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Resolution of Request transfer WL issue by CGMT Karnataka: The arbitrary order to stop the transfer request registration is finally withdrawn by Circle Administration with a modification. Reply given to CS SNEA in this regard. For reply click here..<<1>><<2>>. Before we withdraw the LHD we will further discuss with GM as assurred by CGM.

The rule 8 and request transfers of non-recruiting circles are updated in the circle intranet. We are thankful to AGM, DGM and other officers for the positive action.

CS also met CGMT Karnataka circle and discussed on the issues of Rule 8 and request transfers urgently. CGM informed that he will instruct GM to discuss on urgent points.


CS writes to CGMT Karnataka on the issues of RTTC Mysore and posting of JTOs selected for RTTC. For letter click here.

CS writes to CGM STR Chennai for agenda meeting. For letter click here.

CS writes to GM Admn and HR O/o CGMT Ktk and gives notice of organisationasl action on the willful non action for transfers of non recruiting circles. For notice click here.


CS along with Com Giridhar and Com Tukaram met CGMT Shri P Nagaraju and handed over the new 2017 Diaries to CGM.

Distribution of Diaries at Circle Office.

The Diaries will be distributed at Circle Office on Friday the 6th Jan 2017.


CS Nagavi S B along with Com Tata Babu, CEC member yesterday met DGM Shri M V Angadi, and discussed various issues relating to updating of Waiting List of JTOs request transfers, (1) the anomalies still existing particularly the incoming request transfers of STR JTOs requesting Karnataka Telecom circle even after the applications being forwarded by the CGMT STR Chennai, (2) the serious anomalies created in the Looking After orders issued by the management, (3) sending of JTOs for Phase II training as still huge number of JTOs are waiting for the training and (4) TBU of PA/PS of BGTD. DGM assured to look into the cases raised by us and informed us that the PA/PS TBU will be issued shortly in respect of BGTD as the minutes are ready and will be approved shortly.


CS submits Agenda to CGMT Karnataka Circle for the discussion on various issues including the Rule 8 and intra Circle transfers. For Agenda Click here..


CS along with CVP, COS, DS CO and other active comrades met CGMT and other PGMs and Sr GM Mobile and yesterday wished them on the eve of new years day.








2017 Diary Released by Shri N Venkateshwara Rao, CGMT in charge on 25th Dec 2017.





CS delivered Diary 2017 to Shri Mohan DGM Chickmaglur



CS and DS BGTD met Director CFA Shri N K Gupta on his visit to Bangalore.  




Comrade G Krishnamurthy SDE Chickballapura is conferred with " BSNL Sevaratna " award by SHIKSHANA JNANA MASA PATRIKE. He is SNEA active member. We congratulate him to get the award from the public which is greater than any other recognition as the public are the masters of public servants. Com Murthy is liked by each and every person from GM to TMs and a motivating force as such his section always doing outstanding performance in Kolar SSA. Congrats...


Comrade Shivappa, GE JTO (AIGETOA, District President, Kolar) joined SNEA SNEA yesterday. We whole heartedly welcome him to the home of executives.




Diary 2017:

Diary 2017 is dispatched to all SSAs yesterday. Please collect the same. Other circle orders- Today we are dispatching.




Enrollment of SNEA membership:

All must be aware that false propaganda being made by CS AIBSNLEA in what sup groups and even in circle web site http://aibsnleaktk.tripod.com/, that SNEA(I) is making a mispropoganda for the membership campaign in respect of collecting the mandatory forms from their loyal members. This is highly irresponsible, baseless and ridiculous allegation without any grounds. We have so far not even told anybody that a person incapable of successful in becoming a District Secretary democratically in SNEA, lost elections many times has left this association, for whom also we have never asked to join SNEA. In SNEA democracy and transparency prevails and no place for manipulators. Where is the question of mispropoganda by SNEA?

The membership verification over. The verification was conducted as per the BSNL REA Rules 2014, AIBSNLEA had never challenged the Rules before verification and today wants to change the GOAL POST after loosing the election. This is not acepted by their grassroots.

On issues also, we were clear, we are clear and we will be clear and never changed or will change our stand to the tune of management or to suit the time or to short term gains. Had the proper stand taken today by these so called saviors, our young cadre would have got E2 and E3 scales before November 2016, instead of 3% we would have got 6% SAB.

Comrades now everybody's' strength is clear. SNEA without any alliance, we are NUMBER ONE with 20,128 votes. Remember 18438 votes of AIBSNLEA also include that of their parterners AIGETOA and AITEEA. In democracy one should respect the verdict of the voters ( as they are masters ) and should not attempt to change the rules of game after loosing. This will boomerang.

It is this thought of the grass root level members belonging to these associations, especially those who are ethical and logical in their thinking are knocking the doors of a home where they can find their dignity and ethics respected. When new members want to join SNEA, we will whole heartedly accept membership. There is nothing wrong. Rember membership cannot be held by duress, threat or fiduciary realtions because as RECOGNISED REPRESENTATIVE ASSOCIATION, we are duty bound to remove such barriers.

We know those people who supplied membership forms in training centers and obtained signatures under duress using the fiduciary relation of teacher and student. We know that young JAOs were forced to sign the membership forms not even allowing them to read and fill the forms. We will not scoop down to this level.

We believe in work, working for the welfare of the members and to address their grievances. We also believe inthe progress of the company and strive hard for its growth. It is this work of SNEA which has brought us majority in Karnataka as well as in PAN INDIA. The saga of this consolidation has to go, on and on for better future of executives and flourishing BSNL in the coming days.

For membership form click here...


Induction training for JTO promotion Schedule:

We are thankful to CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju and Principal RTTC Mysore for considering our request to schedule the trainings for the induction course for JTO training and alloting the batches to RTTC Mysore. It may be recalled that SNEA has taken up the case and yesterday CS has spoken to CGMT for his intervention and also had written a letter in this regard. For letter click here...

For Deploma Holders the training will start from 23rd Jan and for Engineering candidates it will be from 13th Feb 2017 and both at RTTC Mysore.


Diary 2017 Quotation

SNEA Karnataka Circle is printing Diary 2017, and supplying it to the different units and circles at the rate of Rs.150-00 per Diary including transportation for bulk purchases. For quotation click here..


Induction training for JTO promotion

As there is utter confusion with circle office and RTTC Mysore in expediting the induction training for the JTO promotion, CS today called CGMT Shri Nagaraju who is on tour to Mangalore, over phone and updated the issue. It may be recalled that the training centers are basically meant to train the departmental employees and should get the first priority. It is question of the future of these aspirant promotees who expects their training to get completed as early as possible. Today the stand taken by RTTC that they would give preference to Training of Outsiders on preference is strongly opposed by us and informed our strong protest to CGMT. CGMT Shri Nagaraju was kind enough to intervene in the matter. We have also written to CGMT in this regard.

Meeting with Shri Uduman CAO ERP Circle Office.

We have been receiving complaints regarding the non release of Security Deposits in case of many JTOs. Even ATD cleared by AP circle in Sept 2015 are kept pending by these wings of Accounts Section which is highly condemn-able. CS yesterday met CAO Shri Uduman who was kind enough to immediately take action to release the amount. Concenred JTOs may inform the result after Monday if payment is not received.


Today CS met CGMT Shri Nagaraju and discussed various issues including the Rule 8 and  intra circle transfers of JTOs, Correction and updation of WL of JTO transfers including the incoming transfer of JTOs from non recruiting circles ( STR/STP), Business Area Concept and its impact on the present transfer policy, anomalies in the LA arrangements of DEs and DGMs, Enforcement of uniform policy in the transfers of Accounts wing on par wtter ith Engineering side, proper distribution of AOs/JAOs in all SSAs as per sanctioned strength and BA concept, arranging of immediate  JTO induction training to the LICE passed candidates. GM Admn and HR Shri Ashok Agarwal was also present. CGM instructed GM to look into the proper updation of transfer WL and to include the cases of non recruiting circles also. He has instructed to take the inputs from SNEA and settle the issues in the best interest of executives in respect of LA arrangements. CGM further informed us to give the detailed agenda on all the issues raised by including the Rule 8 and intra circle transfers so that all these issues can be discussed officially on the agenda given by us. From our side we have appraised CGMT on the difficulties faced by the JTOs who are waiting for these transfers from years together and urgent resolution is needed. CGMT guided us that as you are the RECOGNIZED MAJORITY EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATION, we will finalize these issues based on the discussion on the AGENDA given by you. CS informed that agenda will be submitted by within a couple of days.


