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CS Com S B Nagavi and JSS Com Pandurang Nayak met CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju on 22-02-2017 and discussed various issues regarding development and mainly on the BB NOC related issues and took up the matter of Server Failures and prolonged interruptions very seriously. CS emphasized the need of this importance in the background of Reliance JIO services where subscribers have started doubting the present failures as the indirect support of BSNL to private operators and employees and executives in the field are embarrassed by the direct attack of subscribers. The present crisis is causing serious dent in the goodwill of BSNL, existing in the common citizen of India. CGM informed that he is in constant touch with NOC authorities and will do his all out efforts for early restoration.


Protest at NOC Bangalore:

CS in discussion with GM BB NOC Bangalore


Comrades of BGTD under the leadership of Com Jayaprakash Javali, assembled at NOC Bangalore on 221st Feb 2017 and conducted lunch hour protest demonstration. All the Branch secretaries and active members of BGTD have also attended the event. CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS Com Pandurang Nayak, ACS Com M H Gombi, CVP Com Balakrishna Aithal, DS Circle Office Com Sadanand Makkannavar, CEC Member Com Tata Babu have also joined in the protest. All leaders have shared their views on the adverse impact being resulted on the company and strongly condemned the lack of seriousness of BSNL management in resolving the issues to ultimately achieve a robust working of the NOC. The failures have become routine and the frequency of failure has increased and now the duration of the failure has been to days and weeks. This attitude of the GM NOC and CGM BB services needs to be thoroughly investigated into and proper uninterrupted service need to be ensured to save BSNL. For glimpses of protest click hereā€¦

Formal meeting with PGM BGTD:

The formal meeting on the agenda points of DS BGTD was held on 21st Feb 2017. In addition to office bearers of BGTD Com S B Nagavi CS and Pandurang Nayak JSS have also attended the meeting. The meeting was held in a cordial manner and the issues raised by SNEA were accepted and action accordingly will be taken. Minutes are likely to be issued shortly. For glimpses click here..

CS visits Shimoga on 20th Feb 2017 for finalizing the Function Hall and dates of Circle Conference:

The District body also arranged emergency meeting of SNEA Shgimoga and felicitated Com S B Nagavi CS and com Pandurang Nayak JSS on the eve of Victory in the Executive Membership Verification held in December 2016. The District Body also decided to hold the Circle Conference tentatively on 6th and 7th May 2017. For the Glimpses of meeting Click here..




CS Com S B Nagavi along with the CWC Members Comrades Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Somanath Jagadale DS Hubli, Ganapathi Samaga DS DKTD,  R G Kulkarni (Belgaum), Munishekar (Kolar), JSS CHQ Com Pandurang Nayak  have attended the CENTRAL WORKING COMMITTEE HYDERaBAD from 13th Feb to 16th Feb and actively participated.  Com Tata Babu (BGTD), Com Satishkumar (Chickmaglur) who were in Hyderabad have also spared their time to witness the proceedings. Issues relating to Karnataka were effectively represented by the team of Karnataka in addition to participating in all policy issues. For the outstanding performance of Com Tata Babu, in the EMV campaign, he was asked to share his experiences in the meeting. Com GS and CHQ President have greeted all CSs with flowers for the victory. For the glimpses of the CWC and Victory Celebrations click here...


As has been pursued by SNEA from the beginning to consider maximum transfers from the first batch of trainees, the transfer orders for 24 JTOs issued today and particularly making the substitutes also. Congratulations to the JTOs who have got transfer. For orders click here..


Minutes of the Formal Meeting released by CGMT Karnataka today. For minutes click here. We are thankful to CGMT Shri P Nagaraju in this regard especially approving 74 Rule 8 transfers.

Formal Meeting with CGMT Karnataka:


The formal meeting scheduled with CGMT Karnataka circle, was held on 1st Feb 2017. The meeting was attended by Com Pandurang Nayak JSS (CHQ), Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Savita Circle VP, Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli /CWC member, Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO, Com Munishekar CWC Member from SNEA. Com Giridhar EC member from Mobile Branch and Com Tata Babu CEC member BGTD have also attended as the invitees. Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka Chaired the meeting along with the official side represented by Shri Raghava Kumar Sr GM Nobiles ( Promoted as CGMT STP Chennai) , Shri Surendar Shenoy PGM Mktg, Smt Sumam Pillai Sr GM Finance, Shri Janardhan Rao Sr GM New Services, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR, Shri M V Angadi DGM HR, Shri Swaminathan DE HR, Shri Puranik DE Welfare, Shri Balasubramaniyam DE IT and Shri Pattar SDE Welfare.

