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CGMT Karnataka Circle has given approval for Diary 2016 at the rate of Rs.150-00 for executives. For the approval letter click here..




Rule 8 Transfers and intra Circle transfers of JTOs and SDEs:

CS along with Joint Secretary South Com Pandurang Nayak met PGM HR and Admn Shri P Venkateshwara Rao and DGM Shri M V Angadi separately and discussed on the latest updates regarding the various transfers and particularly Rule 8 and JTO/SDE request transfers. DGM informed that they are comprehensively considering both the issues of JTOs intra circle request transfers and Rule 8 as agreed with us to the extend of more than 65 Rule 8 cases which will by and large cover 2005 batch JTOs. In these resultant vacanies the intra circle requests also will be considered. We have demanded for more transfers to be considered. We have thanked for the proactive actions in this regard.

CS will be on tour to CWC Kolkota on 8th and 9th Feb 2016.




Our Active Member Com H C Byregowda JTO Rajajinagar BGTD, passed away on 4th Feb. 2016 due to massive heart attack. We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family..



Condolence Meeting:

Condolence meeting to pray respects to the departed Veteran Leader Com W Sheshagiri Rao is arranged


at 1200 hours

on 3rd Feb 2016.

All the members of Circle Office, STR, STP, DATA Centre, NGSN, QA etc., are requested to join the same .

Com G L JOGI, Chairman SNEA CHQ will be attend to pay respect to the departed leader and address the gathering.


With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of our veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao due to cardiac arrest at around 01.00 am on 01-02-2016. 


The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever. The likes of him have seldom walked the earth. Com W Seshagiri Rao cannot die, but will live on and on. We pray to the almighty to receive him into the ranks of the best and the blessed. Our deepest condolence to his respected wife, children, grand children and family members. May God sustain them to overcome the irreparable grief and loss.



The Leader, towering leader, leader of mass, leader of engineering fraternity of DOT and BSNL, the pioneer of engineers unity and the founder of SNEA, the comrade in real sense Com W Sheshagiri Rao is passed away on 1st Feb 2016 in the early morning at 01.05 am.

No I am wrong to say So, this great leader has confirmed his place in the hearts of each and every member of this mighty association. His ideals, his vision, his determination, his commitment to this cadre of engineers and officers and above all his determination to enforce all these into reality are firmly imprinted in the membership of this association.

So for us his all these achievements are always a guiding force, and bench marks to perform as trade union leaders and the executives of this company.

Com W Sheshagiri Rao, Amar Rahe,

Executives' Unity Zindabad, SNEA Zindabad.


S B Nagavi

CS SNEA Karnataka.


Rule 8 Transfers of JTOs in Kartnataka Circle.

This Association has held a meeting with Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka circle yesterday from 1630 hours to 1830 hours and discussed on the agenda points published by this association on 22nd. On the discussion of our main Agenda for consideration of the RULE 8 TRNASFERS IN THE CADRE OF JTOs, who have been working in this circle for 8 to 14 years having lost the hope of getting the transfer on the tough stand taken by the earlier administration. Though initially the management was banking on the shortage of executives, the status of the working strength of neighboring circles etc., and they would be working out the possible few cases to be considered ete.etc.,. This association has presented the status of the cases and year wise analyses and the increase in the strength that is getting added due to the incumbents right now under training and also in the coming LICEs etc., We have placed our firm demand that if administration is not serious and committed even though we have been claiming our demand periodically that when the appropriate opportunity is clearly available before the management and also to look into the angle of the employee side who are in fact loosing their social and family life for decades, this organization will be left with no other option other than resorting to organizational ways and means. PGM Admn and HR Shri N Venkateshwara Rao while reacting to our view point of demanding more than 100 Rule 8 transfers, expressed that administratively around 65 to 70 cases of Rule 8 can be considered right now in the present situation. CGM was ultimately kind enough to consider the suggestion and assured us that not less than 65 cases of Rule 8 will be considered. We have reiterated our demand to consider even more.

Comrades, we really acknowledge and place on record the humane approach of our CGMT Shri P Nagaraju and PGM HR and Admn Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, for the keen interest in understanding the feelings and heart burns of these comrades and the difficulties and the agony being faced by them and ultimately came forward to resolve the long standing issue. We are thankful to them.

Comrades, we are also committed to our demand of commencing the process and completion of these assured 65 Rule 8 transfers. We therefore further requested for the time bound action in the matter. PGM HR assured to complete the process within 15 days from today.

Whatever other demands were also there were discussed and CGM assured positive action in the matter.