Transfer Waiting Lists in JTO Cadre.

Circle Office endorsed the BSNL CO letter on recognising SNEA as the Recognized Majority Executives Association. For letters click here..<<1>> <<2>>

The intra circle request transfer WL in the cadre of JTOs published by Circle Office. For letters click here. << Within Circle>> << to Non Recruiting Circle>>

Incoming from Non recruiting circle will be published shortly..


CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS (CHQ) Com Pandurang Nayak, DS CO Com Makkannavar yesterday met GM Finance Shri Krishnappa and discussed on the indoor medical bills payment and clearance of genuine pending bills of some officers kept pending on objections which are unjustified.

CS Com S B Nagavi, JSS (CHQ) Com Pandurang Nayak, DS CO Com Makkannavar yesterday also met DGM Shri M V Angadi and discussed on the issues (1)relating to Business Area concepts via vis transfer policy in that, (2) Rule 8 transfers, intra circle request transfers and to reconcile the mistakes in the published list of transfer cases. We have thanked him for publishing the list of intra circle transfers. The list do not include the incoming transfers of JTOs from non-territorial circle i.e., from STR, STP etc. DGM assured to look into. It may be recalled that as we have informed through whatup groups the lists are being published. Members are requested to immediately bring to the notice of the association if any discrepancies are there in the list so that action can be taken to rectify the same in the initial stage itself.

The Rule 8 list also will be published shortly.

SNEA is today meeting CGMT to get the date of scheduled meeting to discuss the important issues like Rule 8, intra circle transfers, rectification of the anomalies in the Looking After orders being issued now, material shortages, business development and other issues as a important part of the privilege to the RECOGNISED MAJORITY EXECUATIVE ASSOCATION and to decide the policies.

Victory Celebration at Tumkur and Mysore:

At both places CS was felicitated for achieving the victory in Karnataka. CS explained that it is the victory of each and every executive voted for SNEA to make it the majority association.



Glimpses of Tumkur Victory Celebrations

Glimpses of Mysore Victory Celebrations



Circle Conference at Shimoga

As decided we are proposing to hold circle conference in Shimoga in the last week of January 2017 or First week of Feb 2017.

(1) It is theretofore requested to immediately pay the Circle Conference Donation of at the rate of Rs. 500-00 per member to the circle account immediately.

(2) Those SSAs who have not paid the Diary 2016 amount may immediately pay the same.

(3) All pending quota upto December 2016 may be immediately credited to circle account immediately.

In view of meeting the financial requirements the above payments are very much needed to bepaid immediately.

Diary 2017:

Diary 2017 is getting ready and will be dispatched on 24 December 2016 so as to ensure the delivery of the diary to the members before new year.



Victory Celebrations held at Tumkur and Mysore on the occasion of winning our 1st EMV.



Meeting with CGMT Karnataka Circle Shri P Nagaraju:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with Com Palanivelu DVP BGTD, Com Giridhar Ex Memeber Mobile Branch met CGMT and discussed on the issue of JTO(Telecom) Induction training. CS appraised him of the delay in sending them for traiinging. CGM assurred for immeidate action. We have also written the letter on the issue. For letter click here..

Later the team met Shri Ashok Agarwal GM Admn and HR and also appraised him about the issue. He said he wants to get inputs from DGM and he will discuss the matter tomorow. We have very strongly objected to the relieving orders of SDEs on transfer to CTD which is under discussion with BSNL CO for the wrong list used for issuing this order. Unfortunately GM Admn is not aware of the issue. His lack of expected involvement in the important HR issues is creating unarranted problems to the innocent executives. We have taken serious note of it.

We have also met Shri Krishnappa GM Finance and discussed on the issue of pending medical bills and the difficulties faced by the employees for indoor admission in the empanelled hospitals. GM assured within next week they are planning to clear all the pending bills and issues relaitng to pending bills would be nil thereafter. We congratulated him for the proactive decision in the matter.


Dear Comrades,

Congratulations. All members and executives deserve great appreciation of this association for their great support by casting their valuable vote to SNEA and making it number 1 majority recognized association in the first membership verification. It is the hard and dedicated work of each and every member of this association, activists at the grass root level, District and Circle Office bearers which ultimately resulted into the victory of SNEA both at the national level and also in Karnataka.We from Karnataka circle acknowledge and appreciate the great team work of all these activists. The whole hearted and very active involvement of all young members and lady comrades was really added strength for our campaign in the entire state.

The CHQ leaders Com K Sebastin, GS Com A A Khan President, Com G L Jogi ji our beloved Chairman have traveled the entire state, updated and educated us which could erase the false and miss propaganda by others. We place on record our thanks and  gratitude to these leaders on behalf of Karnataka Circle.

Our retired activists have also contributed their might in the campaign and we salute them for their affection and commitment to SNEA even after retirement.

This verification has tought us many new things in the affairs of Trade Union. We found best results where our grass root level leaders have worked very hard and had very effective interaction with the administration on the issues of the executives.These are leaders of compassion, commitment and confidence. In almost all Districts we are able to get more votes than our paid members, so we must thank these voters who believed in our vision and mission. It is very important for all of us to learn that in addition to national policy issues, local at circle and SSA level issues also matter in the process of consolidation. In rest of Karnataka (ROK), all the young JTOs stood with SNEA for the firm stand taken in their Rule 8 and request transfers and even launching of a agitation programme. It may be recalled that when every year SDEs are getting 100% request transfers, these youngsters were demanding their legitimate claim of their transfers. It is only SNEA which took a very firm stand on this justified issue. It is this decision taken in our Bangalore CEC has yielded a winning lead from the ROK branches to get clear win in our Circle also. 

The executives who have voted to others particularly the youngsters have done it under the illusion that how SNEA can win against an alumany of 10 associations. But today SNEA has proved it without the support of any other association proving it to be 24 carat gold. We have won the verification on our own strength without any alliance. AIBSNLEA (Combine of 10 associations)+ AIGETOA + AITEEA, together could not cross SNEAs' landmark of 20128 supporters which is a clear indication that our policy and vision is accepted by the majority executives and the wrong illusion of these youngsters and the management is evaporated by this verification.

Now at Circle level we have to engage with important issues of Rule 8 transfers, pressure to procure stores to meet the targets particularly the FTTH and also at national level the most important issue of Standard Pay Scale, pay parity (22820), :Promotions in the cadre of JTO and SDE, remaining 9% SAB, 3rd PRC implementation and the fight against the formation of tower company.

Let us all work together for the betterment of the company and betterment of all executive in the coming days.

We are also publishing the SSA wise results below for your deeper analyses and improvement in the coming days.

Once again thank one and all for your great support.


S B Nagavi,

Circle Secretary SNEA KTK.

Analyses of Karnataka EMV  


SNEA Karnataka has released the video for first membership verification conducted on 7th Dec 2016. Please click on the photo below to view...  



CS visits Kolar and Chickaballapur:

Warm welcome by Kolar members both at Kolara and Chickballapur. Our comrades are charged with full energy to face verification. CS was accompanied by Com Tata Babu in the organsiational tour.





View full Glimpses.


Campaign to meet executives commended by Young Team of Circle Office Branch commenced today under the leadership of Com Makkannavar DS, Com Govind Gudi COS and a strong brigade of young BSNL recruit JTOs and SDEs.


Com Ram Babu Dr JTO member of AIGETOA today joined SNEA and his SNEA friends welcomed him with Garland.


