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  Com A Suguna AGM BGTD ( Rs. 5000-00 ) and Com M Tamilarashi AGM BGTD ( Rs. 5000-00 ) have donated to circle building fund. We are thankful to them..




CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju, to order for additional LA orders to shortage SSAs and to extend the present order for 180 days and also to stop the illegal continuations of LA in certain SSAs violating the circle office orders. For letter << View here >>


Who is on the right path? SNEA or others? << view here>>

CS writes to CGMT and PGM Finance to stop the artitrary reductions in the medical claims of the employees and officers. For letter <<view here>>


The stand of SNEA is vindicated again.

The JTO to SDE Looking After orders (Court Cases) are issued by CGMT Karnataka Circle today after our continuous efforts. The discriminative stand of administration is finally reconciled. For our letter click here.. For the orders of Circle Office click here..


In connection with the case taken by us in respect of dropping of JTOs names in the Looking After order dated 24-06-2015, administration has sought the legal openion. It is rudiculous on the part of the administration to go in for such opinion when BSNL CO has in writing allowed the promotion in similar cases earlier. For our letter click here..


CS along with DS CO Com Sadanand Makkannavar and CVP Com Savita met Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka and Shri Venkateshwara Rao PGM HR and Admn and discussed in detail on the issue relating to dropping of the JTOs from looking after order, and Looking after from SDE to DE cadre in Chickmagalur, Gulbarga and other shortage SSAs on urgent basis.

CGM understood the error in the LO orders and assured to look into. PGM was of the opinion that it do not involve the monetory benefit which was strongly protested by us. We are waiting for the decision of the administration.


Com A Suguna AGM BGTD ( Rs. 5000-00 ) and Com M Tamilarashi AGM BGTD ( Rs. 5000-00 ) have donated to circle building fund. We are thankful to them.


Vindictive and Biased Action of Circle Administration:

The circle administration has conspicuously dropped the names of some JTOs in the JTO to SDE looking after order. CS very strongly protested the matter with DGM Staff Circle office Shri Angadi and pressurised for the immediate reconcilation and in the meantime wrote to CGMT Shri P Nagaraju on the gross violation of rules and proceedures and the sufferings; our members have been subjected to.. for more < View>>


CS meets CGM Karnataka Shri Nagaraju and welcomes..


CS meets and welcomes Shri Venkateshwara Rao, PGM HR and Admn Karnataka.

mm1 CS along with Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Savitha CVP, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO and Com Sudheendra DS Mobiles met both CGM and PGM and held detailed discussion on the various issues like Posting/ transfers in respect of TERM Cell, expediting the disposal of court cases to vacate the stay in case of JTO transfers or relieving the JTOs who are under request transfers, Relieving of SDEs coming back after long stay transfers, Case of Com Badiger SDE Mr, Time bound promotions cases of Prakash Patil SDE Hbl, Com U T Joshi SDE, Relieving of Com Sudha SDE SMO, Com Usha SDE Hassan, Com Prakash SDE Kolar and cases of medical grounds etc. The meeting with CGMT lasted for more than one hour. We have appraised about the issues relating to the mtce of CFA and CM and connected matters with regard to the problems faced by the field units and passive actions of some of the DGMs in charge of the SSAs. CGM assurred to look into. We have also discussed all these matters with PGM and we said we will come with further details in this connection.


AGS Com Pandurang Nayak along with ACS Com M S Hiremagudur yesterday met Shri Sampath Kumar GM (HR/Admn) and Shri M V Angadi DGM (HR/Admn) and discussed various issues. The requirement of additional AGM Looking after orders for various SSAs like Gulbarga and Chikkamagalur was impressed upon, GM assured positive action in this regard. The issue of reliving of executives whose transfer orders are issued from Circle Office and still not relived from SSAs was discussed, GM assured one more attempt will be made with SSAs for reliving and if effort is not fruitful, then, Circle Office will issue reliving orders directly. The various individual request transfer cases of SDE/JTOs were also discussed, GM responded positively.  The implementation of SDEs deputation to TERM Cell Karnataka and reliving of incumbent SDEs from TERM Cell Karnataka was also discussed, GM informed matter will be discussed with both the DDGs of TERM Cell next week as per the instructions of Sanchar Bhavan /BSNL CO and implementation will be ensured. 


Farewell to Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka, on transfer to Rajastan Circle by all Associations and Unions;

SNEA Karnataka circle also falicitated Shri Misraji. CS Com S B Nagavi, CP Com B S Venkateshmurthy, COS Com Govind Gudi, ACS Com Hiremugadur, CVP Com Balakrishna Aithal, CT Com Sureshkumar, CAS Com Padmanabhachari ACE Division, CWC member Com Munishekar, DS CKG Com Gopalkrishna, DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar, DS Mobiles Com Sudheendra, DS Mandya Com Krishna, Com Lokesh, Com Ravikumar, Com Chidambar and many other members of SNEA have represented and attended the function. CS, CP and DS Com Narain Nandakumar have addressed the gathering from SNEA. Other unions and associations have also attended and falicitated the guest. For the glimpses click here..