This association requests all the active members and the district branches to be in a state of alert and ready for any sort of organizational action if the assured case of Rule 8 transfer gets diluted in any manner. If we miss this time we miss it for a long time. Let us not miss the bus.

From SNEA Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Govinda Gudi COS, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar and Com Panduranga Nayak JSS CHQ have represented. Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, PGM HR and Admn and Shri M V Angadi DGM Staff wre also present from the administaation side.

CS once again thanked administration for the concrete assurance on Rule 8 transfers.



Agenda Meeting is Scheduled with CGMT Karnataka Circle on pressing HR issues on 25-01-2015 at 3 pm. For the agenda Click here..


Thanks for the positive response regarding 2016 Diary.

We have received hundreds of encouraging reports on the Diary published by SNEA Karnataka. We have already sold out more than 2200 diaries. Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS Circle office had taken keen interest and worked behind the project single handedly in successfully brining in out the diary and even in its smooth and timely dispatch and distribution. Circle organization proudly acknowledges his service and is tankful in this regard.

Of course we have failed to bring it on the new year day due to delay in getting the confirmed demands from many of the SSAs. But we are thankful to the printer M/s Paragon Plastics Bangalore for bringing the same on time in a shortest period.

Few more Diaries are with us. If any SSA is in need they may immediately contact Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS Circle office (9449835101).


CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju releases the Diary 2016 published by SNEA Karnataka. CS, DS BGTD, CS circle office and other leaders were present at the meeting.






Diaries are being dispatched TODAY. District Secretaries are requested to be in touch with Com Sadanand Makkannavar (9449835101). Inform if any extra requirement today itself.

CGMT Karnataka Circle has given approval for Diary 2016 at the rate of Rs.150-00 for executives. For the approval letter click here.

SNEA is publishing Diary 2016 with improved quality and look, with necessary service matters and the latest telephone directory of all important officers and union office bearers. The cost of the Diary will be Rs.150-00 including postage to the district headquarters.

All DSs are requested to immediately contact/ send SMS to Com Sadanand Makkannavar (9449835101) DS CO and furnish the address for dispatch of Diary with quantity. Any additional requirement if any also to be intimated in advance.

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The Diaries will be issued to others also on the same price and if any additional requirements are there may immeidately report to us.

CHQ News:

Glorious Struggle of SNEA against Coruption:

What a glorious end to Kerala struggle- crusade against corruption has come to its logical end - posterity will always emulate this historic struggle against corruption.

It all began with just a humble request from CS of our kerala Unit in May 2014 to Sh. M.S.S.Rao, then CGM, urging upon and pleading with him not to reopen the issue of penalty of Rs 30 crores imposed and realized from MS Nortel more than three years before for its failure to meet contractual obligations of executing GSM project within the stipulated timeframe. Hell bent upon giving reprieve to Nortel, come what may, in one or the other, this simple request infuriated M.S.S.Rao, already with a tainted past, to such an extent that he unleashed a reign of terror and ruthlessly victimized thousands and thousands of our members through arbitrary transfers, fabricated dies-nons and concocted charge sheets and what not. Oppression of the worst kind was let loose, reminiscent of the tyrants in the medieval days. 

Undeterred and unruffled, great Comrades of our Kerala continued their tirade against corruption and did not allow M.S.S.Rao to dilute the said penalty, despite his unrelenting efforts to form one committee after another to somehow waive off the said penalty. This was precisely and exactly the crux of the crusade waged by our valiant heroes of Kerala who never looked back during the course of their tireless struggle and continued their onslaught against corruption fearlessly to stop M.S.S.Rao from vitiating an otherwise healthy working environment of Kerala and safeguarding resources of the Company by exposing his corrupt activities.

The end of this glorious struggle is not ignominious exit of M.S.S.Rao, since that was and has never been our issue and is not our culture, but serving of two major charge sheets under Rule 14 to M.S.S Rao, both involving serious financial irregularities and impropriety. That is where our struggle assumes historical significance and relevance and we stand very very tall in the house of the Trade Unions and fully vindicated, heads high up. Our relentless tirade against corruption and its inevitable success yet again places us at the top of the ladder in so far as exposing and defeating corruption is concerned.  

One charge sheet relates to when Sh. M.S.S Rao was booked by CBI in the year 2008-09 as GM marketing BSNL CO. This Association got him shifted that time also from GM marketing instantaneously. CBI, after thorough investigation, spanning over six years, and establishing his complicity in the financial irregularities, recommended initiation of major disciplinary proceedings against him.