Comrades of SNEA, circle Office today released the Manifesto and distributed it to the executives by moving table to table. CS appreciates the lead taken by these executives, active senior members and our young comrades for their whole hearted involvement to take this association to great heights under the leadeership of DS Com Makkannavar. .For the entire glimpses of campaign click here...

llCGMT Karnataka Circle Sanctioned leave to all Circle officer bearers and District Office Bearers of SNEA to avail 5 days Special CL for canvassing of 1st Membership verification. For sanction letter click here. All DSs to make use of the facility and campaign for the support of SNEA.


Campaigns for Membership verification:

Mandya (22nd Nov 2016):

Com G L Jogi Chairman, CS Com S B Nagavi, CP Com BSV Murthy, DS Mysore Com A B Naragund, DP Mysore Com N M Ramakrishna, DS Mandya Com Shrinivas ( Dr JTO) DP Mandya Com Smt Suvarna Murty, executives of Mandya and leaders of sister organization met TDM Com Nataraj in his chamber. Com Jogi and Com Nagavi shared the matters relating to the development of BSNL and financial growth and on 3rd PRC etc.,Com Ramakrishna thanked all the members assembled for hearing the great leader from Delhi who has been in the movement for moere than 3 decades. << Glimpses>>

Mysore (22nd Nov 2016):

The mammoth meeting of the executives of Mysore executives was presided over by the District President Com M N Ramakrishna. Com Vishakantamurthy welcomed the audience. Com BSV Murthy CP addressed the house and impressed the importance of the First Membership Verification and the role executives in electing the Representative Association. Com Nagavi explained the role played by the SNEA circle body in all policy issues of the circle either of BSNL or of Executives. Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar told how SNEA can protect the DRs by clear vision and fighting spirit when the DRs were treated indifferently and today how they are so strongly aligned with SNEA and facing the managment in Kolar. Com Tata Babu CEC member BGTD told how some DRs are being fooled by the so called saviors of DRs and requested them to give a fitting reply to them in MVP by casting their vote to Serial No. 9

Com G L Jogi, in his detailed address enlightened the executives on the importance of UNITY and UNITY on ideology and thereafter the struggles that have been launched so far which have resulted the position of the executives to the great position. But now time has come to get united by casting the votes to the appropriate association SNEA so that unity is further consolidated, further to strongly plead for Standard Pay Scales, CPSU pattern promotion and mainly to resolve 30% SAB by getting remaining 9%. He was critical of the BSNL as well as DOT who have given everything of Central Pay Commission to ITS but playing with the future young executives of BSNL. He was of the firm belief that we have to launch a strong struggle to achieve these goals shortly in the coming days.

View the Glimpses of Mysore Meeting here....

Madikeri (23-11-2016):

The Comrades of Madikeri have arranged a grand meeting in Hotel Mayura Valley View Madikeri, The meeting was presided over by Com Panchakshari DP Madikeri. The meeting commenced with the invocation by Com Leela Dayanand. Com Geetha anchored the function. Com Prashan DS gave a brief report of Madikeri and brought to the notice of CHQ, how important is the issue of Rule 8 transfers to JTOs. Com Ramakrishishna DP SNEA Mysore appreciated the bold stand of the senior executives who in Madikeri have also joined SNEA to strengthen the main stream of Executives which is going to be victorious in the coming MV. He remembered the struggles he spearheaded for achieving the 1640 scale, Time Bound promotions in 1990 etc., and told the members that only SNEA can protect the interest of the JTOs and Executives in BSNL. Com BSV Murthy and Com Nagavi detailed the circle achievments. Futher it was assurred by CS that we will effectively take up the case to clear all the WL of rule 8 before March 2017 and if necessary launch a serious agitation and also sought the support of all comrades. SNEA is commited to get all Rule 8 and intra circle transfers are considered this year itself before March 2017.Com Narain DS Kolar and Com Tata Babu CEC members have focussed on the double standards of other associations which are the major hurdles in achieving the Standard Pay Scales E2E3 and 30% SAB. They further explained how by launching agitation SNEA was able to get Rule 8 and request transfers are materialized in Karnatka under the able leadership of Com S B Nagavi CS and concern of SNEA about the youngsters in BSNL.

Com Jogi in his elaborate speeech congratulated all the members of Kodagu especially the youngsters who are the future leaders of this mighty organizations. This the only executive organization where leaders are elected democratically and hence it is vibrant and there is not space for the non-performers in this association. Our achievments are outstanding in DOT and BSNL because of the committed leadership and sgtrong support of committed members in the country.

View Glimpses of Madikeri Meeting here...

Mangalore (24-11-2016):

Another mammoth meeting arranged in the GM Office of Mangalore was presided over by the District President Com Muralidhar. Com Janaradhan anchored the function. Com Ratna Udupa's invocation song led to the commencement of the proceedings. Com Ganapathi Samaga DS gave a brief account of the District and welcomed the guests.

Com Babu and Com Narain gave a call to all the DRs to support SNEA as such it is not only home for executives but the best place where youngsters can get tuned to continue the methods of sustained struggle to achieve the resolutions of the long pending HR issues after membership verification with huge winning margin after 7th Dec 2016.

Com Somanath Jagadale DS Hubli, addressed the gathering and requested members to look at the achievements of JETA, JTOA, TEOA and SNEA where the achievements lead to the change of name of the association closely connected with landmarks achievements of JE upgrading as JTO with Rs 1640 scale, JTO getting Gazetted stated with Rs 6500 scale and two mighty organizations TEOA and BSNLEA merging to form SNEA respectively. Now it is the time where the members at grass root level have started openly declaring themselves that they are joining with SNEA to form a formidable force in BSNL which can take BSNL to great heights and ultimately resulting the strong and robust method to the growth of executives in the coming days.

Com S B Nagavi CS, congratulated the huge gathering at Mangalore and thanked the leaders of sister organizations to analyses who are responsible for the delay in settlement of present issues particularly E2E3 and why others are not focused but diverting and diluting the same by asking cascading at this stage of resolution of standard pay scale before 3rd PRC. Now time has come to decide on selecting a best association with secret ballot not for electing the association but to select their bright future and it is only SNEA which can never disappoint them at any time. The leaders of SNEA have compassion, are committed and fully involved themselves in theses policy issues.

Com Jogi, addressed the gathering and in detail explained the plan of Government of India, NITI Ayog to destroy all PSUs, and one step in BSNL is to create a tower company so that the company BSNL which is turning towards making profit can again be forced to go into losses. He said that the tomorrows Dharana be made a grand success but get prepared for intensified struggle in future so that the sinister move of the Government be defeated at any cost. He explained the role of NCOA, the umbrella organization and the role played by SNEA, the only organization in BSNL which is affiliated to the said officers association of the PSU's and their struggle that lead to the formation of 3rd PRC. SNEA in the fore front in policy issues, HR issues and also in the unification of the association of all the PSU's and these things are to thoroughly understood by our executives. He said in clear terms that getting majority by SNEA is already decided but we are canvassing and educating members to get huge majority so that we can bargain with much strength and this aspect should be understood by each executive.

View the glimpses of Mangalore Meeting here....

Shimoga (25-11-2016):

Another remarkable meeting arranged by comrades of Shimoga where already Com Khan had addressed the comrades on 2nd Nov, demanded that Com Jogi should visit Shimoga. This ,meeting wa sw presided over by Com H C Krishnamurthy Accounts Officer and District President SNEA Shimoga. Meeting commenced with invocation by Com Shashidharmurthy. Com Dattatri anchored the proceedings. Com Rajashekar welcomed the gathering. Com Hegde announced the names of the newly joined members to our SNEA.

Com Penchalaiah, DR JTO Com Jayappa AGM and Com Pattanshetty AGM of Chickmaglur SSA were garlanded on this occasation.

Com Tataqbabu, Dr JTO and CEC member in detail analyzed how the DRs are being fooled by the other associations. If they had any concern about DRs they would have supported SNEA instead of supporting an association that had never bothered to the basic issues of the cadre JTOs neither in the past or at present.