CS Com S B Nagavi along with ACS Com M S Hiremugadur met Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka and also GM Admn Shri Sampath Kumar and discussed various issues including the delay in the issue of the JTO request transfer orders. CS once again drawn the attention of CGMT that he had 2 days before talked over phone to the GM admn on the issue of considering the cutoff date in r/o 57 year aged JTOs and made it clear that it should be 31st March of the year in which transfer order is being issued. The year being 2015-16, 31st March 2016 should be the criteria. Finally after taking legal advice, the stand of SNEA was, in fact the law of land was considered. In the afternoon the much awaited transfer order of JTOs got released by the Circle Office. For transfer order click here.. Comrades, this is the association having membership of all cadres and different batches and hence a brain storming discussion took place and decision taken in the Hubli CEC was got implemented. Hats off to all our comrades that the rumors created in some corners were never believed by our members. Thanks for the sms pouring into my mobile for the issue of the transfer orders. The JTOs waiting for years have got relief. Definitely next year we will ensure even more transfers of request and try to clear the waiting list.

Now our task is to ensure the Rule 8 transfers of JTOs. We will take up the matter with the new CGM on this issue shortly as per CEC decision.

We also assure that the JTOs transferred on long stay will be brought back after completion of 2 years of their stay outside.



Com D S Kulkarni SDE OFC Bagalkot member of SNEA had met with an accident one month back and was hospitalised; has expired today morning. He was our active member of Bijapur SSA. The Funeral is scheduled at Dharwad around 1230 PM today the 20th May 2015.

He has left behind his wife and two children. SNEA condones the untimely demise of Com D S Kulkarni and pray God to give all strength to his family members to bear the loss and pain due to the untimely demise.


MASS DHARNA ON 07.05.2015

All Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries and activts to make all out preparations for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.15 at CHQ/Circle/SSA HQs and make it 100% success. Focus on door to door campaign and gate meetings.

All the Executives are requested to join the struggle to protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scales and to settle other HR issues.


·   Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

·        Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

·        Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

·        First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

·        Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.

Update on the issue of JTOs Request Transfers:

On 29th March 2015, Com Hiremugadur ACS, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Makkannavar DS CIand Com Ramesh DS BGTD, have met GM Admn and HR Shri Sampathkumar and discussed the issue. SNEA has sought the administration to call for the option for the place of posting in respect of the JTOs being transferred in the interest of service in a similar way as done in case of SDEs and issuing orders without calling for option will put hardship, inconvience and discrimination to the affected JTOs. And the cut off date for less than 2 years should be 31st March 2016 but not 31-3-2015.

On 2nd May 2015, Com S B Nagavi CS also met CGMT Shri R K Misraji and re-terated our points once again and requested CGMT to arrange for the COUNSELLING; if it is causing delay in calling for the options. CGM immediately agreed to our proposal and issued suitable instructions to Administration.

In our Hubli CEC we have already resolved to ensure the request transfers of JTOs within circle and also to launch agitation to ensure the Rule 8 transfers. This is very well known to the mewmbers of SNEA and our young comrades. We will assure that the request transfer orders are issued shortly.

The futile efforts of others to spread roumers that SNEA has stalled the transfer orders is totally baseless and with malafide intention. Otherwise they would have very well rasied the above points before the issue of transfer orders. These roumers can only weaken them further.

CS is on leave

CS S B Nagavi is on leave. For any emergency please contact Com S M Hiremugadur ACS (9449854786) or Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO (9449835101)

Personal Request and invitation of CS Com S B Nagavi <<View>>


Tremendous response and history created by Comrades of Karnataka Circle by 100% participation in the STRIKE on 21st April 2015. The official report is 96.6 % and it is due to ITS cadre attending the office as they are not part of the Forum..Congrats and thanks to all those who participated in the movement of SAVE BSNL..

Please repeat the same today..



