirement on 2nd April 2014 at Conference Hall Circle office Bangalaore. Shri R K Misraji, CGMT Karnataka was the Guest of Honour. Shri Janardhana Rao, GM HR and admn, Shri Prakash Rao DGM Staff, Shri Gopinath AGM Staff, Shri A O Bhaskar AGM HR and Com Pandurang Nayak AGS CHQ were the distinguished guests and . Com B S Venkateshmurthy Circle President has presided over the function. Com Pandurang Nayak AGS, Com S B Nagavi CS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Kulkarni DGM Mobile, Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli have addressed the gathering. Com Mahesh DS TMK and Com Sangameshwaraiah CAS TMK Com Narain Nandakumar DS KLR Com Munishekar CWC member KLR, Com Vishakantamurthy Ex DS Mysosre Com Padmanabhachar ACS ACE and many other leaders have also attended the function. Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO had welcomed and Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ extended the vote of thanks. Com Savita CVP compered the programme. For the glimpes of the events click here..


Falicitation to Shri R Chandramouli PGM HR and Admn on retirement;

It is decided by SNEA to falicitate Shri R Chandramouli PGM HR and Admn, on the occasion his superannuation retirement. The falicitation function will be held at Conference Hall of the CGMT office at 1530 hours of 2nd April 2014. Shri R K Mirshaji CGMT Karnataka has kindly consented to be the Guest of Honour. All the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers and CEC/CWC members have been invited to the function. All Branch secretaries and district office bearers of BGTD have also been invited. All members of circle office and mobile service will also be attending the function.


Transfer orders...

The case of Com Shobha Gaonkar ( BM to KWR) and Com Suresh R Bhat (DK to KWR) are missing in the orders released yesterday. These two cases were taken with PGM HR, PGM assurred to look into. We have clarified that the relieving of these officers belatedly purely lies on the administration. During 2012, Karwar SSA did not relieve these SDEs on time and hence the mess created now for which the individuals shold not be made responsible.


SDE Transfer orders issued. For orders click here...


District Conference Raichur:

The district conference of Raichur SSA was held on 16th March 2014 at Utsav Garden. Com P Shrikanth Presided over the function. Com Shivaraj DS submitted the District Secretary report. Com Munishekar CWC member and Com S B Nagavi CS have addressed the confernce and updated the latest developments on various issues including the ongoing agitations probrammes.

Com T Ravi Naik, Com P Shrikanth and Com Shashikala have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively ...


We are on AGITATION. For the future of our youngsters. For the dignity of Engineeering Cadre. Survival of BSNL. Do you want to know more.. Then <<<view>>>

Comrades Gear up for relay hunger ( 19th March to 21st March 2014 ) strike..Educate, Organise and Fight.We will fight till we achieve our goal..

Glimpses of Dharna on 6th March 2014, held by Kolar Young Brigade, an inspiration to all Comrades of SNEA in the country..<<View>>

new17-03-2014(1600 hours):

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com M S Hiremugadur, ACS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Balakrishna Aithal VP, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Ramesh B, DS BGTD, Com Virupaksha DP BGTD Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS Co met PGM Admn Shri R Chandramouli PGM BGTD and held detailed discussion on the transfers of SDEs on long stay basis to consider the incoming transfers and SDEs who have gone on long stay 2 years back.

We have strongly protested on the reduction of the sanctioned strength of BGTD to make good the sanction strenghth of Circle Office. We have appraised about the adverse impact of it which makes more shortage in BGTD compared to others. We have also very strongly protested that some SDEs who are in the probable list of transfer of getting relieved to QA, STR, STP, Term Cell etc.,PGM expalined that despite bringing this information to BSNL CO, they are being forced by BSNL CO to relieve them. Futher we have demanded that the OG transfer from Bangalore should be reduced to the maximum extent to maintain the working strenght of BGTD on far with other SSAs. We have categorically demanded that it must be within 20 for Bangalore (BGTD,CO, Mobiles) and over all less than 27 as per the calculation presented by us. PGM agreed to look into. DGM Staff Shri Prakash Rao was also present in the meeting.


Combined Bangalore List including BGTD, Mobile,CTSD and CO is published for the information of SDEs in connection with OG transfers being considered on long stay.. For list click here...


CS on Tour

CS Com S B Nagavi and Com Munishekar CWC, JTO Kolar Member will be visiting to Raichur and attending the District Conference on 16th March 2014.


CS Visit to Delhi

Com S B Nagavi, CS visited Delhi, Corporate Office, Met GM Per with GS and AGS on 11th and 12th March 2014. CS held detailed discussion on the circle issues. Discussed on the cancellation/ retention/ modification cases of transfer/promotions. CS submitted letter to GS in this connection. For letter addressed to GS click here..CHQ assurred to purue all genuine cases with the management. CS also discussed on the long pending Rule 8 transfers especially from Karnataka Circle in respect of Direct Recruit JTOs. GS after taking the input addressed the letter to Dir HR and assurred to follow up the issue to issue directions to the HOCs For letter click here..