Com Jogi in his address at Shimoga thanked the members for the warm welcome and affection.The vision and the commitment shown towards the issues like Standard Pa Scales, CPSU hierarchy and the 30% superannuation by us is leading to a total consolidation of the executives under the banner of SNEA. Day in and day out the other executive associations with their narrow mind set of just opposing and criticizing SNEA have been exposed totally by educating the executating them by our massive tours and meetings conducted by the state and central leaders of SNEA. Due to various court cases CPSU cadre hierarchy is the only solution for functional promotion. E2 and E3 scales in replacement of E1A and E2A is the right of our JTO/JAO and SDE/AO and at any cost we will get it if necessary by struggle and appealed the members to get ready for the challenge. Remaining 9% SAB is our top priority for your BRs and this will be achieved shortly after verification. It is for these reasons he appealed to eliminate the stumbling blocks in the way during the forthcoming verification.

View the glim Sbhimoga Meeting here....

ACE Meeting (26-11-2016):

The Architecture, Civil and Electrical Branch meeting at Bangalore was held at SNEA Bhavan Sahakarnagar and Com Padmanabhachari District President presided over the meeting. Com Ravishankar DS gave a brief report. Com Chandrashekar AGS, SNEA CHQ representing the Civil Electrical matters has attended and addressed the gathering and elaborated all the issues related to them. All the members have expressed their solidarity behind SNEA. Com Nagavi addressed and explained the issues taken by circle.

Com Jogi elaborated the issues taken after the civil and electrical executives merged with SNEA and how they could bring them on far with Telecom Engineering Executives.

View the glimpses of ACE Meeting here....

BGTD Meeting (26-11-2016 Afternoon);

Com G L Jogi attended and addressed the huge gathering of executives of CTO building in the confere4nce hall.

Com Nagavi welcomed Com Jogi by presenting a flower boke and thanked Com Jogi and all CHQ leaders for their extensive tour in the country and especially the tours conducted in entire Karnataka covering all the districts and this shows the commitment of our central leaders. On behalf of the circle Com Nagavi thanked and acknowledge the services rendered by these towering leaders in getting such a high position to their members and executives at large.

View the glimpses of BGTD Meeting here....


Campaign Tour of Com G L Jogi Chairman:

The response is unprecedented and tremendous which can be viewed from the glimpses below ( Report will follow)

Glimpeses of Mysore -----> << View >>

Glimpeses of Madikeri -----> << View >>

Glimpeses of Mangalore -----> << View >>

Glimpeses of Shimoga -----> << View >>

Glimpeses of BGTD -----> << View >>

Civil, Electrical (ACE Karnataka) ---> << View>>

Courtesy visit of Com Jogi to TDM Mandya along with CS KTK, CP KTK DS Mysore, DP Mysore and other executives and addressed on the role of executives to improve BSNL service and revenue <<View glimpses>>.

SNEA is heading towards huge victory....




Comrades of Mysore are geared up for the meeting of Election Campain to be addressed by Com G L Jogi Chirman SNEA at RTTC Mysore on 22-11-2016 evening.



Today posting orders of JAOs issued in Karnataka circle and all promotees can join on Monday. We are thankful to Smt Sumam Pillai, Sr GM Finance for immediate action. Congratulations to JAO friends and we are proud to state that what was promised by us on Thursday evening at RTTC Mysore was made a reality by the untiring efforts of our leaders.


Massive gathering of JAOs at RTTC Mysore:

CS SNEA was with JAOs trainees at RTTC Mysore on Thursday the 17th Nov 2016, when they received the shocking news of their posting abeyance issue:

Com S B Nagavi, along with Circle President Com B S Venkateshmurthy, Accounts Officer and District President of Shimoga Com H C Krishnamurthy, District President Com M N Ramakrishna, District Secretary Com A B Naragund, ADS Com Raghavendra and Treasurer Com Rangaswamy of Mysore SSA visited RTTC Mysore, took stock of the situation held emergency meeting with the trainees and immediately taken up the issue with CHQ. CS spoken to General Secretary Com Sebastin, Com Khan CHQ President and other leaders of SNEA who were at Delhi and explained them the legal intricacies if the appointment is delayed.

As the trainees they were very much interested to hear us; CS and other leaders addressed them and assured of all help in fighting this draconian stand of the management on the last day of training. CS assured them that he will not leave any stone unturned in the issue and will be in constant touch with CHQ. CS made the point of SNEA very clear that they have come here to say what SNEA is for and not at all to force the trainees just to become members of our association. Com Ramakrishna, Com BSV Murthy, Com Naragund, Com HCK Murthy also spoke on the occasion. Com HCK Murthy told the members that since he become JAO, he the member of SNEA and said more than 25 AOs/JAOs are also members of SNEA in the circle and the impression that accounts wing is not with SNEA is a false propaganda. He explained how comfortable in this home of executives. When a lady accounts officer Smt Malathi was just suffocated and deserted by the an association and their Circle President as DGM finance at that time issued the vindictive transfer order it is SNEA which took her case even to the Hon Tribunal and got cancelled the order with the direction from the Hon CAT that Accounts wing should follow the transfer policy.He said that many young JTOs are becoming the victim of wrong stand taken by other association and deprived of E2 scale and drawing only 16400 scale (E1). Com Ramakrishna told the trainees to believe SNEA and it will come out with colors in your case. Com BSV Murthy referred to issues of dangers of Tower Company and to plan for a stronger struggle to get 3rd PRC and for this unity under the banner of SNEA is going to be consolidated after 7th December as the majority association. Com Naragund welcomed and Com Raghavendra, our young DR JTO who served in Pooch of J&K, now working as a front line leader in SNEA as ADS Mysore thanked the members.

After the meeting almost all members in single voice told that if SNEA minds, we will on Monday join as JAOs and appealed to us to put our pressure to its maximum extent. One of the trainee spoke and told that he has in his service seen the fights of SNEA and the way it handles the management being in this department for decades and has strong hope and belief in SNEA that if it minds it can save them.

The trainees also told the house that the publication of 56 JAOs en mass joined an association is totally baseless and false news.

For the glimpses click here.


SNEA CHQ yesterday proved our promise: For result visit sneaindia.com

Thanks to our beloved CHQ leaders led by GS Com Sebastin. SNEA Zindabad. Our Struggle Zindabad.


Com G L Jogi, Chairman SNEA will tour Karnataka for Membership Verification Campaign and the schedule will be as follows.

22nd November 2016..................... Mysore ( RTTC Auditorium)

23rd November 2016...................... Madikeri

24th November 2016....................... Mangalore

25th November 2016....................... Shimoga

26th November 2016..................... Bangalore (SNEA Bhavan) including ACE meeting.

For details of timings and vanue the District Secretaries may be contacted.



The inflow continues, Comrades again heartly welcome. Yor are finding your true home..

Two more young DR JTOs of BGTD Comrade Sunitha Bandi, JTO TM Hoskote and Comrade Jishita JTO CSC Hoskote joined SNEA. SNEA heartly welcomes you for this mighty organsiation. Your strenghtening this organisation goes a long way in building strong career for executives and the progress of BSNL in coming days.


Heartly Welcome:

Comrade Penchalaiah, DR JTO Chennagiri, Shimoga SSA joined SNEA today.

Comrade H R Jayappa, AGM Shimoga, erstwhile leader of SNEA, once again become Active in SNEA was welcomed by the SNEA Shimoga leadership. SNEA whole heartedly welocmes these comrades to this mighty organsiation and thank them for strenghtening us..



CS writes to CGMT on Rule 8 and request transfers:

Shri P Nagaraju,
Chief General Manager Telecommunications,
BSNL, Karnataka Circle, Bangalore-560008.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Pending intra circle request transfers and Rule 8 transfers in the cadre of JTOs.

This is bring to your kind notice that there are huge number of Rule 8 transfers and intra circle transfers in the cadre of JTOs is pending in Karnataka circle and the WL are not cleared for years and years.