CEC at Hubli on 5th and 6th April 2015:

Photos of CEC <<Click here>> ......... Photos of Seminar <<Click here>> CS report<<view>>

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The circle executive meeting of SNEA Karnataka is held at Hubli on 5th and 6th April 2015.The proceedings commenced with the invocation song by Shri Mokashi SDE. Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli welcomed the gathering. Com B S Venkateshmurthy Circle President presided over the meeting.The deliberations of the meeting were held in the Conference Hall of the SANCHAR COMPLEX, GM office Hubli on 5th from 0900 hours to 2100 hours. CS Com S B Nagavi and Com C R Suresh Kumar Circle Treasurer presented the CS REPORT ( For CS REPORT COPY Click here) and statement of accounts respectively for the period under review. The CS report and the accounts were approved by the house. Except Bidar, Gulbarga and Mandya all SSAs have represented the CEC. All District Secretaries have given detailed report of the SSA activities and held a thorough deliberations on all service matters particularly the hardships and the difficulties faced by the field units. The end resolution of the discussion was that the top management has failed to provide the alternative mechanisms; like AMC for power plants, AC units, Engine Alternators and proper labour work force to speedily attend the cable faults, emergent major cable breakdowns due to massive road development works by other agencies, the changed technological requirements and acute shortage of the support staff in the field being a real fact on board. The CEC urged to impress upon the CGMT and CHQ to come out with a permanent solution to these vital issues to ensure the quality of service and the unbearable work stress on the field officers. Every SSA has been facing the shortage of officers as well as support staff which is resulting into the poor service in the absence of alternative mechanisms. The issue of long stay transfer was also discussed at length. The CEC placed on record and appreciated the efforts of Circle Body in pressurizing the consideration of the request/ Rule 8 transfers in the cadre of the JTOs. Further it is resolved to pressurize the administration to consider the long pending request transfers since JTOs who are waiting to get their transfers even after 6 to 7 years of waiting. Unfortunately the Rule 8 transfers have totally been stopped and even the JTOs completing 10 years of service in the circle are still in the wait list. Even cases of compassionate and spouse category have also not been processed. It is resolved to pressurize the circle administration to approve rule 8 cases in a phased manner, if denied SNEA would be launching the organizational actions.In a similar lines the request transfer of DEs also needs to be considered. The circle office bearers, Com M S Hiremugadur ACS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Govind Gudi COS, Com Quraishi AS, Com A Savitha VP have also given their inputs to the house on various issues pertaining to the agenda. Com S A Bellubbi DE(LA) mobile services has given the detailed inputs on the philosophy to be followed in managing the GSM networks and watch and ward of the BTSs.

SEMINAR ON THE QUALITY OF SERVICE IN BSNL was held in the Municipal Employees Meeting hall on 6th April 2015 in a colorful environment with the excellent arrangement by Hubli comrades. Com W Sheshagiri Rao, Veteran leader, Com K Sebastin, General Secretry SNEA CHQ, Com Padmanabha Rao JSS CHQ, Com Pandurang Nayak AGS HQ, Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka Circle, Shri Vivek Jaiswal GM Hulbli were the prominant speakers as the Guests of the meeting. The seminar commenced with the invocation song by Smt Rajani Gad. Com B S Venkateshmurthy Presided over the function and seminar. Com Jagadale DS Hubli welcomed the gathering and gave his specialsed address on the problems faced in the FTTH, transmission wing and the solutions to overcome the problems. He has delivered the written brief to our beloved CGMT on some important points in this regard. Com Munishakhar CWC member delivered his speech on the better maintenance of the CFA segment and elaborated the issues needed to be resolved urgently. Com Gopalkrishna DS Chikkamagaluru delivered his speech and explained as to how the GSM system can be improved by constant watch of the system and bring improvement using the various tools like optimisation, study of the traffic, data base and the optimum utilisation of the riggers etc., in the system. Com S B Nagavi CS in his key note address explained in detail about the vibrancy created by the present CGM Shri Misraji, how it helped in improving the KPS parameters like BTS uptime, improvemnet in the revenue of the circle and the reforms that have been took place. CS further explained the efforts; our field officers are taking and many of the adverse conditions that are big hurdles for our works to meet the expectations of CGMT. The non availability of the machanism for the repair of the Power Plnats, AC Units, Engine Alternators in many SSAs and the least or no interest shown by the SSA heads in this regard except crisis management. Only in Bangalore, the present PGM brought on a permanant solution to the issue of attending the cable faults and major breakdowns by a contract method of engaging the skilled/unskilled labours. But none of the other SSAs have taken any interest in solving this vital and very important issue; thereby paving the way for permanantly loosing our traditional asset of copper loops further leading poor landline and broad band services. On the contrary the hatch patch arrangements done in the field in the absence of a proper machanism has lead to increase in workload of the feild officers. CS categorically stated that uniform and proper alternate machanism only can pave the way for efficient cable network. Otherwise the superficial talk of retaining subscribers has no meaning at all. The need of the hour is that; the management has to come to the level of understanding the actual and ground realities and act on them. Even now we are in the habbit of manipulating the Fault records under the pressure of SSA heads and not revealing the true facts to the circle heads or in MIS reports and this is not going to really bring the QOS. CS quoted many facts and incidents where further improvement can be done if management also realises the difficulties on the ground and addresses them realistically and not superficially.