CGMT Congratulated the CS and SNEA team for being emerged as the majority association at Circle and All India level and sought the co-operation of SNEA in all the works of the company to achieve maximum revenue this year also. CS in his introductory speech thanked CGMT for the prompt action in holding the meeting as requested by us in the urgent need of resolution some pressing issues. On behalf of SNEA Karnataka CS assured of our full co-operation in the works of the company.

All the agenda points of SNEA were discussed in a cordial manner and most of the issues were resolved even before the meeting also. On the agenda points administration assured to supply the minutes copy shortly.

A detailed discussion was held on the issue of Rule 8 and administration appraised the issue of shortage of JTOs and the issue of 46 JTOs going to be retired though we are getting about 84 new JTOs (under training) and expressed the difficulties in the consideration of the Rule 8 transfers. SNEA presented the strength of the young JTOs who were instrumental in bringing the circle to profit level last year. They have left their native places/States and have been working away from their parents, spouze keeping the hope that once new substitutes  becoming available, they will get their chance of joining spouse and parents. In view of keeping this motivation alive in the minds of these youngsters and also as they have completed more than 6 to 10 years of  service in our circle it is not fair on our part to make them to further wait. This will highly demotivate them. After detailed deliberations,  CGMT was kind enough to approve the consideration of 74 Rule 8 cases, i.e. upto WL 74., and the same was also agreed and accepted by SNEA, taking into consideration of all aspects both on management side as well as the interest of our JTOs. In addition to the above it was further agreed to consider all the possible intra circle transfers also.

We are very much thankful to Respected Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka, Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR, Shri M V Angadi DGM HR, Shri Swaminathan DE HR and all others for considering the rule 8 transfers and for agreeing on all other points raised by SNEA.We also thank the welfare section for the nice arrangement of the meeting.

SNEA was instrumental in getting 64 Rule 8 transfers considered last year and now 74 cases this year. We will continue our efforts in the future also.

CGMT has almost agreed on all the points we have raised and the details will be published shortly on other issues.

For the Glimpses of Meeting Click here....

For meeting letter click here...

Meeting of CS with CGMT Karnataka:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS Hubli Com Somanath Jagadale and DS Kolar Com Narain Nandakumar met Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka circle yesterday and discussed on the important and pressing urgent issues. SNEA has registered its strong protest on the attitude of circle administration towards the decisions taken unilaterally but with lot of mistakes in addressing the issues of intra circle and Rule 8 transfers of JTOs and the willful denial of administration to take into the requests and suggestions tried to be given by SNEA to ensure more cases of requests considered before taking a final decision. CS pointed out glaring errors in the unilateral decisions taken by the administration  which was noticed by us after seeing the orders. The present attitude of the administration is lacking  prudent thinking, violates  rules and procedures and defeating the due natural justice to the honest JTOs who have obeyed the orders of transfers in earlier years and now waiting for their due and justified orders in the form of intra circle/rule 8 transfers. We have in detail  explained  CGM,  all the violations occurred in the present stand taken by the administration. We have also appraised CGM that so far no formal meeting  was given on the agenda and assuring to give us the meeting, simultaneously  decision being taken thereon is creating unrest in the minds of the stake holders in these issues. SNEA made it clear that approach of administration is against the intent of EMV rules 2014. After detailed discussion, CGM understood of the adverse impacts of the administrative stand and assured to reconcile the same, also assuring to hold the meeting next week at least  on the issues raised by us today. We have also discussed on the issues of the request transfer of DEs and DGMs who also have obeyed the orders of administration and joined at different places in Karnataka circle even after serving at other circles last year and earlier, to meet the administrative exigencies. CGM assured to look into all these cases. CS brought to the notice of the administration clause 7 of the notification issued in the recognition of the executive association by BSNL CO as per EMV rules 2014 and to take cognizance of the same in its true spirit in interacting with the executive associations to ultimately achieve the goal of the recently concluded EMV.