This association had been pursuing the issue and even went on organization action in May 2016 to oppose the unwarranted long stay transfers of JTOs and also to ensure the rule 8 and request transfer in the cadre of JTOs. Finally management has given written assurance to this association addressed to CS SNEA Karnataka vide letter No. SR/SNEA/2-20-16/58 dtd 4-5-2016 (copy enclosed) , that 64 Rule 8 and 14 intra circle transfers and no long stay transfer will be ordered. (Please see our May agreement)

When we said the quantum of cases being considered is very small you were kind enough to assure us that during the current year you would be considering remaining cases to a maximum extent as BSNL HQ had informed that these will be considerable induction of JTOs in the circle in the form of LICE and new recruitments. In view of the positive development and as per the appeal this association has withdrawn the programme of organizational action.

While placing on record that your kind office has almost ensured implementation of the said transfers, would like to once again request you to kindly commence the process of the rule 8 transfers in the cadre of JTOs immediately and keep ready the lists of all the candidates waiting for Rule 8, so that as and when the substitutes become available, they can be easily implemented. This will pave the smooth way of relieving by the field units to fill the vacant posts with the new incumbent without any hardship of reliving and it will also create no vacuum of posts thereby helps administratively.

We assure of our fullest co-operation in the matter to maintain the cordial relationship at all times, provided we are not pushed to the wall, the way it was handled in May 2016.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

 S B Nagavi
(Circle Secretary)

  • Shri Anupam Shrivatsavaji, CMD, BSNL, BSNL CO Newdelhi.
  • Com K Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ for kind information and n/a.
For letter click here...

Comrades, if we have to bring our friends (JTOs) who have been transferred in March 2015 on long stay, we have to wipe out the intra circle transfer WL of JTOs. We have ensure this at any cost.


Congratulations Mysore Comrades:

Two more executives of Mysore SSA have joined SNEA. We heartly welcome them.


Report of Organizational Tour of Com A A Khan CHQ President and other circle office bearers:

Bangalore East: Comrade A A Khan, our beloved CHQ President, visited Karnataka from 1st November 2016 to 4th November 2016 as organizational tour. We have conducted our meeting at Bangalore East ( NOC) Bangalore on 1st November and many comrades of Bangalore East, NOC attended the meeting. DS BGTD, CS  and other office bearers attended the meeting. Com Khan answered all the queries of executives on various issues and our focused approach on each issues especially the Standard Pay Scales, 30% Superannuating Benefit and also the CPSU cadre Hierarchy. For glimpses of the BG East Meeting (NOC BG) Click here.

On 2nd November, along with Com Khan, CS Com S B Nagavi, ACS Com M H Gombi, our Active young member Com Giridhar SDE CO visited and attended the meeting at Shimoga. A huge gathering of SNEA members and executives were well informed and enriched with the details of activities of SNEA in addressing the important issues at CHQ. The focused, appropriate and realistic stand taken by the CHQ at this juncture was very well acknowledged by each and every member.
Com Khan said that after 8th December, we are the association before the management to represent the issues of executives and others who very well know that they will not be in majority, hence may assure all imaginary and non-implementable proposals. As responsible organization we are bound to ensure the progress of the company as well as the career progression of the executives.  Com Khan re-collected our roles in the fight against 3G capitalization of private operators, BWA spectrum return, Reliance local call scandal, unbundling of copper wire, 45M tender of GSM and exposing the corrupt officers in BSNL like ex- CGMT Kerala and he said it is needed to protect BSNL, so that it can progress to its greater heights and this WATCH and WARD can only be the tonic to achieve our career progression like standard pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% SAB and more importantly our 3rd PRC in 2017.
The meeting commenced with the invocation by Shashidhar Murthy. Com Krishnamurthy Accounts Office and the District President SNEA Shimoga, presided over the meeting. In his presidential address Com Kriswhnamurthy expressed his firm belief in SNEA and its transparent policies and hence he is continuing in this mighty organization since he joined as JAO. He had earlier also worked as the District Secretary SNEA Shimoga which he felt was a great privilege to hold such posts and serve the executives.  Com Rajashekar SDE anchored the programme. Com D N Hegde SDE welcomed the gathering. Com Raju extended vote of thanks. Many Graduate Engineers who are members of SNEA have held personal discussion with CHQ President and got clarified many issues. Com Hiremath DGM Shimoga and Com Ravishankar DS ACE SNEA Karnataka also attended and graced the occasion.
Com M Giridhar, SDE MS EMF ( BSNL Recruit) explained the members, though he was instrumental in forming AIGETOA in Kolar in the beginning has joined SNEA now really understanding the transparent  way of handling even the complicated issues and how SNEA under the leadership of CS Com S B Nagavi has helped many DR JTOs and SDEs in the time of crisis and need of help. It is for this reason that many DRs in circle office, Kolar and Bidar have joined this organization including himself.  He proudly declared that only SNEA can resolve the issues of executives including that of Dr Executives. Com M H Gombi ACS and  Com Nagavi CS have also addressed the meeting.
For glimpses of Shimoga Tour Click here.

On 3rd November, the team visited Chikmagalur and addressed the meeting at Mayura Hotel.  Com Vijaykumar, Sr SDE STR has presided over the function. Com A N Gopalkrishana DS gave a brief report of district and reported that 80% executives are SNEA members. Com Khan commenced his speech with description of the beauty of Chickmaglur, the Baba Budan Giri Hills, said as the Kashmir of Karnataka. He said he was really honored by the members of SNEA, the warm welcome and the visit arranged to see the beauty of B Hills. He said it is the home district of CS Com Nagavi and nothing more he can explain to comrades of Chickmalgur who have been well trained by him.
Com Nagavi explained that this association has been working for the needy person when anyone is subjected to injustice whether individual or the group irrespective of his/their affiliation. Recognizing our principle, many members have been joining SNEA including executives from the accounts wing.

Com Mohanbabu H Gombi explained the struggles SNEA has undertaken to come to these glorious heights particularly the 1640 scale, 6500 scale and the 3 benefits we got during absorption like pay scales, time bound promotions and point to point pay fixation in the IDA pay scale for the services rendered in DOT.

Com Giridhar said today he is proud to say himself as he belong to SNEA because, this year it could stop the long stay transfer in the cadre of JTOs and also ensure the rule 8 and request transfers also even by launching the state wide agitation programme. In the history of executive association, first time SNEA has got a written assurance by CGMT Karnataka on our agitation programme. Only SNEA can tackle issues with all its diplomacy, intelligence and if necessary by struggle also.
For glimpses of ChickamglurTour Click here.

On 3rd November, the meting arranged at GM Office was addressed by our CHQ President.  Com A A Khan, in Hassan explained all the issues in detail and requested the members to make the first membership verification a grand success by each one our members to come to the pooling booth and executrices their votes without fail. Getting majority is already decided and it is only how much percentage SNEA is going to get. The bargaining power of the association firmly depends on the strength of the members and majority PSUs having single executive association here in BSNL, the multiplicity of the association has been a stumbling block for the resolution of the issues and the management should not take the undue advantage of this division. Therefore this verification should very closely move to the unification and it is possible by the grass root members to support the best association to represent them.
Com C Sanjay Kumar SDE presided over the function. The programme commenced wirth the invocation by Com Sahana Gupta. Com Rathod, DS Hassan welcomed the gathering and gave a brief report of the distrct. CS Com  Nagavi, ACS Com Gombi and Com Giridhar have also addressed the meeting.
For glimpses of Hassan Tour Click here.

Kolar: On 4th November, CHQ President Com A A Khan attended and addressed the well arranged meeting at Kolar. Com Khan in addition to explaining the CHQ issues and the achievement of SNEA more particularly appreciated Com Narain Nandakumar, Com Nazeer, Com Munishekar, Com Arun and many DR JTOs who have built SNEA from the scratch to its glorious height of more than 60% membership in Kolar. Today Kolar is a model SNEA branch of DR JTOs in the country who stood like a rock when the heavy weights were trying to bury the future of direct recruits in Kolar for their vested interest.