CGMT inturn while speaking and reacting to our deliberations suggested to hold such seminars frequently and involve the experts in specific areas of work so that the transformation of knowledge can to others in the field can be achieved and he firmly opined that in majority of cases people try to find reasons how to escape rather taking the issue/problems as a chanllange. Citing an incident, he explained that all GMs told him that they cannot do NOFN work as no HDPE pipes are available in Circle. CGMT simply ordered the GMs to finalise the tenders go ahead with digging work. By the time trenches were ready he could be able to get sufficient pipes from Tamilnadu, AP and Chennai on diversion and today we have completed 65% of the work while other circles are at 5 to 10% barring Kerala. To put it in his own words " Bahana Banana Chod Deejiye. Samassya ka hal apne aap nikal jayega". On some of the issues raised by CS he has assurred to take action like differant AMCs etc and he did not hesiate to appriciate and take the name of some SDEs like Shrinivasamurthy of Kolar, Shantala Shanbhag SDE Tumkur and also appriciated the works that have been done in Chikkamagaluru by Com Gopalakrishna and his team which was instrumental in increasing the revenue of Mobile segment from Rs.45 crores to 51 Crores due to the technical re-arragnements and addition of sites done by them. His follow up of OG/IC bar persuation cases, the rate of disconnection has been reduced by more than 50%. On the memorandum given by Shri Jagadale DS Hubli on FTTH and ttransmission issues CGMT categorically appriciated his initiation and courage and said this effort triggers the beginning to take appropriate actions to improve upon. On the issue raised by CS that still the managment is insisting for the hard records/files as well as ERP parallelly; CGMT has announced that no one should do any hard records pertaining to the works that are execcuted in ERP.

Com K Sebastin, General Secretary SNEA CHQ while addressing the open session has explained the issue relating to the cash flow, the loans taken for the development works and the money that has earned by such development works. GS also focussed on the Forum Strike Programme and appealed to make 21st and 22nd April 2015 strike 100% successful and 100% participation of each and every employee and executive.Then only way we can draw the attention of the DOT as well as the Government on the problems faced by us and the discrimination being forced on us by the vested interest who are in favour of the private operators is by making the agitation programme 100% success. SNEA is also on the agitation path in resepect of our cadre demands like standard pay scale etc.,

Our Joint Secretary South Com Padmnabha Rao, participating in the seminar told that the success of the ongoing agitation programme of the Joint Forum needs to be taken very seriously and all out effort must be made by the activists of SNEA in this regard.

Our beloved veteran leaders Com W Sheshagiri Rao, while addressing the gathering referred to the issue of transfers and told that while everyone is eager to send their children abroad for work, have no right to refuse transfer. If BSNL has to survive one has to take the work as well as transfer as a challange. Today we are the highest paid PSU employees. Everything is given to us by this company BSNL. If we do'nt take care of the company, the example of ITI, Hindustan Cables are before us. Even in this difficult days of compitition a better program than going on strike can be explored by the leadership.


Earlier Shri Vivek Jaiswal GM Hubli while appriciating the efforts of SNEA in holding this seminar and selecting this vital subject put his views and told that the communication with customer and our co-ordeal relation during the period of interruption will be of very of great help and the impression that we create in the mind of the customer is very important. If the customer feels that we are caring him he will wait for the days when we take time to restore his services. We have constraints, within such constraints we have make use of all available resources and ensure the restorations and aim at creating quality of service.

Com Hiremugadur Retired DGM(LA) and our ACS and Com Quraishi SDE(LA) retiring this month are falicitated by Comrades of Hubli in the OPEN SESSION.

Com B S Venkateshmurthy delivered his presidential address and appealed to all members to strive hard for the quality of service by adopting the advices given by the speakers and also taking personal interest by initiating the actions on each issue. Com Y R Bhajantri extended vote of thanks. The meeting was achored by Com Rajalakshmi Yavagal and Com S A Bellubbi. The seminar commenced at 1100 hours concluded at 1530 hours and was a great success.


Under the able leadership of Com S P Jagadale, comrades of Hubli have arranged the CEC in a grand way, very systematically and given new look and colour to the Open Session by making the members to wear the colouful torbouns and marching from GM office to the meeting hall in a procession. The sincere works done by Com Y R Bhajantri, Com S A Bellubbi, Com Bhongale, Com Ramesh Bandiwaddar, Com Rajalakshmi Yavagal, Com Delhi Babu, Com Guled, Com M S Hiremath are commendable and circle organisation is thankful to all comrades of Hubli for the succes of the CEC. For photos of Seminar Click here.. Photos of CEC Click here.