Resolution of Request transfer WL issue by CGMT Karnataka: The arbitrary order to stop the transfer request registration is finally withdrawn by Circle Administration with a modification. Reply given to CS SNEA in this regard. For reply click here..<<1>><<2>>. Before we withdraw the LHD we will further discuss with GM as assurred by CGM.

The rule 8 and request transfers of non-recruiting circles are updated in the circle intranet. We are thankful to AGM, DGM and other officers for the positive action.

CS also met CGMT Karnataka circle and discussed on the issues of Rule 8 and request transfers urgently. CGM informed that he will instruct GM to discuss on urgent points.


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka on the issues of RTTC Mysore and posting of JTOs selected for RTTC. For letter click here.

CS writes to CGM STR Chennai for agenda meeting. For letter click here.

CS writes to GM Admn and HR O/o CGMT Ktk and gives notice of organisationasl action on the willful non action for transfers of non recruiting circles. For notice click here.


CS along with Com Giridhar and Com Tukaram met CGMT Shri P Nagaraju and handed over the new 2017 Diaries to CGM.

Distribution of Diaries at Circle Office.

The Diaries will be distributed at Circle Office on Friday the 6th Jan 2017.


CS Nagavi S B along with Com Tata Babu, CEC member yesterday met DGM Shri M V Angadi, and discussed various issues relating to updating of Waiting List of JTOs request transfers, (1) the anomalies still existing particularly the incoming request transfers of STR JTOs requesting Karnataka Telecom circle even after the applications being forwarded by the CGMT STR Chennai, (2) the serious anomalies created in the Looking After orders issued by the management, (3) sending of JTOs for Phase II training as still huge number of JTOs are waiting for the training and (4) TBU of PA/PS of BGTD. DGM assured to look into the cases raised by us and informed us that the PA/PS TBU will be issued shortly in respect of BGTD as the minutes are ready and will be approved shortly.


CS submits Agenda to CGMT Karnataka Circle for the discussion on various issues including the Rule 8 and intra Circle transfers. For Agenda Click here..


CS along with CVP, COS, DS CO and other active comrades met CGMT and other PGMs and Sr GM Mobile and yesterday wished them on the eve of new years day.








2017 Diary Released by Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, CGMT in charge on 25th Dec 2017.





CS delivered Diary 2017 to Shri Mohan DGM Chickmaglur



CS and DS BGTD met Director CFA Shri N K Gupta on his visit to Bangalore.  




Comrade G Krishnamurthy SDE Chickballapura is conferred with " BSNL Sevaratna " award by SHIKSHANA JNANA MASA PATRIKE. He is SNEA active member. We congratulate him to get the award from the public which is greater than any other recognition as the public are the masters of public servants. Com Murthy is liked by each and every person from GM to TMs and a motivating force as such his section always doing outstanding performance in Kolar SSA. Congrats...


Comrade Shivappa, GE JTO (AIGETOA, District President, Kolar) joined SNEA SNEA yesterday. We whole heartedly welcome him to the home of executives.




Diary 2017:

Diary 2017 is dispatched to all SSAs yesterday. Please collect the same. Other circle orders- Today we are dispatching.




Enrollment of SNEA membership:

All must be aware that false propaganda being made by CS AIBSNLEA in what sup groups and even in circle web site http://aibsnleaktk.tripod.com/, that SNEA(I) is making a mispropoganda for the membership campaign in respect of collecting the mandatory forms from their loyal members. This is highly irresponsible, baseless and ridiculous allegation without any grounds. We have so far not even told anybody that a person incapable of successful in becoming a District Secretary democratically in SNEA, lost elections many times has left this association, for whom also we have never asked to join SNEA. In SNEA democracy and transparency prevails and no place for manipulators. Where is the question of mispropoganda by SNEA?

The membership verification over. The verification was conducted as per the BSNL REA Rules 2014, AIBSNLEA had never challenged the Rules before verification and today wants to change the GOAL POST after loosing the election. This is not acepted by their grassroots.