Com Narain Nandkumar DS, in his speech how the lost ground by the predecessors was recouped by Com S B Nagavi DS in the year 2011 of course with the help of CHQ leaders like Com Jogi and Com Khan. During that time DRs were looked down by the other association but the re-vitalization of SNEA in Kolar has today grown to regain its power and is independently able to protect each and every member of SNEA by the politics of these local heavy weights.

Com Vasantkumar, founder member of AIGETOA, Ex CS of NTEA, accompanying the team addressed Kolar comrades and proudly told that he belong to Kolar the land of Masti Venkatesh Ayangar,  Narayanmurthy, M Vishwewharaiah, CNR Rao, the Bharath Ratnas and hence firmly believed in the concept of social service. When he found that it is only under the umbrella of SNEA, the theme of working for the executive cadre is possible he has been very closely working for SNEA and actively involved in this association for the last 3 years and is feeling proud to be here. He appreciated all the members of SNEA Kolar for their unity under the banner of SNEA.

Com Munishekar CWC member addressed and told the members that being 2007 batch JTO he is previlaged to be working as Central Working Committee Member of this association for the last 3 years and has become part of the policy making body of SNEA.

Com Santosh Gowda SDE NOC Bangalore, another great leader in the team of DR executives, founder member of AIGETOA, who had been worked in various capacities in AIGETOA, CHQ and  in Punjab circle, accompanying the team, also addressed the gathering at Kolar. He expressed his dissatisfaction on the fragmentation of leaders on common issues of executives presently leading to a great loss to all the executives. Com Santosh told the members how unity can bring miracles and told that most of the BSNL recruits are joining SNEA since they believe that it is only SNEA which can ultimately achieve standard Pay Scales, 30% SAB and CPSU cadre hierarchy and no other association can do it. So strengthening SNEA is like strengthening our future and appealed to support SNEA in the forth coming verification.
For glimpses of Kolar Tour Click here.



Heartly Welcome:

Com M K Vagger TDM Bidar, Com C A Pattanshetty DE LA Tarikere Chikkamaglur SSA and Com N B Hebbal DE LA Koppa Chikkamaglur SSA of AIBSNLEA have joined SNEA. We heartly welcome these comrades to this mighty home of executives. The consolidation of executives unity will lead to the success of achieving our demands very early.


Historic Mysore District Conference:

Com M N Ramakrishna, along with 12 members of AIBSNLEA believing in the policies of SNEA, have joined SNEA in the District Conference Held at Hotel Govardhan Mysore on 6th Oct 2016. SNEA most sincerely welcomes these comrades.

These members have joined SNEA under the leadership of Com M N Ramakrishna most powerful trade union leader, who had been in this movement of trade union from the time JETA. He was our DS JETA at Bombay telephones, DS JTOA there. He has worked in various capacities as DS JTOA Mysore, Area Secretary, JTOA Karknataka between 1991 to 2000, DS TESA(I) and Org Secretary TESa(i) AND also worked as Circle Vice president AIBSNLEA till 2011 and had once again joing SNEA acknowledging the democratic principles of this association and the achievements we had and will be in future.

mm1mm1mm1mm1 mm1 mm1mm1mm1

(1) Com M N Ramakrishna CO Central Mysore

(2) Com A S Raju DE Gokulam, Mysore

(3) Com A M Nataraju DE OFC/Task Force,Mysore

(4) Com K V Mutalik DE Nazarbad, Mysore

(5) Com S V Narashimhan SDE LA PW/LC, Mysore

(6) Com Revathi JAO, Mysore

(7) Com M R Shrinivasa SDE LA , VNR Mysore

(8) Com M S Vidhydhara DE LA Madikeri

(9) Com M C Raju DE Extl-II, Mysore

(10) Com H K Huchegouda AGM OP, Mysore

(11) Com K L Khytashetty SDE Madikeri

(12) Com Murali SDE Extl Udayagiri , Mysore

SNEA most sincerely welcomes these comrades.

The detailed report of the conference will be published shortly.

Full Glimpses of Historic Mysore District Conference click here..


Organisational Tour of CHQ President Com A A Khan and CS Com S B Nagavi:

The successful tour of CHQ President to Shimoga, Chickmaglur, Hassan and Kolar concluded in addition to our meeting at Bangalore East (NOC). Com Giridhar SDE MS, BG, and Com M H Gombi ACS accompanied the team. Com Somanth Jagadale DS Hubli has been invited by these districts; has also graced the meeting in Shimoga, Hassan and Chickmaglur.


Com Santosh Gowda SDE NOC Bangalore and Com Vasantkumar SDE BGTD have also accompanied to the tour of Kolar and explained the audience the necessity of supporting the strongest and best association SNEA in the forthcoming verification. Com Santosh told the members how unity can bring miracles and told that most of the BSNL recruits are joining SNEA since they believe that it is only SNEA which can ultimately achieve standard Pay Scales, 30% SAB and CPSU cadre hierarchy and no other association can do it. So strengthening SNEA is like strengthening our future and appealed to support SNEA in the forth coming verification.

The detailed report will be published shortly.

For glimpses of Shimoga Tour Click here.

For glimpses of ChickamglurTour Click here.

For glimpses of Hassan Tour Click here.

For glimpses of Kolar Tour Click here.

For glimpses of the BG East Meeting (NOC BG) Click here.


Do we need a Tower Company? << View>>>


CS today meets PGM BGTD along with SNEA BGTD Team:

CS Com S B Nagavi along with DS BGTD Com Jayaprakash Javali, ACS Com M H Gombi, CVP Com Balakrishan Aithal, DP BGTD Com Huliraju, Com Vishwanath ADS BGTD, Com Palanivelu DVP BGTD, Com R B Joshi, CEC members and others met Shri R M Mohan Krishna PGM BGTD and discussed many critical issues being faced by the executives of BGTD. All the issues raised by us were appreciated by PGM and assured us to take action in the matter. CS raised the issue of paperless working with regard to ERP and streamline the MM works in ERP which helps us in ensuring the capitalization of the stores and its regularization.

Condolences: Com Ravi Kumar JTO Installation Mysore, Com Lakshminarashimha SDE Outdoor, Vijayanagar BGTD have passed away and both were the victims of cardiac arrest. We pray God to keep their soul in peace and give strength to bear the sudden shock to their family members.

Lunch Hour demonstrations

Government is moving fast in the direction of forming Tower Subsidiary Company of BSNL, which will be detrimental to the future of BSNL. The Core committee meeting of the Forum decided to conduct Lunch Hour demonstrations on 27.10.2016, at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA HQs opposing formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company. All are requested to participate in the Lunch Hour demonstrations on 27.10.2016 and make the program success to protect our beloved company BSNL.

Tour Programme of CHQ President;

Eminent leader Com A A Khan, CHQ President will be touring Karnataka Circle from 1st Nov 2016 to 4th Nov 1016. The tentative programmes will be as below:

1st Nov 2016 .................. Bangalore East Fore Noon Session

2nd Nov 2016.................. Shimoga Afternoon Session

3rd Nov 2016................... Chickmaglur Fore Noon Session

3rd Nov 2016................... Hassan Afternoon Session

4th Nov 2016................... Kolar Fore Noon Session

The exact timings will be intimated by the respective SSA District Secretaries through Whatsup and SMS.

All SNEA members and also the executives who are really interested to know the real facts, vision of SNEA with regard to the progress of the company BSNL and future of Executives are most welcome to attend our meetings so as to take a right decision to caste your valuable vote in the forthcoming Executive Associations membership verifications.


Injustice to SC comrades:

CS writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju on the injustice forced on 37 SC category JTOs by not including their names in the AIEL of 2001-2002 even after clear Hon CAT and Hon HC orders. Even the stand taken is contrary to the RTI documents. These JTOs are deprived of their due promotion for the last 13 years. For details click here..