CS along with Com Shreedhar ACS and Com N V Bhat DS STR Bangalore met yesterday Shri K C Pande GMM STR Bangalore and discussed various issues including the considering the request transfers in the cadre of JTO/SDE/DEs in STR wing. CS explained that in Karnatka circle these processes are being implemented in a smooth way and for the last 10 years 100% request transfers in the cadre of SDEs and in a phased manner the transfers in the cadre of JTO/DEs are being done.SNEA reminded the administration that 2 years before the long stay SDEs of Hubli STR were transferred outside to accommodate the request transfers. As SDE of Karnataka circle working in Madikeri will get transfer immediately after completing 2 years but in the case of SDE of STR wing working in Madikeri will not get transfer even after completing 4 to 5 years of service. This discrimination is a great heart burn and needs to addressed immediately. Similar is the case with JTOs also. GM had expressed his seriousness of the issue and he will take all positive actions immediately in this connection to explore the possibility of following the procedure of Karnataka circle.



Com Shiddappa Pujar, SDE Marketing Bellary aged about 48 years had met with an accident last week and hospitalised in Bangalore has expired due to head injuries on 29th March 2014. He was our active member of Bellary SSA. He has left behind his wife Smt Pratima , two small children Kum Nayana 4th Std and Namana UKG. SNEA condones the untimely demise of Com Siddappa Pujar and pray God to give all strength to his family members to bear the loss and pain due to the untimely demise.


SDE request and long stay transfer orders issued. Total 40 SDEs (BGTD-20,CO BG-5,Mob BG- 6, Hubli 2 and Mysore 9) are ordered .. For orders click here... All request transfers of SDEs considered..

Quote of the Day

" If you kindle fire to your neighbors' house it catches your house also."


Circle office calls for the stay particulars of AGM/DEs working in Karnataka circle including their service in the non-executive cadre/STR/STP/QA service also. For letter click here , It may be recalled that last week the long stay list of JTOs is also called for by circle office.

CS along with DS CO Com Sadanand Makkannavar yesterday met SR GM Admn Shri Desarkar and demanded the consideration of request transfers of JTOs also. We have explained as to how the JTOs transfer can be considered, as in all preceding years we were able to effect many request transfer orders. We have also demanded the relieving of the DEs who are under transfer orders to other circles immediately as they are illegally occupying the DE posts in Karnataka Circle and Looking After orders are not being issued by circle office.


Hubli CEC NEWs:

All the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, CEC members and CWC members are eligible to attend the CEC. The stay arrangement is done from the morning of 5th April to the evening of 6th April 2015. They are requested to fill the form mentioned their arrival and departure details in the below linked form. For online form click here..

News on Penal Interest by Banks:

We are getting complaints from all the SSAs that this is a common phenomenon in all Banks and unwarranted penal interest is lavied by Banks and our senior officer at the helm of Accounts Section is simply sleeping over it. In one case an officer who retired recently was made to pay a penal interest of Rs. 5033-00 because he was forced to bring the NOC from the Bank to clear retirement benefits. Comrades mail your loan statements to us. We are taking up these issues with Circle Finance. Unfortunately these officers in copllusion with some office bearers of one of the associations; simply involed in vindictive transfers and creating suffocating atmosphere throwing the trtansfer policy into dustbin.


Illegal recovery/claim of Penal Interest by Banks ( Under MOU with BSNL) for no fault of Employees who have availed various loans. SNEA takes up the case with PGM Finance, Circle Office Bangaluru.

CS writes " This act of the delay is not a STRAY incident but a regular feature and as and when this is asked to the concerned Officers of Accounts they plead that they are remitting it correctly.This sort of deliberate delay is detrimental to the CREDIT HISTORY of each and every employee who has availed the credit facility as per the MOUs of BSNL with various Banks. In the credit finance society the credit worthiness of each employee is being spoiled by BSNL for no fault of the employee. Now credit holder of BSNL MOU with various Banks, is a defaulter every month till he clears the entire loan and finally if he approaches any other Finance Institutions, he will be refused of any credit facility for no fault of him.We therefore request you to kindly get the STATEMENT OF LOAN RECOVERY in case of each employee from all the Banks and calculate the penal interest claimed by Bank/paid by the employee and arrange to refund the same to each employee who has been the victim of this unwarranted penal interest.Madam, we request you to take into cognizance that this is the hard earned money of each and every employee of your company. Had it been the case; really your team of officers including yourself would have reconciled/ rectified this lapse by this time because we are nowadays not doing these works manually but is 100% computerized. Hence we are not only justified in demanding the refund of this hard earned money but as a Finance head of this circle; your kindself is morally bound to pay it which is not impossible if you mind to take the much needed correct steps." For more please view here..