Meeting with GM(Pers):
GS, AGS Com Vivek Wankhede and Com S B Nagavi, CS/KTK Circle met Sri S. S. Aggarwal, GM(Pers) on 12.03.2014 and discussed a) preparatory work for JTO to SDE Promotion and calling VC limited to the vacancies, b) SDE to DE regular and DE to DGM(Adhoc) promotions, c) issuing promotion order for the SDEs passed the LDCE in 2007/2008. 


Rule 8 transfer cases of JTOs – GS writes to DIR(HR) seeking his intervention – CSs also may take up the cases with CGMs to settle maximum no of Rule 8 cases when JTO posting is done.To view letter click here..



To view Dharna Photos click here..


Massive Day Long Dharna at All SSA headquarters and at CGMT Office Bangalore...

Comrades of SNEA have participated in the Dharna programme on 6th March all over Karnataka and at many SSAs 100% participation reported. In Bangalore more than 400 members of SNEA participated in the programme. The GS Com Thippesh and CS Com Vasantkumar of NTEA along with their members also participated. Some young members of the other association participated in the lunch hour and expressed their solidiarity for the struggle launched by us. CS BSNLEU and convenor Com Gundanna also addressed our gathering at Bangalore. Com W Sheshagiri Rao, veteren leader of our ogranisation addressed and blessed us. Com M H Hiremugadur ACS, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com B Ramesh DS BGTD have also addressed and explained the success stories of SNEA in the past. Com S B Nagavi CS, thanked and congratulated all the comrades and members of our organisation all over circle for the tremendous and historical response shown by the members. For the glimpses of Bangalore Dharna click here


Branch Meetings at BGTD: To organise successful Dharna on 6th March 2014; preparatory meetings were held at Shankarpuram and NTB exchanges. Large number of members attended the meetings. Com S B Nagavi, CS, Com M S Hiremugadur ACS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Ramesh DS BGTD addressed the gathering. Com Virupakshaiah President SNEA BGTD presided.

Today the meetings have been arranged at CTO during lunch hour and at Koramangal TE in the evening. For further details respective Branch Secretaries may be contacted.

Circle Organisation appeals all the Districts to organise Dharna on 6th March 2014 and ensure 100% participation of our members in the circle to achieve our goal.


Massive Lunch Hour Demo by SNEA members:

In all SSAs massive lunch hour demonstrations were held as per the call of CHQ. In Circle office more than 200 members from BGTD assembled in the demonstrations. Com Gundanna Convenor JAC was invited and he addressed the gathering especially of 30% superannuation benefits. Com S B Nagavi CS explained in detail on issues and on our further programme of struggle. Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Savita VP, Com Ramesh DS BGTD also addressed the assembly of members on the occassion.Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com M S Hiremugadur ACS HQ and other circle office bearers and the Branch Secretaries of BGTD were also present. Many lady comrades of BGTD/CO and young JTOs have also joined our demonstration.

For glimpses of LHD at Circle office Click here



Attention of District Secretaries:

The working strength of JTOs and SDEs published by CO BG. This was our demand as some SSAs were always contensting on the correctness of the data. They are to cross check these figures and report discrepancies if any through their GMs to Circle Office immediately. For letter click here...


JTO promotion LICE result announced( Congrats...). For result click here..


Observe Lunch Hour Demonstration at CGMT Office Halasur Bangalore and at all SSA Headquarters on 25-02-2014. Make it a grand success.

E2 scale for JTOs is our right. We cannot be forced to accept E1 for JTOs ( JTO RR 2014 proposed). We should defeat the demotivating attitude of the management. To know more about the role of JETA/JTOA/TEOA and now SNEA in safeguarding the interest of the cadre please <<view>>


Agitation Programme

Attention of DSs, SSA/Branch Secretaries and office bearers: Make extensive preparations for the demonstration, dharna and relay hunger strike. Circle Organisation requests all to implement the programme effectively and ensure 100% participation. 


1) Replace existing non standard pay scales by standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc.  No demotion of the basic cadres JTO/JAO, SDE/AO.

2) Implement Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 with first Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

3) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.

4) Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T), JAO to AO, LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T), SDE to DE and DE to DGM.

5) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies.

6) Increase the number of MTs (Intl) to a minimum of 300 and immediate recruitment. 

Trade Union Programmes:


Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, CIRCLE ( CGMT Office Halasur Bangaore) and at SSA HQs.



19.03.14 to 21.03.14: 

RELAY HUNGER STRIKE at CHQ, CIRCLE ( CGMT Office Halasur Bangaore) and at SSA HQs.




Meeting with CGM STR Chennai

CS Com S B Nagavi visited Chennai on 5-2-2014 and held meeting with Shri G V Reddy CGMT STR Chennai and discussed various issues of the STR Branch of Karnataka Circle. CS thanked CGM for having considered almost all request transfers in STR Karnataka. We have requested that the remaining cases may please be considred at the time of next promotion in seniority quota of JTO to SDE as the DPC is on and the orders are likely to be issued shortly.