Bidar District Conference:

The district conference of Bidar was held on 23rd Oct 2013. Com Maruthi AGM presided over the function. Com Sunder AGM STR, DS SNEA gave the brief report. Com Pandurang Nayak JSS, Com S B Nagavi CS and Com Tata Babu CEC member attended and addressed the conference. The open session was addressed by Com Ram Babu DS AIGETOA. Seven young JTOs joined SNEA on this occasion.

The following Office Bearers have been unanimously elected for the year 2016-17.

(1) Com Sundar AGM STR as District President, (2) Com Ambala Vijay Chandar JTO Vice President (3) Com R Dhoop Singh JTO as District Secretary (4) Com Ashok Kumar AO and Com P Vineel JTO as Asst District Secretaries (5) Com D Maruthi JTO as organizing Secretary and Com Sharanabasappa as District Treasurer.

Com D V Guru SDE, Com M Shankar JTO , Com Shekhar JTO and Com Nagaraj SDE have been nominated as the DEC members.

Com Maruthi AGM will be proposed to be nominated to be the ACS Karnataka circle.


For glimpses of Bidar District Conference click here


CS meets CGMT Shri P Nagaraju:

CS along with Com Pandurang Nayak JSS CHQ and Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO met Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka Circle and discussed the various issues. (1) Conduction of membership verification and preparation there of: CGMT informed that they are already on the job and are progressing as per schedules of BSNL CO. (2) Office Bearers in sensitive posts like AGM Admn of Bijapur and at other places: For free and fair conduction of Ist membership verification we requested Administration to issue clear guidelines to all instead of pointing out only the case one association. This approach of the administration was strongly protested and CGM assured to issue general instructions immediately. (3) Registration of request transfer of JTOs of STR/STP etc (Non recruiting Circles); We have once again strongly objected on the reported clarification sought by CGMT with BSNL CO. When it is very clear in the transfer policy, it is needless to get such clarification and the approach of GM admin is just to avoid the transfers though such JTOs are completed more than stipulated period of their stay in the respective units.CGM assured to check the case. (4) Looking After of GM Telecom Posts by the promotee Officers in the cadre of DGM. We have informed that two DGMs of BGTD are eligible to get the LA for GM Post and hence arrange to issue the orders accordingly. CGMT informed us that it will be looked into as per rules. (5) Settlement of TA bills by disallowing the Travel Expenses: We have elaborated the issues mentioned in our earlier letter and also the details of the discussions held with Sr GM Finance: CGM assured that he will also discuss with SR GM Finance and see that proper instructions are issued in this regard. (6) Supply of Stores: When CGM was asked about the status of Low Count Optical Cable, he has shown the details that even without low count cable also more than 1000 FTTH connections are provided. However he has assured that within a fortnight we will be getting the cable as per recent tender. Regarding other stores like DW, JW he will be pursuing the matter. (7) Cash less Indoor Medical Treatment: CS informed and handed over the letter on the mess created in handling this facility by the administration. CGM informed that he has already instructed the SSAs to clear all pending bills of hospitals. However we have requested to take action and ensure that the facility provided serves the purpose of the employees. For letter click here.


Membership Verification News:

The Manifesto Copies for the first Membership Verification of Executives' Association are ready. All District Secretaries are requested to inform their requirement of copies to Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO (9449835101) so that same will be sent through Courier immediately.


CS meets Sr GM Finance Smt Sumam Pillai:

Yesterday CS met Sr GM Finance and discussed on the issue of (1) Alarming Status of mess created in the Indoor Patient Treatment in the empanelled hospitals in entire Karnataka State under the BSNL MRS scheme- CS brought to the notice of Sr GM Finance, pendancy of hospital bills, unilateral reduction in the bills claimed by the hospitals, inflated claims by empanelled hospitals and the sufferings of the BSNL staff and their families. Sr GM assured to look into and also thinking to form a committee to minutely study the issue as this problem is prevailing only in our state and at other places, the scheme is very smoothly going on.and (2) Unilateral reduction in the TA bills by the administration particularly the Travel Expenses; on the pretext of non availability of bus tickets. CS brought to the notice of Sr GM that at some places sufficient Govt Transport is not available and moreover we are giving services to remote villages in NOFN and Mobile services and in such places no Govt Transport has reached. This practical problem is completely ignored by the authority handling and processing the bills. CS made over the detailed letter regarding the issue and containing the proof of such non-professional incidents to her. Sr GM assured to immediately take corrective action in the matter.

CS expressed thanks and gratitude to Madam, for the positive response shown in the issues and is hopeful of immediate action.

CS requests the members to give such incidents by email (nagavisb@gmail.com) so as to further consolidate our stand in the issue and if required we will fight the issue till we get resolution on these two vital issues in the coming days.


District Conference of Karwar SSA at Kumta:

The district conference was held at Kumta on 2nd Oct 2016. Com M J Patagar Presided over the function. The programme commenced with invocation from Com P S Bhat and lighting of the lamp. District Secretary Com Vaman Kamath presented the DS report and Treasurer Com P S Bhat presented the statement of accounts. Com Aravalli, Com R G Shet spoke on the problems faced by the SSA and STR and impressed on their redressal. Com R M Hegde, active member of SNEA, who retired on 30th Sept 2016 on superannuating was felicitated on this occasion. Com Patagar, Com P G Bhagavat, Com Kiran Bhat and many others spoke on the services rendered by Com Hegde. Soft spoken and great human being Com R M Hegde, was appreciated by CS Com S B Nagavi, to be his batch mate in RSA training in 1988, and remembered those days of company with him. CS in his address, explained the history and vision of this mighty organization and how SNEA has been marching forward both at Circle and CHQ levels and appreciated comrades of Karwar for their promptness in payment of quota and holding AGB on schedules always.

The conference unanimously elected Com V A Kamath, Com G P Deshpande, Com P S Bhat and Com Madhu Babu as the District President, District Secretary, District Treasure and District Organizing Secretary respectively. Com Jogalekar, Com Satish Kumar and Com M A Ansari have been elected as the Assistant District Secretaries.

For glimpses of the Conference click here


Arbitrary finalization of TA Bills...

For a place, where there is no public transportation, how can the officer travel and execute the works and it is astonishing that the DA is allowed but travel charges are disallowed? On the mode of travel the officer has incurred, who bears the expenditure?  When works are assigned and targets are fixed work, has to move, interruption have to be cleared and under this sort of a treatment by the management how can we expect the field officers continue with this sort of financial harassment? To know more <<view>>


CS SNEA writes on the vision and struggles of various Associations in respect of Standard Pay Scales to JTO/JAOs and SDE/AO. Please <<view>>



CS SNEA and other leaders addressed at BSNL foundation day at Bangalore CGMT Office. CS Com S B Nagavi spoke on the latest trends in the Telecom Industry. CGMT Shri P Nagaraju, PGM S&M Shri Shenoy, and PGM Shri Venkateshwara Rao spoke on various steps taken by Karnataka Administration for the development of the circle.

Glimpses of BSNL foundation day held at Circle Office Bangalore <<view>>


Congrats Com Deepa Bansal, Proud memeber of SNEA...


It is our pleasure to share our proud member Com Deepa Bansal, Dr JTO Circle Office has won 4 medals in 16th ALL India BSNL Athletic meet held on 20th Sep to 22 nd sep,in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu. From Karnataka Circle only lady Com Deepa participated in this Meet and has won 1 Silver & 3 Bronze medals in 800mtr, 200mtr, 400mtr & 1500 mtr race respectively. Around 18 states participated in the Meet. Karnataka boys Athletic Team has won runners up trophy.

View full glimpses here


Meeting at Raichur

On 21st Com G L Jogi along with other leaders visited Raichur. The meeting at Raichur was held at 1730 hours of 21st Sept after a road journey from Hubli to Raichur by the leaders and the comrades of Raichur were eagerly waiting for our arrival late evening. Com Jogi, Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar, Com S P Jagadale DS Hubli and Com Nagavi spoke on the accession. Com V P Patil Presided over the function, Com Shrikanth DS gave a brief report of District. Com Venkata Vara Prasad anchored the function.