CS along with Com M S Hiremugadur ACS met Smt LRVM Rao, PGM Finance yesterday and strongly protested on the inaction of the accoutns section as a silent spectator on the above issue. Madam was kind enough to tell us that it is happening only with Canara Bank and not with other Banks. And she will immediately take action to reconcile it. But we are getting many complaints in repsect of other Banks also. We therefore call upon all the members affected to imeidately represent the matter to PGM Finance and also report to us. We will take up this matter strogly with the administration including the organisational actions in the matter for the recoupment of the wrongly recovered money.


We have once again protested on the BIASED ACTION OF PGM FINCENCE/ CIRLCE OFICE in continuing one of the Circle President of an executive association in the HR section of Accounts wing while circle office has taken certificates from various SSAs to ensure that no office bearer of any association/union is in the sensitive post like HR,Vig etc. This double standard of the circle office is highly condemembable and hence we demanded for an immediate ACTION IN THE MATTER.


Com C K Gundanna, CS BSNLEU, Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA and Com H Y Andeli AIBSNLEA have met on 11-03-2015 and discussed the situation due to the sudden and premature transfer of Shri R K Misraji and its impact on the future of the circle. As decided, further we have met CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji and expressed our shock and requested him to put efforts to continue in the circle for some more years in the better interest of the circle. CGM expressed his opinion that he will follow the orders of the management and serve as per requirement of the company. He has also expressed his affection and love on the executives and non executives for putting their efforts in the development of the circle despite stiff competition and felt lucky to be working in a circle like Karnataka. Later we have further decided write to CMD and also appraise our CHQ to take up the matter for his retention in Karnataka in the better interest of the Circle.

CS SNEA writes to CMD requesting for the retention of Shri R K Misraji. For letter Click here..


CS along with Com Padmnabhachari Circle Area Secretary (ACE) and Com Ravishankar DS (ACE) today met Shri A K Agarwal Chief Engineer Electrical and discussed various issues. At the outset we have thanked him for all the positive and pro-active decisions taken to improve the maintenance of all Electrical related works, AMC and thereby paying the way for the smooth functioning of the Circle; otherwiese it was in a very bad shape some time back. We had detailed discussion on the USO sites as well as free cooling systems for BTS sites.The Looking After arrangement in the cadre of EE/SDE were also discussed in detail and CE assured to expedite the same and in accordance with the rules/proceedures. CE also assurred us that all request transfer issues will be considered favorably.


The combined list of SDEs (BGTD/MS/Circle Office/AT) as per the stay at Bangalore is published by Circle Office, to enable SDEs to inform mistakes if any .. For list click here..


Circle Executive Committee Meeting at HUBLI

It is proposed to hold the circle working committe meeting

at Hubli

on 5th and 6th of April 2015.

For CEC notice click here.. . The Circle Office Bearers, CEC/CWC members and the District Secretaries are requested to reserve the tickets and also get prepared on the issues as per agenda. The CGMT Karnataka, GM Hubli and the CHQ leaders will be invited for the Seminar Being conducted on various issues relating the BSNL services in the open session being held on the 6th April 2015. For details please contact Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli ( 949854799)


Attention of the DS/COB..

To rationalise the working strength of Executives, before March 2015 transfer orders the actual working strength will be taken into consideration. The working strength of the JTO/SDEs is published by CO as insistied by us so that it can be corrected before issue of the transfer orders of the SDEs during the end of March 2015. Please cross check the same and ensure that your SSA replies to CO immediately.. For letter click here..


The stand of SNEA is vindicated again!.....

It may be recalled that Smt C V Malathi Accounts Officer Corp Accounts Circle Office Bangalore was arbitrarily transferred violating the Transfer Policy. This issue was taken up by SNEA. While the administration assured to look into the issue; on the other hand relieved her when she was on medical leave by sending the relieving order by post to her RESIDENCE. This shocking act of the management compelled the association to approach Hon CAT Bangalore for jusitce having left with no other option. Hon CAT Bangalore has stayed both the Transfer as well as the Relieving orders issued by Circle Office. The stand taken by the association is Prima Facie vindicated by the Hon Tribunal. For the stay order of the Hon CAT click here.. For our letter click here..Thus SNEA was instrumental not only, bravely fighting for the cause of an innocent, sincere, honest and hard working lady officer of the circle ( Sanchar Seva Padak Awardee) but also stood solidly behind her when she was totally demoralised by the surprising act of the administration.

Take the case of Comrades Narain Nandakumar, Deepika Singhal, 13 JTO (promoted from TTA cadre), inclusion of the LDCE long stay SDEs case in the request transfer list and now the case of Smt Malathi AO. Let us not be surprised to see if tomorrow a writing on the wall stating that we have only got the result in the case of Smt Malathi AO also.