Vehicle tender of Kolar

DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar informed that the tender is finalsied and vehicles are supplied to the field units. DS Kolar and CS were persuing this matter with the administration and even met CGMT recently and our efforts yeiled results.

Office bearers in Sensitive Posts ( Mysore):

It was earlier intimated by GM Mysore that AGM HRD holding District President Post of AIBSNLEA will not be changed. Yesterday circle administration informed that AGM HRD Mysore TD has resigned to the post DP AIBSNLEA. It may be recalled that this association has taken up this case with CGMT even in writing on 31-1-2014. For letter click here. We have informed that the rule of law should follow but not the whims and fancies of some vested interests as we are in a vell establised democratic country.

Meeting with PGM HR/Admn.

CS along with Com Govind Gudi COS and Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO held various discussions with Shri R Chandramouoli on various transfer and TBU issues. We found that there is some progress in the cases of Com Patil and Com U T Joshi of Hubli. We have damanded that at the instance of availabilty of vacancies in Hubli SSA some more request transfers to Hubli and also to BElgaum be considered urgently.

Regarding the calculation of the Sanctioned and working strengths of SDEs/JTOs we requesated that the details be called for from all the SSAs so as to avoid confusion after the actual transfers normally being done in the month of March 2014.


Meeting with Director HRD and CMD BSNL.



Team of SNEA leaders with CS SNEA Karnataka has met Director HRD Shri A N Rai and respected CMD BSNL Shri R K Upadhya during theri visit to Bangalore on 29-01-2014 and brought to their notice the resolution of urgent issues related to Standard Pay Scale, Pay anmolies, the shortage of JTO/SDEs in Karnataka Circle and many other issues. We have thanked CMD for the support he has rendered especially to Karnataka Circle which was instrumental in improving the revenue in Karnataka Circle under the leadership of Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka.

CS SNEA Karnataka Writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji on the issue of change of Circle President AIBSNLEA from the administrative post in charge of transfer and posting of AOs/JAOs of the circle and District President AIBSNLEA from the post AGM HRD Mysore as per the BSNL CO guidlines immediately. For letter click here..


Use of IDLE and unused materials/equipments:

It is been reported on several occasions from members of this association that the Unaccounted and Idle materials like MW Eqpts, Tower Materials, PLB Pipes etc are laying in private premises since long time.One of the reasons is that the direct delivery of installation materials to site and afterwords non commissioning of that site due to one or the other reason and materials dispatched are laying there idle. As CGM is taking all out efforts to make better use of Idle materials, this association is keen to supplement this act of CGM with collection of data of materials. Hence all the DS/Active members are requested to collect the details of such materials and forward the same to CS by 1-02-2014. 

The purpose of collecting this information is only to make better use of Idle assets.

To fill up on line click here...


We are the trend setters:

Com P Thippanna being entrusted the charge of TDM Bidar relinquishes from the post of DS Bidar. He has resigned to the post of DS.

It is also a history that our District President of BGTD Com Ranganayakulu also gave resignation to the post of DP before assuming the charge of DGM Admn BGTD. We believe in working for the membership and not to use the official positions for the upliftment of union interests.

But it is unfortunate that some organisations have made it a principal to elect as District President and Circle President etc., who are incharge of transfer and postings like AGM HR or DGM in charge of transfer and postings so that they can mis-use the official position for one upmanship and increase their membership. Further it is not only unfortunate but even shamful that even after clear instructions from BSNL CO these officers have neither resigned from their union posts nor sought change of official position but still continuing with the duel roles. On the contrary the management is also allowing these officers to continue in such posts.

Now we will be compelled to take up the matter with all appropriate levels including the organisational actions to stop this irregularity. Members are requested to get ready for the organisational actions in the matter.



Rule 8 request transfer list in the cadre of JTOs is published by CGMT Karnataka duly updated as on date. To view list click here..<<1>> <<2>> <<3>> Any discrepancies, missing etc may be brought to the notice of CS immediately.


Transfer in the cadre of AGM to tenure stations got cancelled with the efforts of our CHQ. The orders were wrongly issued without considering the age limit. We are thankful to CHQ for timely action for oders copy click here...




Mr.Sharath Rao  B.TECH , SON OF Smt Nayana Sr SDE STR DTC  Mangalore is the top scorer in B. TECH ( Information Technology branch) at NITK Suratkal and  awarded with gold medal during the 11th convocation held at the institute on 16th November 2013.

Currently he is working for a multinational company in Bangalore. He is the son of Prof. Ravilochan Rao, JKSHIM, Nitte and Smt Nayana SR. SDE STR, BSNL, DTC, Pandeshwara, Mangalore who is an active member of SNEA TRANSMISSION DN MANGALOR.

SNEA is proud congratulate Mr Sharath and his family for his great achievement.



Diary 2014 payments.

Comrades of Tumkur SSA have paid Rs.14,000-00 towards 100 Diaries to the treasurer today..