On issues also, we were clear, we are clear and we will be clear and never changed or will change our stand to the tune of management or to suit the time or to short term gains. Had the proper stand taken today by these so called saviors, our young cadre would have got E2 and E3 scales before November 2016, instead of 3% we would have got 6% SAB.

Comrades now everybody's' strength is clear. SNEA without any alliance, we are NUMBER ONE with 20,128 votes. Remember 18438 votes of AIBSNLEA also include that of their parterners AIGETOA and AITEEA. In democracy one should respect the verdict of the voters ( as they are masters ) and should not attempt to change the rules of game after loosing. This will boomerang.

It is this thought of the grass root level members belonging to these associations, especially those who are ethical and logical in their thinking are knocking the doors of a home where they can find their dignity and ethics respected. When new members want to join SNEA, we will whole heartedly accept membership. There is nothing wrong. Rember membership cannot be held by duress, threat or fiduciary realtions because as RECOGNISED REPRESENTATIVE ASSOCIATION, we are duty bound to remove such barriers.

We know those people who supplied membership forms in training centers and obtained signatures under duress using the fiduciary relation of teacher and student. We know that young JAOs were forced to sign the membership forms not even allowing them to read and fill the forms. We will not scoop down to this level.

We believe in work, working for the welfare of the members and to address their grievances. We also believe inthe progress of the company and strive hard for its growth. It is this work of SNEA which has brought us majority in Karnataka as well as in PAN INDIA. The saga of this consolidation has to go, on and on for better future of executives and flourishing BSNL in the coming days.

For membership form click here...


Induction training for JTO promotion Schedule:

We are thankful to CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju and Principal RTTC Mysore for considering our request to schedule the trainings for the induction course for JTO training and alloting the batches to RTTC Mysore. It may be recalled that SNEA has taken up the case and yesterday CS has spoken to CGMT for his intervention and also had written a letter in this regard. For letter click here...

For Deploma Holders the training will start from 23rd Jan and for Engineering candidates it will be from 13th Feb 2017 and both at RTTC Mysore.


Diary 2017 Quotation

SNEA Karnataka Circle is printing Diary 2017, and supplying it to the different units and circles at the rate of Rs.150-00 per Diary including transportation for bulk purchases. For quotation click here..


Induction training for JTO promotion

As there is utter confusion with circle office and RTTC Mysore in expediting the induction training for the JTO promotion, CS today called CGMT Shri Nagaraju who is on tour to Mangalore, over phone and updated the issue. It may be recalled that the training centers are basically meant to train the departmental employees and should get the first priority. It is question of the future of these aspirant promotees who expects their training to get completed as early as possible. Today the stand taken by RTTC that they would give preference to Training of Outsiders on preference is strongly opposed by us and informed our strong protest to CGMT. CGMT Shri Nagaraju was kind enough to intervene in the matter. We have also written to CGMT in this regard.

Meeting with Shri Uduman CAO ERP Circle Office.

We have been receiving complaints regarding the non release of Security Deposits in case of many JTOs. Even ATD cleared by AP circle in Sept 2015 are kept pending by these wings of Accounts Section which is highly condemn-able. CS yesterday met CAO Shri Uduman who was kind enough to immediately take action to release the amount. Concenred JTOs may inform the result after Monday if payment is not received.


Today CS met CGMT Shri Nagaraju and discussed various issues including the Rule 8 and  intra circle transfers of JTOs, Correction and updation of WL of JTO transfers including the incoming transfer of JTOs from non recruiting circles ( STR/STP), Business Area Concept and its impact on the present transfer policy, anomalies in the LA arrangements of DEs and DGMs, Enforcement of uniform policy in the transfers of Accounts wing on par wtter ith Engineering side, proper distribution of AOs/JAOs in all SSAs as per sanctioned strength and BA concept, arranging of immediate  JTO induction training to the LICE passed candidates. GM Admn and HR Shri Ashok Agarwal was also present. CGM instructed GM to look into the proper updation of transfer WL and to include the cases of non recruiting circles also. He has instructed to take the inputs from SNEA and settle the issues in the best interest of executives in respect of LA arrangements. CGM further informed us to give the detailed agenda on all the issues raised by including the Rule 8 and intra circle transfers so that all these issues can be discussed officially on the agenda given by us. From our side we have appraised CGMT on the difficulties faced by the JTOs who are waiting for these transfers from years together and urgent resolution is needed. CGMT guided us that as you are the RECOGNIZED MAJORITY EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATION, we will finalize these issues based on the discussion on the AGENDA given by you. CS informed that agenda will be submitted by within a couple of days.