In this regard today CS along with Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar met PGM Finance Smt LRVM Rao and delivered the copy of the STAY ORDER and detailed her the compulsion created on us in the matter. We have once again made it clear that the BSNL CO policy has to be followed in long stay transfer and there is absolutely no room for any via media. We have also made our point clear that , as the postings in the recent promotions are given on as is where is basis some of them also fall in the transfer eligibility list and this needs to be look into to revise the list again.

We have expressed our strong protest for the inability of PGM Finance, to change the posting of Circle President of an Executive Association, holding the post of HR section of Accounts wing and not to compel us for the organisational action.

Comrades enough is enough. If Accounts Administraton is failing to take action by this week end, we will serve the organisational notice and the members have to GEAR UP for the same.


CS meets Shri R K Misraji CGMT Karnataka yesterday; along with Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO and Com Savitha Circle Vice President and discussed the difficulties faced by the executives and biased actions of some of the officers in the field and circle office. The case of vindictive transfer of Smt Malathi Accounts Officer Circle office and the case of arbitrary postponement of the TBU for having gone on maternity leave. The stand of the administration tentamounts an indirect punishment in gross violation of the women welfare measures and social security measures; enshrined in the Constitution of India and relavant provisions of rules. Availing maternity leave is treated as punishment by postponing the Time Bound Upgradation. CGMT assurred to look into the transfer case and will have discussion with PGM Finance. And DGM Staff Shri Chakrapani Adiga was immediately called and made over the case of Smt Sujata and instructed to immeidately process the case.


Gross violation of Transfer Policy by PGM Finance KTK:

The head of finance, Karnataka Circle, supposed to be role model for others in following the rules; deliberately violated and disrespected the rules of transfer policy issued by BSNL CO. CS today met Smt LRVM Rao, PGM and strongly protested the biased and partial attitude shown by her and requested her to review the whole issue comprehensively, with open mind and take a considered decision in the interest of the company and avoid unwarranted organizational actions in the matter. CS delivered the detailed letter addressed to CGMT Shri R K Misraji with copy to PGM Finance. The irony is Circle President of one of the Executive Association is heading and handling these transfer cases and this gross violation is allowed under his full knowledge or may be furthering their interest. Time and again we are protesting this posting as it is against the BSNL CO orders. For letter click here... Comrades, some GMs and other officers are trying to put all the blame only on the SDEs/JTOs who are working in the field that they are only responsible for the lapses and bad services in the company. GM Hubli now is trying to threaten of transfers. The management has miserably failed to provide us the required stores, man power and in the absence of a proper level playing platform simply harassing the executives in the name of transfer. We have to get organized to face attack of the superficial management. The meetings are going to be only one way traffic. No listening of the management regarding the difficulties of the field executives. We may have to take a call for the organizational action. Be prepared in this regard.


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji, to issue proper instructions to implement the Looking After Arrangement in the cadre of EE Civil and Electrical wings, in accordance with the guidelines of the BSNL CO. For letter click here..


FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefit to Offtg JTOs as well as regular JTOs officiated earlier: The list of Regular JTOs who are members of SNEA(I) and officiated earlier as JTOs before regularization and the TTAs continue to officiate as JTOs and associated with SNEA(I) may be submitted to CHQ by all Circles at the earliest with relevant details like name, HR No and SSA/Unit of working so that generalization of the court order can be further pursued with BSNL. Separate list of Regular JTOs who officiated earlier and the officiating JTOs with the Assn may be submitted.

In case management is not generalizing the judgment, Assn is decided to file separate case in the court to extend the benefits to all the regular JTOs who officiated earlier as well as the officiating JTOs.




Long Pending TBU of 13 JTOs ( Promoted from the cadre of TTAs) finally issued by circle office. It may be recalled that just for a clarification from the finance wing of the circle office; these cases were delayed for more than one year. Time and again this association continued to interact with the administration and written several letters on this issue. Click here for our letters <<22/05/2014>> <<30-09-2014>>,, Though the finance section is headed by one of the Circle President of the Executive Association, no reply appears to have come from them on the clarification. After one year and four months, the administration took decision to issue the promotion order for the pressure mounted by us on the administration. For orders click here..We are thankful to DGM Shri Chakrapani Adiga and Sr GM Admn HR Shri A K Desarkar for settling the long pending TBU issue.