Other SSAs are requested clear their dues immediately please.


CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Govinda Gudi COS and Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO met Shri R K Misra CGMT Karnataka and updated him of our Diary Distribution on time as promised to him. He has appriciated our views on many issues and asked us to focuss on the QOS, fault control and reduction of repeat faults in the land line services in all SSAs more particularly in Bangalore. We have informed him that our difficulites especially in Bangalore also to be resolved. PGM BGTD has assurred us the meeting after 21st Jan 2014 and we will react only after that meeting. We have observed in BGTD that the top managment like PGM/GM/DGMs have to reciprocate to our basic requirements so that the officers in the field can focuss the issues on the problems of the subscribers to redress their issues. We have took a very strong objection to the continuance of the Office bearers of other association still continuing in the sensitive positions like administration/handling transfer and posting cases right from circle office to SSA level despite clear instructions from the corporate office and no action being taken by the circle administration to change their section. CGM assurred to check up.


CS Com S B Nagavi after leave joins for duty today.

Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO and Diary committee member reports that all the diaries of the first batch received by the DSs. 2nd lot of additional requirement also dispatched on demand to the DSs by VRL transport service.

All DSs are to remit the

Amount of Diary 2014

to Circle Treasurer immediately. For bank account number please contact Com C R Sureshkumar (9449857799). This is very urgent since we have to make payment to the Vendor now.


Notional promotion in case of 2004 LDCE candidates:

Furtherance of Karnataka Comrades (OA 181/2009 K S Premakumar and 123 others) fight in getting notional benefits fought under the leadership of S B Nagavi CS SNEA. Hon Principal CAT New Delhi upheld our cause and further ordered to pay full arrears from 23-1-2002 for similarly placed MTNL comrades. SNEA always fights against injustice/discriminations. For PCAT judgement <<click here..>>


As assured to us by PGM (HR) on 27-12-2013, the circular from BSNL CO regarding "online transfer of EPF Accounts" is endorsed by circle office. All the DSs are requested to persue with the DDOs for early registration of their digital signature. For EPF related circulars click here..<<1>> <<2>> <<3>>

Circle Office has published the intracircle request tranfers / tranfers based on long stay. For any anomolies noticed may brought to the notice of Com Hiremugudur ACS HQ ( CS in Charge) (9449854786). For the list/letter click here..



Good Bye 2013 and Happy New Year 2014 to all our beloved comrades...

Diary 2014

As promised by us Diaries have been dispatched to all SSAs through VRL services. In places where VRL service is not there we will arrange to dispatch today thr' KSRTC. For all details in this regard please Contact Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO BG (9449835101).


SNEA meets CMD at Bangalore:


Com Panduranga Nayak AGS, Com Hiremugadur ACS HQ, Com Govinda Gudi OS, Com Sadanand DS Circle Office met Shri R K Upadyaya CMD BSNL and submitted the memorandum regarding the HR issues.For copy of memorandum click here
In the afternoor Com Panduranga Nayak AGS and Com Hiremugadur met Shri Chandramouli PGM HR discussed about the EPF Account online transfer issue in detail andrequested to kindly to take the required initiative and instruct all the SSAs to register DDOs digital signature with EPFO at the earliest in order to attest and forward the online claims submitted by employees. PGM  assured that he will personally look in to the issue and talk to all the concerned for early action in this regard. On enquired about the status of result declaration of TTA to JTO LICE conducted on 08-12-2013, PGM replied that already key answers are published and valuations will begin soon.



Diary 2014

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com M S Hiremugadur ACS and Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO met CGMT Shri R K Misraji on 16-12-2013 and appraised about the Diary 2014 being printed by us. We have discussed in detail and assurred to supply diary 2014 on demand by the BSNL. We have also given alternative proposal to authorise the field units to purchase the same trhough temperory advance to resolve the issue of other association claims on similar lines. We have also submitted our letter in writing. Further CGMT held discussions with us on Friday, reqeusted to supply at the rate of Rs.140/- per diary. We have agreed for the proposal. Finally CGMT was kind to issue instructions to procure the diaries locally through temperory advance as suggested by us.

For our letter addressed to CGMT Click here.. For CGMT approval click here.

We therefore request all the members of SNEA to collect the diaries printed by us from the District Secretaries of all SSA and from the Branch Secretaries of BGTD. The District Branch will issue the receipt to individual members/purchaser and make the consolidated payment to the circle.The printed Diaries will reach the concerned DS/BS by the end of Dec 2014.

In view of the good gesture shown by CGMT, we have decided to supply the Diary at Rs.140 per diary though our printing cost is Rs.160 per Diary as we are providing the diary with Rexine Zacket and information of all telephone numbers of CO and important SSA telepone numbers. We are also printing the technical and important HR information in the diary. This Diary is printed at Circle level. It is a very important companion for your day today work and in a improved version of last year diary incorporating almost all suggetions from the feed of last year. Since we have printed 2500 diaries there is no question of shortage.