 The second charge sheet significantly pertains to series of serious financial and other irregularities, including that of Nortel, committed by him as CGM/Kerala. This Association apprised MOC&IT, Secy/DOT and the vigilance machinery of DOT/BSNL, including BSNL Management, in detail and continuously about these serious irregularities and finally this Association succeeded in getting these irregularities probed by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle of BSNL after prolonged discussions with the then CVO/BSNL

After a thorough investigation by the vigilance wing of the Karnataka Circle, for more than a year, involvement of Sh.M.S.S.Rao in these irregularities is fully established. Thereafter, after thorough scrutiny of the report of the vigilance wing of BSNL by the vigilance wing of DOT , and seeking opinion and obtaining concurrence from the CVC, major disciplinary proceedings under Rule -14 have also been initiated against Sh.M.S.S.Rao for these irregularities.

Thus, after thorough investigations, by CBI and CVO/BSNL, Sh M.S.S.Rao is severely indicted on grounds of serious financial and other irregularities. What a glorious and inevitable end to crusade against corruption by our great fighters of Kerala. Posterity will emulate this ever memorable struggle to safeguard legitimate interests of the Company and will not allow corrupt people to squander away precious resources of the Company and vitiate its working environment. And finally, of course and unquestionably, all those, who brazen facedly and in defiance of all known ethics of trade union, not only supported corrupt practices of Sh M.S.S.Rao but his massive acts of victimization against all those who stood up like a rock to oppose these acts, stand thoroughly exposed.

SNEA Kerala Zindabad..

Fight Against Corruption Zindabad....



Report on the District Conferences of

Shivamogga,Tumakuru,Belagavi and Madikeri


The district conference of Shivamogga was held at GM Office Conference hall on 20th Dec 2015 with a attendance of more than 70 members. The conference has deliberated the issues relating to the QOS and redressal of the field problems. CS com S B Nagavi attended the conference and addressed the gathering and gave a detailed account of the activities of the CHQ and the circle. CS in his address explained the reasons as to why many young JTOs have been joining this association and how we are successful in resolving the policy issues at CHQ level and circle level. Com Rajashekar DS gave a detailed account of the functioning of the SSA in his DS report and the key role played by SNEA in the district level. The open session was addressed by the DGM Shri Subbanna, IFA Shri Ritti and others. The leaders of the unions and associations have also addressed the gathering. The meeting was presided over by Com D N Hegde and anchored by Com Dattatri. Com Raghavendra, SDE Mysore ( Recently transferred from J&K, very much liked by CS SNEA J&K for the remarkable works done by him during his tenure at J&K ) has also attended the conference and shared his experiences of J&K.

Com H C Krishnamurthy AO TRA, Com B G Chandrashekar SDE, Com A M Nagaraja SDE and Com K Rajashekara have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, District Treasurer and Organizing Secretary respectively.


Tumkur District Conference was held at GM Office Conference hall on 1st Nov 2015 and more than 80 members have attended the conference. Com Sangameshwaraiah has presided over the function. Com S B Nagavi CS attended and addressed the conference. CS has in detail explained the steps that SNEA at the state level taken up the issues with the circle particularly on Rule 8 transfers in the background of the new JTO RRs and TTA regularization as JTOs. Com S Shridhar ACS explained on the issues taken by SNEA in respect of the STR comrades.

Com B G Sangameshwaraiah, Com V Mahesh and Com T P Nijalingappa have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively.


The District conference was held at GM Office Conference hall on 23-08-2015 with more than 90 members in the gathering. Com G C Kamat presided over the function. The open session was attended and addressed by GM Belagavi Shri Deepak Tayal. CS Com S B Nagavi attended and addressed the gathering. Com Panduranga Nayak JSS CHQ has also attended and addressed on all the CHQ issues.Com Jagadale DS Hubli has also attended and addressed the conference. The DS report was submitted by Com Arun Chavali. Com R G Kulkarni CWC member has given presentation on the marketing issues and anchored the function.

Com M G Chinchani, Com G C Kamat and Com N T Balekundri have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively.


The district conference of Madikeri was held at Madikeri on 21-08-2015 with a great gathering of young comrades of Madikeri SSA in the Telephone Exchange premises. Com Lingappagouda has presided over the function. Com Panchakshari DS presented the DS report. Com S B Nagavi CS SNEA attended and addressed the conference and appreciated the JTOs of Madikeri for their efforts in maintaining the district in the absence of the minimum needed support of the management. A detailed account of the field difficulties encountered by our members was discussed and resolved to bring it to the notice of the management. It was also resolved to ensure the Rule 8 transfers by tasking up the matter with the circle administration., Com Dee pak Kumar ACS has also attended and addressed the gathering.

Com D J Panchakshari, Com Prashanth A and Com Ragthavendra have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary, and District Treasurer respectively