Looking After Arrangement in the cadre of DE/AGM in Karnataka Circle:

CGMT Karnataka Circle issued instructions to immediately stop the unauthorized orders of DE looking after arrangements in SSAs. For orders click here... It may be recalled that this association has taken up this issue with the circle administration on the discrimination; forced on our comrades and forcing our member SDEs to look after the additional charges of SDE sections who are already over burdened and further threatening them of disciplinary actions if they refuse to take such additional charges but on the contrary leaving the declined SDEs free of job by giving them the unauthorized LA arrangements. This was very strongly objected to by SNEA both at SSA level and by us. We had detailed discussion several times with DGT Staff and Sr GM HR circle office. For our letter click here.. We request our DSs to ensure the instruction are strictly followed and also to take up case at SSA level for writing to circle office, if they require the Looking After DEs, so that we take up the matter with the circle office to issue such LOOKING AFTER orders to the eligible SDEs.


Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations:

Circle level FORUM meeting was held today at 1400 hours at BSNLEU Office.

Com Krishna Reddy CS NFTE BSNL has been unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Forum replacing the existing Chairman as per the convention followed by CHQ. Com C K Gundanna, CS BSNLEU will continue to be the Karnataka Circle Convenor. It was also decided in the meeting that Convenor (BSNLEU), Chiarman (NFTE BSNL) will be elected/nominated at SSA level in a similar fashion. With this decision, the clarity has been given by the Circle Forum and now all have to actively participate in the forthcoming programmes including the signature campaign.

Convention at Bangalore:

Com Venugopal, CHQ President AIBSNLEA, Com P Ashok Babu, CHQ Vice President BSNLEU, Com S S Gopalakrishnan CHQ Secretary NFTE BSNL, Com Padmanabha Rao, Joint Secretary South CHQ SNEA(I), Com Ganapathy President BSNL MS CHQ, Com Lakshman President AIGETOA CHQ and other leaders will be addressing the circle level convention at

Bengaluru on 10th Feb 2015 commencing from 1330 hours

at the Circle Office Auditorium.

All the District Secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, Active members and all the members of the neighbouring SSA like Hassan, Chickmaglur, Mysore, Mandya, Tumkur, Kolar etc., are requested to attend in large number and get updated as to why we are on the programme of SAVE BSNL and on agitation.



CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri R K Misraji, to issue DE looking after arrangments and to stop the unauthorised giving of DE charge to DECLINED executives. For letter click here.. It may be recalled that this circumstance was faced by the JTOs during LDCE promotions, circle office was prompt in ensuring that the declined JTOs could not get the LA for a period one year and juniors were given the LA charge by circle office order.


Karnataka Circle SDE Vacancy particulars:

Sanctioned (1787), Working (1022), Deputation to DOT (10) and Clear vacancy (755). This information is passed on to CHQ by CS Karnataka..


JTO to SDE Promotion:

Sending of APARs from Karnataka Circle: The fresh requirement of APARs of JTOs for Year of Recruitment for the year upto 2001 (1998 to 2001) in case of OC/SC and upto the YOR 2005 in case of ST candidates; total 407 APARs have been dispatched by air to BSNL CO today by CGMT Karnataka. Only two APARs yet to be received one from Shimoga and other from Gulbarga. These APARs with screening report will be personally made over to BSNL CO by AGM staff on 5th and 6th Feb 2015. Though there was delay in receiving the CRs from BGTD; circle office has took special interest in screening all the CRs and are able to complete the work in a short period.

We are thankful to Shri Shanbhog AGM HRD, Shri Gopinath AGM Staff and Shri Chakrapani Adiga DGM Staff and HR for their special interest and sending the CRs/screening reports on time.


District Conference of Bidar:

The District Conference of Bidar SSA was held on 22-01-2015, the following have been elected as the Office bearers for the year 2014-2015. Com K Bakkappa SDE District President, Com Sundar Sharanappa DE, District Secretary and Com Ashok Kumar AO as Treasurer. The circle organization extends full co-operation to the newly elected body.


SNEA PAYS ONE LAKH WELFARE FUND to the member expired during service. Accordingly the welfare fund to the following deceased members is distributed to the nominees through cheque.

1. Late Com H K Paneendra ( Nom.. Smt N Mamatha, Tumkur)

2. Late Com P G Joshi ( Nom.. Smt Vidhya P Joshi, Hubli)

3. Late Com Narayan U Hegde (Nom.. Smt Rekha Hegde, Bangalore)

4. Late Com L N Lakkumane ( Nom.. Sharavathi, Karwar)

JTOs request transfer:

As already reported and on our long standing demand the transfer orders of Com Sureshbabu (CKG-Kolar) and Com J Shrinivasalu (CKG-Kolar) and Com Vinayakumar ( BG-CKG) were issued yesterday. We are thankful to the circle administration for having consdered all the 6 cases of our members. The other cases already considered are Com Tulsi Rao ( Hassan to Kolar/BG), Shivakumar Boppe ( MDI to BG) and B Avanti ( BJP to Bellary)..