You may place your firm demand to Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO (9449835101) or to Com Govinda Gudi COS(9449850909)

We are very much encouraged by your support last year, when the diaries were purchased by you by your personal money.

We are thankful to Shri R K Misraji CGMT for his positive and encouraging decision in the matter.


Standard Pay Scale/ JTO Batch 2007 and 2008

In the background of the discussion held in our circle conference held at Belgaum, CS writes to the Com K Sebastin GS and others on the standard pay scale issue and the pay anamoly of JTOs recruited after 2007.. For letter click here..


CS on Leave:

For any emergency members are reequested to contact Com M S Hiremugadur, ACS HQ (9449854786) during the leave period of CS...

CS writes to Com K Sebastin GS, requesting to take up the case of OPPOSING BSNCL CO orders regarding the withdrawal of declining option in r/o promotions...For letter click here..



Another Positive and Motivating step by CGMT..

CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji writes Com S B Nagavi CS and to other Unions and Associations for improving the performance of the Karnataka circle and to achieve 10% growth in the present fiscal. By the proactive decisions taken by our beloved CGMT Shri Misraji so far we are able to achieve a growth of 9% upto this time and our further efforts will definately yield the targeted results. We therefore appeal to all our executives to rise to the occasion and put their best efforts. Any difficulties being faced in this regard be brought to our notice so that they will be presented to CGMT for resolution. CGMT writes " Your support and recent advisories of Com Abhimanyu and Com G L Jogi has emboldened me to believe that if customer interface improves with your efforts and co-operation, losses of BSNL would be reduced drastically"...for more VIEW here..



Comrade Narayan Hegde, SDE, our SNEA Branch President of BBNW Branch Bangalore met with an accident and expired on 27th Nov 2013. This was a shocking news for us and a great loss to SNEA. He was instrumental in forming our branch in BBNW. He has left behind his wife Smt Rekha Hegde and only doughter Akshata. We express our deep condolances for the untimely and sudden demise of our beloved leader of BBNW. We also pray almighty to give strength and courage to the family members of Comrade Hegde to overcome the shocking incident.



Managment presented the status of BSNL and steps for improvement. For PPT click here. For pdf of presentation click here.


CS Com S B Nagavi along with ACS Com Hiremugadur, OS Com Govinda Gudi and DS CO Com Makkannavar met PGM Admn and HR Shri R Chandramouli and discussed in detail on the shortages occured due to recent promotions in Belgaum SSA. We have also submited a detailed letter and also pressed fpr the transfer of SDEs waiting to come back to BElgaum SSA. PGM agreed to our points and told that due care will be taken to post the substitutes now to such persons who are waiting for incoming to BM. For letter Click here.


CS Com S B Nagavi along with OS Com Govinda Gudi and DS CO Com Makkannavar met PGM Admn and HR Shri R Chandramouli and discussed variour issues yesterday.

(1) Allowing declined executives' to withdraw their declining and join on their promotion in view of the latest orders on declining. PGM informed that he has no powers to allow them to do so as such the allotted 40 days for their promotion is complete. Hence in the absence of the clear orders/instructions from BSNL CO; he cannot take any decision in this regard. For a query on not sending the declined letters to BSNL CO, PGM clarified that as per the practice only the list of the names of the executives who have declined, their names only are sent to the BSNL CO and not the letters of decline. We have protested on the stand taken but PGM said he would go by the instructions of BSNL CO.

(2) Releiving of the SDEs from Gulbarga who are transfer orders in the month of March 2013/waiting for transfer. PGM informed that he has in principle accepted our request of giving Looking after arrangement to the JTOs who are in the scale of E2, after meeting the shortage requirements as per the Sanctioned strength and % of working of SDE/JTOs in the SSA.

(3) Filling up of the shortages of Raichur SSA. PGM assurred to look into the matter.

(4) Mistake in the looking after arrangements of DGM's in DK TD. PGM Assurred to correct the same.


CS along with new Circle Office Bearers met CGMT Shri R K Misraji and introduced all office bearers. Then CGMT held a detailed meeting with us on the issues relating to service matters, ERP related issues and our grieviences. The meeting lasted for 2 hours. He had once again re-iterated the determination of bringing the circle as profit making, increase its revenue and he will address all the issues connected in this regard from his side. We have assured extend our full support. For the glimpses of the moments click here

For office bearers list submitted to CGMT click here..

For resolutions submitted to CGMT click here..

Earlier we had the meeting of the COB and discussed the issues relating to organisational matter and points to be taken with the CGMT etc..


JTOs request transfer:

As already reported and on our long standing demand the transfer orders of Com Sureshbabu (CKG-Kolar) and Com J Shrinivasalu (CKG-Kolar) and Com Vinayakumar ( BG-CKG) were issued yesterday. We are thankful to the circle administration for having consdered all the 6 cases of our members. The other cases already considered are Com Tulsi Rao ( Hassan to Kolar/BG), Shivakumar Boppe ( MDI to BG) and B Avanti ( BJP to Bellary)..