Transfer Waiting Lists in JTO Cadre.

Circle Office endorsed the BSNL CO letter on recognising SNEA as the Recognized Majority Executives Association. For letters click here..<<1>> <<2>>

The intra circle request transfer WL in the cadre of JTOs published by Circle Office. For letters click here. << Within Circle>> << to Non Recruiting Circle>>

Incoming from Non recruiting circle will be published shortly..


CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS (CHQ) Com Pandurang Nayak, DS CO Com Makkannavar yesterday met GM Finance Shri Krishnappa and discussed on the indoor medical bills payment and clearance of genuine pending bills of some officers kept pending on objections which are unjustified.

CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS (CHQ) Com Pandurang Nayak, DS CO Com Makkannavar yesterday also met DGM Shri M V Angadi and discussed on the issues (1)relating to Business Area concepts via vis transfer policy in that, (2) Rule 8 transfers, intra circle request transfers and to reconcile the mistakes in the published list of transfer cases. We have thanked him for publishing the list of intra circle transfers. The list do not include the incoming transfers of JTOs from non-territorial circle i.e., from STR, STP etc. DGM assured to look into. It may be recalled that as we have informed through whatup groups the lists are being published. Members are requested to immediately bring to the notice of the association if any discrepancies are there in the list so that action can be taken to rectify the same in the initial stage itself.

The Rule 8 list also will be published shortly.

SNEA is today meeting CGMT to get the date of scheduled meeting to discuss the important issues like Rule 8, intra circle transfers, rectification of the anomalies in the Looking After orders being issued now, material shortages, business development and other issues as a important part of the privilege to the RECOGNISED MAJORITY EXECUATIVE ASSOCATION and to decide the policies.

Victory Celebration at Tumkur and Mysore:

At both places CS was felicitated for achieving the victory in Karnataka. CS explained that it is the victory of each and every executive voted for SNEA to make it the majority association.



Glimpses of Tumkur Victory Celebrations

Glimpses of Mysore Victory Celebrations



Circle Conference at Shimoga

As decided we are proposing to hold circle conference in Shimoga in the last week of January 2017 or First week of Feb 2017.

(1) It is theretofore requested to immediately pay the Circle Conference Donation of at the rate of Rs. 500-00 per member to the circle account immediately.

(2) Those SSAs who have not paid the Diary 2016 amount may immediately pay the same.

(3) All pending quota upto December 2016 may be immediately credited to circle account immediately.

In view of meeting the financial requirements the above payments are very much needed to bepaid immediately.

Diary 2017:

Diary 2017 is getting ready and will be dispatched on 24 December 2016 so as to ensure the delivery of the diary to the members before new year.



Victory Celebrations held at Tumkur and Mysore on the occasion of winning our 1st EMV.



Meeting with CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Palanivelu DVP BGTD, Com Giridhar Ex Memeber Mobile Branch met CGMT and discussed on the issue of JTO(Telecom) Induction training. CS appraised him of the delay in sending them for traiinging. CGM assurred for immeidate action. We have also written the letter on the issue. For letter click here..

Later the team met Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR and also appraised him about the issue. He said he wants to get inputs from DGM and he will discuss the matter tomorow. We have very strongly objected to the relieving orders of SDEs on transfer to CTD which is under discussion with BSNL CO for the wrong list used for issuing this order. Unfortunately GM Admn is not aware of the issue. His lack of expected involvement in the important HR issues is creating unarranted problems to the innocent executives. We have taken serious note of it.

We have also met Shri Krishnappa GM Finance and discussed on the issue of pending medical bills and the difficulties faced by the employees for indoor admission in the empanelled hospitals. GM assured within next week they are planning to clear all the pending bills and issues relaitng to pending bills would be nil thereafter. We congratulated him for the proactive decision in the matter.