Com Pandurang Nayak, our beloved AGS in HQ (Delhi) to assist CHQ work. We congratulate him on his new assigment.


New Circle Office Bearers introduction to CGMT Karnataka is scheduled on 28th Nov 2013 at 1430 hours. The Circle Office Bearers meeting will also be held on the same day at 1100 hours in the BSNLEU office at Circle Office Bangalore. All newly elected COB/CWC members are requested to attend the same.


Circle Building Fund...

Com Sham Kulkarni SDE STR Belgaum (Rs.10,000-00), Com Com M N Chimmalagi SDE Civil DVG (Rs.10,000-00) ann Com B Avanti JTO Bellary (Rs.10,000-00) have donated building fund. Circle Organisation is thankful to all these comrades.


CS along with DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar and DS CO Com Sadanand Makkannavar met incharge CGMT BG Shri R Chandramouli and discussed various issues including our long standing demand of considering the request transfers of JTOS. CGM informed us that already transfers of Com Tulsi Rao( Hassan to Kolar/BG), Shivakumar Boppe ( MDI to BG) and Avanti ( BJP to Bellary) are approved. Further he has informed us that the transfer of Com Sureshbabu (CKG-Kolar) and Com J Shrinivasalu (CKG-Kolar) will be approved immediately. We will continue to pursue the transfers of remaining cases also.

We have also discussed on the stalemate of the vehicle tender issue in Kolar and Hubli. CGM suggested to go in for SDCA wise tenders in the matter. He has also told us that he would update the matter to CGM on his reportting back from duty.

We have discussed regarding the missing promotion case of Com Kulkarni, Com Reddy and TBU upgradation case of Com Reddy, Com Patil, Com Joshi. GM informed that the case of Com Reddy (TBU) is settled. In case of Com Patil and Joshi details are called up from SSAs. Regtarding missing issue they assurred forward the representation to BSNL CO.

Later CS met DGM Finance Shri Nagaraj and discussed on the medical bill issue of Mudenur retired JTO and DGM assurred to settle it shortly.

Important Notice to Circle Office Bearers:

As such CGMT Shri Misraji is on leave this week we could not hold the introduction meeting. He will be reporting on Monday the 25th Nov 2013. So on 28th or 29th we will arrange introduction meeting. The exact date will be confirmed on Monday please.


Photos of Belgaum Circle Conference in the CAMERA of DS Chickmaglur...View..

Court Cases:

The contempt case filed in the 1966 seniority case at Hon CAT BG came up for hearing today and further posted on 25-11-2013.


List of New Circle Office Bearers

For circle confgerence photos click here...

Key note Address delivered by Comrades S B Nagavi CS at the open session of 5th Circle Conference held at Belgaum on 9th Nov 2013

Belgaum Conference Report:

Brief report of 5th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) Karnataka held  on 7th, 8th and 9th Nov 2013 at Institute of Engineers’ Hall Belgaum.

Under the excellent arrangement of our Belgaum Comrades, the Conference was commenced with the Pre-CEC on 7th Nov 2013. The pre-CEC was presided by Com B S Venkatesh Murthy. The reports of Circle Secretary and the accounts of the Association have been presented by Com S B Nagavi CS and Com C R Sureshkumar CT respectively and have been approved by the CEC after deliberations.

8th Nov 2013:

Delegate Session:  In the morning at 0900 hours, the SNEA flag was hoisted by Circle President Com Venkatesh Murthy in the presence of the CHQ leaders Com W Sheshagiri Rao, Com G L Jogi, Com K Sebastin , Com K Padmanabha Rao, Com Pandurang Nayak. The delegates have taken slogans as BSNL Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad and Our Struggle Zindabad.
Then the delegate session commenced with the welcome address by Com Arun Chavali, the DS of host district. Com B S Venkatesh Murthy Circle President conducted the proceedings and advised all the deligates to actively participate in the deliberation, to be precise and make the conference a great success. Com S B Nagavi CS has presented the Circle Secretary’s report which was adopted with single voice from all the delegates. Com C R Sureshkumar Circle Treasurer presented the the statement of accounts and was approved by the house with an appreciation of the utility of SNEA Bhavan in good manner.

All the District Secretaries have attended the conference and submitted their report on the activities of the District Branches, membership etc and more specifically on the difficulties that they have been facing in the field on O&M issues. Then in the delegate session issues like Standard Pay Scale for Executives, 30% superannuation, one time up gradation of TTA-Officiating JTOs and recent BSNL CO orders on denial of declining of promotions-options were discussed. The issues relating to the service matters were also discussed in detail. Many young JTOs have actively participated in the deliberations and given vital suggestions on the HR issues in BSNL and how HR issues reflect on the performance.

CHQ President Com G L Jogi has addressed the delegate session and elaborated the role of JETA, JTOA, TEOA and now SNEA in the upliftment of the cadre issues raised by us and most importantly the success on the issues raised. How our association has played its key role in resolving the issue of 1640 pay scale, upgrading the cadre to Gazatted status, our struggle to get point to point pay fixation on absorption to BSNL, the career growth of 4-5 years promotions through the legal process when BSNL denied them by merely offering us Rs.2000-00. He has drawn the attention of the delegates for the unity, faith, confidence in this mighty organisation and the patience of our members that they have shown while we were in the middle of the struggle.  Now we are in the process of struggling for the standard pay scales on a war footing to avoid the anomalous situations in the next pay revision. Leadership is committed to fight and resolve this issue and the members should exhibit their unity and 100% participation in the struggle as the issue being not so simple.
Com K Sebastin GS has detailed about the activities of the CHQ particularly the recent promotions on LDCE, SDE to DE Adhoc, DE to DGM and DE Adhoc to DE regular and appreciated the efforts of our two AGSs of Headquarter Com Wankhede and Com Dahia. He has also explained the key role played in getting the 78.2% DA merger issue getting resoleved under the banner of JAC.Com Padmanabha Rao and Com Pandurang Nayak have alsoe addressed the delegate session. The delegate session was adjourned at 2130 hours for the next day.

9th Nov 2013:
The issues on BSNL service matters were discussed and authorized the new body to take up all the matters at apparopriate level.

As scheduled the open session commenced at 1030 hours with the invocation and a well sung  “ Jaya BharathaJananiyaTanuJaate, Jaya Hae Karnataka Maate”. Hon M P Shri Suresh Angadi and other dignitaries inaugurated the session by the lighting of lamp. Com ArunChavali, SD Belgaum welcomed the gathering. Com S B Nagavi, CS SNEA Karnataka delivered his KEY NOTE ADDRESS. Shri Suresh Angadi Hom Member of Parliament and other dignitaries inaugurated the session by the lighting of lamp. Hon M P Shri Suresh Angadi appreciated the services of our executives in Belgaum and  assured our CHQ leaders  that on policy issues like BWA refund, BBNL service licence, BSNL financial viability etc would be taken up with the minister as requested Com G L Jogi and others. Com W Ssheshagiri Rao veteran leader SNEA, Com G L Jogi CHQ president, Com K Sebastin GS have addressed on BSNL service matters in detail. Com C  K Gundanna, Convenor JAC and CS BSNLEU addressed the session and explained the responsibility of the JAC in the coming days and called for all the employees to work hard to earn more revenue.

Our beloved CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri R K Misra has focused on the quality of service to be delivered and on the earning of more revenue. He has assured to look into all the issues raised in the Key note address related to circle. He will do everything from his side and said that all executives and staff have to work effectively to improve QOS and generate revenue.

Sr GM Hubli Shri B Krishna Sharma GM Belgaum Shri Deepak Tayal and  DGM Staff Shri Prakash Rao have also addressed the gathering and greeted us. Com P GangadharRao Ex President SNEA has attended and addressed us on the works he has taken up as leader of the retired employee’s leader.

Th sanchar seva padak awardees' of Belgaum District namely Shri V S Tadapatti Telecom MachanicAthaniShri R G Kulkarni SDE EB Belgaum, Shri N V Hulgi DGM Belgaum were felicitated by the association.

Com B S Venkatesh Murthy in his presidential address once again focused on our role as SNEA members to work for the betterment of the company.

Com N T Balekundri extended the vote of thanks. Com R G Kulkarni anchored the open session. Every one appreciated the excellent arrangement of the conference by the host branch.

Com B S Venkateshmurthy, Com S B Nagavi and Com C R Sureshkumar have been unanimously elected as the Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively for the year 2013-14, 2014-15. For full list of office beares click here...


For the Glimpses of Circle Conference click here...


Circle Conference News:

(1) CGMT Karnataka sanctioned Spl CL to delegates and COB/CEC members to attend Circle Conference to be held at Belgaum. For letter click here.

(2) Accomodation is only available to the delegates as per the average paid up membership of each District/Branch. Extra delegates/ visitors cannot be accomodated due to non availability of lodging facility.

(3) Already circular has been dispatched to all the DS/COB; they are requested to come prepared accordingly.

(4) Upto date Quota/Circle Conference Fund/ Legal Fund must be creditted to circle account immediately; if not paid so far.

(5) The invitation cards and POSTERS have been dispatched by the host branch to all the District Secretaries which can be received immediately and delivered/ displyed at prominant locations

(6) Arrival and departure details be submited on line or intimated to the reception committee.

Members of Receptiuon Committee

Com A H Chavali DS Belgaum (9449030300)

Com G C Kamath DP Belgaum (9449850466)

Com S B Mulimani SDE BM(9449850005)

Com N T Balekundri SDE BM(9449858599)

Com B G Aiduddi SDE STR ( 9448010719)

CWC Patna

CS will be attending Patna CWC from 24th to 30th Oct 2013. Com M S Hiremugadur ACS Hq (9449854786) will be holding the charge of CS during this period


Circle Conference News:

CS along with Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO and Com Chidambar Treaserer CO met CGMT Shri R K Misraji, Shri R Chandramouli PGM HR and Admn and Shri Surendra Shenoy GM S&M and invited them to grace the OPEN SESSION on 9th Nov 2013 of 5th Circle Conference being held at Belgaum. All have consented to attend and address the session.