Dear Comrades,

Congratulations. All members and executives deserve great appreciation of this association for their great support by casting their valuable vote to SNEA and making it number 1 majority recognized association in the first membership verification. It is the hard and dedicated work of each and every member of this association, activists at the grass root level, District and Circle Office bearers which ultimately resulted into the victory of SNEA both at the national level and also in Karnataka.We from Karnataka circle acknowledge and appreciate the great team work of all these activists. The whole hearted and very active involvement of all young members and lady comrades was really added strength for our campaign in the entire state.

The CHQ leaders Com K Sebastin, GS Com A A Khan President, Com G L Jogi ji our beloved Chairman have traveled the entire state, updated and educated us which could erase the false and miss propaganda by others. We place on record our thanks and  gratitude to these leaders on behalf of Karnataka Circle.

Our retired activists have also contributed their might in the campaign and we salute them for their affection and commitment to SNEA even after retirement.

This verification has tought us many new things in the affairs of Trade Union. We found best results where our grass root level leaders have worked very hard and had very effective interaction with the administration on the issues of the executives.These are leaders of compassion, commitment and confidence. In almost all Districts we are able to get more votes than our paid members, so we must thank these voters who believed in our vision and mission. It is very important for all of us to learn that in addition to national policy issues, local at circle and SSA level issues also matter in the process of consolidation. In rest of Karnataka (ROK), all the young JTOs stood with SNEA for the firm stand taken in their Rule 8 and request transfers and even launching of a agitation programme. It may be recalled that when every year SDEs are getting 100% request transfers, these youngsters were demanding their legitimate claim of their transfers. It is only SNEA which took a very firm stand on this justified issue. It is this decision taken in our Bangalore CEC has yielded a winning lead from the ROK branches to get clear win in our Circle also. 

The executives who have voted to others particularly the youngsters have done it under the illusion that how SNEA can win against an alumany of 10 associations. But today SNEA has proved it without the support of any other association proving it to be 24 carat gold. We have won the verification on our own strength without any alliance. AIBSNLEA (Combine of 10 associations)+ AIGETOA + AITEEA, together could not cross SNEAs' landmark of 20128 supporters which is a clear indication that our policy and vision is accepted by the majority executives and the wrong illusion of these youngsters and the management is evaporated by this verification.

Now at Circle level we have to engage with important issues of Rule 8 transfers, pressure to procure stores to meet the targets particularly the FTTH and also at national level the most important issue of Standard Pay Scale, pay parity (22820), :Promotions in the cadre of JTO and SDE, remaining 9% SAB, 3rd PRC implementation and the fight against the formation of tower company.

Let us all work together for the betterment of the company and betterment of all executive in the coming days.

We are also publishing the SSA wise results below for your deeper analyses and improvement in the coming days.

Once again thank one and all for your great support.


S B Nagavi,

Circle Secretary SNEA KTK.

Analyses of Karnataka EMV  


SNEA Karnataka has released the video for first membership verification conducted on 7th Dec 2016. Please click on the photo below to view...  



CS visits Kolar and Chickaballapur:

Warm welcome by Kolar members both at Kolara and Chickballapur. Our comrades are charged with full energy to face verification. CS was accompanied by Com Tata Babu in the organsiational tour.





View full Glimpses.


Campaign to meet executives commended by Young Team of Circle Office Branch commenced today under the leadership of Com Makkannavar DS, Com Govind Gudi COS and a strong brigade of young BSNL recruit JTOs and SDEs.


Com Ram Babu Dr JTO member of AIGETOA today joined SNEA and his SNEA friends welcomed him with Garland.


Comrades of SNEA, circle Office today released the Manifesto and distributed it to the executives by moving table to table. CS appreciates the lead taken by these executives, active senior members and our young comrades for their whole hearted involvement to take this association to great heights under the leadeership of DS Com Makkannavar. .For the entire glimpses of campaign click here...

llCGMT Karnataka Circle Sanctioned leave to all Circle officer bearers and District Office Bearers of SNEA to avail 5 days Special CL for canvassing of 1st Membership verification. For sanction letter click here. All DSs to make use of the facility and campaign for the support of SNEA.