Restructuring of the Heads of SSA posts;

CGM has informed us and expressed the decision that administration would be coming out with the plan of making over the SSA heads post to the cadre of DGMs redesignating the small SSAs as the TDMs and will be implemented very shortly and sought our co-operation in the matter. He has made an appeal that all the officers of the cadre of DGM have to come forward to shoulder the responsibility of holding charge of the SSA in the interest of the company. From our side we have made it clear that it is in fact policy of this organisation that any responsibility given to us in the development of the company and particularly the one he is proposing is in fact a demand of the executives. Since Sr GM was busy yeasterday we are discussing our some of the pending issues today.


SDE to DE adhoc posting orders issued for the SDEs waiting for want of vacancies. We are thankful for the administration for the positive response for our request to issue order. We are thankful for considerinig the choice of places in case of our members. For order copy click here...


CGMT Karnataka sanctioned Spl CL to attend Patna CWC. For letter Click here...


SNEA Diary 2014;

Diary Committee is nominated

Com K N Muralidhar; COS (9448010099)

Com Sureshkumar CT (9449857799)

Com Sadanand Makkannavar; DS CO Branch (9449835101)

Com Lokesh; OS SNEA CO Branch ( 9449851404)

All District Secretaries are requested to submit their requirements to Com K N Muralidhar immediately; latest by 19-10-2013, so that this year we will be able to supply the Diary in the last week of Neovember or 1st week of December 2013. Requirement at the end will not be entertained.

The feed back if any or the correction in the informations to be printed in the diary may also to be communicated to Com SadanandMakkannavar. Com Lokesh will finalise the rates after negotiating with the Priners and Com Sureshkumar will ensure the distribution of the diaries in the period as scheduled


Meeting with CGMT Karnataka;

Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Puranik President CO and Com Chidambar Treasurer met Shri R K Misra CGMT Karnataka on 8-9-2013 and invited him for the open session of circle conference being held at Belgaum on 9th Nov 2013. In the meeting the new circle office branch office bearers were introduced to CGMT. CS also discussed about technical issues to reduce Air conditioning expenditure by employing air circulation systems in the BTSs and also small hydro electric generators in places like Chickmaglur and Madikeri and presented him the proposals received by some vendors.CS also discussed various methods of cost effective steps need to be taken and restoration of faulty power plants particularly in GSM area.

CS afterwards met PGM HR Shri R Chandramouli and discussed on the posting of the waiting promoted Adhoc DEs. GM assurred taht by tomorrow posting orders will be issued for all the 7 cases who are waiting for posting. CS also discussed on the request transfer of Com Amarish, Com Girija in Bangalore, JTO request transfers, forwarding of application of deputation case of Com Chandrashekar JTO STR on compassionaate grounds.


Circle Conference News:

All the District Secretaries/COBs to kindly ensure that the online form is filled in respect of your/delegates tour to attend Circle Conference at Belgaum immediately. For any difficulty in filling you may please contact Com Pandurang Nayak AGS ( 9449854464 ) For the online form click here...

CS writes to CGMT Karnataka for grant of Spl CL to attend PATNA CWC to be held on 25th and 26th Oct 2013.. For letter click here...


We Extend our best wishes to all BSNL fraternity on the occassion of the 14th BSNL Formation day. Director CM appricates CGMT Karnataka and the circle for achieving 15.46% growth in GSM revenue in August 2013. For letter Click here.


Com Rajendra SDE STR Hubli ( Rs.10,000-00) and Com Deepthi JTO Bellary ( Rs.5,000-00) have donated to circle building fund. Circle organisation is thankful to these comrades.


Circle Conference:

The circle conference of SNEA Karnataka will be held

on 8th and 9th of November 2013

at Belgaum.

The pre-CEC will be held on 7th Nov 2013.

The CHQ leaders Com G L Jogi and Com K Sebastin have consented grace the occassion. We will be inviting Com W Sheshagiri Rao veteran SNEA leader and our beloved CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji, PGM HR Shri Chandramouli and other officers for the open session to be held on 9th November 2013. All the branches and disctrict bodies have to elect delegates restricting 1 delegate ( including DS ) to every 15 paid membership of the branch. The occommodation will be restricted to the delegates only. The district secreatary will also be part of the delegates as per the average paid membership. Notice for the conference will be issued shortly.


Comrades of Belgaum have been actively preparing for the conference. All the district secretaries have to credit the Circle Conference Fund and the Legal Fund immediately, otherwise it will be very difficult to cope with the finanical auspects.We hope all will appriciate and co-operate in this matter. As the circle body has completed its tenure it is not fair to further postpone the conference on this ground.