Glimpses of Raichur Meeting <<view>>

Meeting at Bellary

On 22nd Sept the team led by Com G L Jogi visited and attended the grand meeting arranged by the comrades of Bellary under the leadership of Com Virupaksha DS Bellary. Com M M Reddy presided over the function. Com Venkatanarayan DGM Anantapur, Com Rajashekara Reddy and others from Anantapur have also came to Bellary to greet our leader Com Jogi. Com Nagavi, Com Jagadale DS Hubli and Com Narain Nandakumar were the leaders addressed the gathering. Com Virupaksha welcomed the gathering and Com Amarnath extended vote of thanks.

mm1For more Glimpses of Bellary Meeting <<view>>

Meeting at Davangere

After the meeting at Bellary in the afternoon, CHQ leaders could reach to Davangere at 1900 hours on 22nd Sept. But even at 1900 members were waiting since 1700 hours. The meeting went on till 2130 to listen to the CHQ leader Com G L Jogi. The meting commenced with the invocation by Com Sharada. Com Vijayakumar Presided over the function. Com Lakshminarayan DS gave a brief report. Com G L Jogi and Com Nagavi addressed the gathering. Com G L Jogi ji was falicitated by comrades of Davangere SSA.


For more Glimpses of Davangere Meeting click here...

Meeting at Tumkur

On 23rd Sept 2016 CHQ team under the leadership of Com G L Jogi visited Tumkur and addressed the meeting in the evening. Com Jogi and Com Nagavi addresssed the gathering. Com Sangameshwaraiah Presided. Com Mahesh DS gave a breief report. Com Shridhar ACS falicitated the guests.


For more Glimpses of Tumkur Click here..

Meeting at Jayanagar Bangalore

Com G L Jogi addressed the meeting at Jayanagar WMS community hall Bangalore on 24th Sept 2016. For details visit sneabgtd.com


For more Glimpses of Jayanagar meeting click here..

Meeting at Circle Office Bangalore

Com A A Khan CHQ President and CS Com Nagavi addressed the meeting at Circle Office auditorium on 24th Sept 2016. Com Puranik AGM Presided over the function. Com Makkannavar DS welcomed the gathering. Com Govind Gudi extended the vote of thanks.


For more glimpses of meeting at Circle Office clike here..


While we are celebrating the 17th BSNL day, an effort has been made by CS SNEA Karnataka to put small light on the trend of Indian Telecom Industry and where we BSNL practically stand in the industry. To know more read this article...


Two GB Meeting in Karwar SSA at Sirsi and Karwar 20th Sept 2016 evening.

CHQ President Com A A Khan and JSS Com Pandurang Naik have addressed the meetings both at Sirsi and Karwar on the issues of BSNL and the HR issues relating to Executives particularly Standard Pay Scale, 30% SAB and CPSU cadre hierarchy and the focuses of SNEA in these issues.

CS Com S B Nagavi spoke on the circle issues and the bold steps taken on the issues of Rule 8 and intra circle transfers and the success story of our local agitation on these vital issues. The conspiracy from some corner to target the dignity of Executives by forcing the administration for unwarranted long stay transfer of JTOs in entire circle JTOs and the role played by SNEA in stopping the long stay transfer as well as ensuring the Rule 8 and request transfer of the JTOs by getting the written assurances while others were mortgaging the dignified rights of the existing executives for reasons best known to them.

Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar in his address narrated the story of the ill treatment of these so called saviors on the young JTOs in Kolar SSA, where no association came forward to fight against this harassment except SNEA. It is SNEA under the leadership of Com Nagavi CS SNEA and the CHQ leaders who have fought against these acts of heavy weights in Kolar and finally they could win in the battle to restore the dignity of the DR JTOs in Kolar. And it is this fight that toady in Kolar almost all JTOs are the proud members of this hour of JTOs under the banner of SNEA. Com V A Kamath DS briefed the activities of Kolar SSA and Com M I Patagar presided over the function. Com P S Bhat welcomed the gathering.


For more glimpses click here..<<< SIRSI>>>....<<<KARWAR>>>.


Grand GB Meeting at Hubli 0n 19th Sept 2016 evening.


Com G L Jogi CHQ Chairman, Com A A Khan CHQ President and Com Pandurang Nayak JSS addressed the huge gathering of the SNEA meeting at Hubli. Huge group of executives welcomed the CHQ leaders and were honoured by taking slogans as Com Jogi Zindabad, Com Khan Zindabad. Com Y R Bhajentri AGM, Presided over the function. ComJagadale DS, welcomed the gathering. Com Nagavi CS, Com Gombi ACS and Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar also spoke on the circle issues.

Full Glimpses of organisational meeting at Hubli on 19-09-2016 << view>>

GB Meeting at Belgaum:

Com Khan CHQ President and Com Jogi Chairman addressed the meeting at Belgaum


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Glimpses of the 1ast and 2nd day Relay Hunger Strike at Bangalore at Circle Office and Data Network Centre NOC Bangalore......VIEW...... Our young JTOs at NOC are all on hunger fast for all the three days. SNEA congratulates and thank them for the bold step taken. Executives unity Zindabad..

UF consisting of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA sincerely appeals all their members who have yet to take part in the Hunger Strike to positively take part on tomorrow 29th without fail by applying leave..

Important Note:

All DSs are requested to please upload RHS photos in Picassa Google and send the link to us so that all photos can be uploaded (linked) in sneaktk.co.in and also in CHQ website..


Massive response for the first day of the Relay Hunger Strike at all SSAs. CSs of SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA yesterday addressed the meetings at NOC Data Center Bangalore and at Circle Office and requested to increase the number of executives in next two days programme. We appeal all executives to be on leave and participate in today and tomorrow's RHS programme to make it a grand success.

The reports of CHQ office bearers tour in Karnataka will be published after the RHS programme is over.

CS will be attending the District Conference of Karwar SSA on 2nd October 2016.


Grand and successful meeting of SNEA at Belgaum on 19th Sept:

Com G L Jogi CHQ Chairman, Com A A Khan CHQ President and Com Pandurang Nayak JSS addressed the huge gathering of the SNEA meeting at Belgaum. There was huge response of the members to support the on going struggle after knowing all the details of the issues from these leaders. Com Chinchani Presided over the function. Com Kamat DS, Com Kulkarni CWC member spoke on the issues of Belgaum. Com Talikoti our young AGM anchored the programme. Com Nagavi CS, Com Gombi ACS and Com Narain Nandakumar DS Kolar also spoke on the circle issues.

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United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  served notice on 17.08.2016 for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of a) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres, b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and c) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.


1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:

“Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.
UF Notice for Trade Union Actions Click here....

Today the CS of SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA held meeting at circle office and decided to hold the programme in Bangalore at Circle office and in all SSAs at the SSA HQ.

All CSs appeal to make the programme a grnad success.



It is reliably learnt that CGMT Karnataka has finalised and approved the tender for procuring 3000 Kms of Low Count OF cable and the PO is likely to be placed now. We may expect the supply of said cable and comrdes of field units have to gear up for the provisioning of the FTTH connections.


For the last 6 months, the SSAs including the Bangalore Telecom District are not able to provide FTTH connections for want of the Low Count OF cable as expected and not able to meet the demand of customers. This issue we have several times raised before management at circle office at various levels and found that the much needed importance and urgency is not shown by the responsible officers involved in the process of finalizing the tender though all the concerned officers sit in the same circle office building. The concerned authorities are rather much interested in creating hurdles and delays but not treating the importance of the said item of store item in the field. Every day delay will count for the loss of revenue from the prospective customers. CS SNEA writes to CGMT Karnataka Shri P Nagaraju and GM Finance Smt Sumam Pillai for an urgent action. For letter click here...


In-ordinate delay in sending the LICE passed TTAs for JTO induction training. CS SNEA writes to Shri P Nagaraju CGMT Karnataka for immediate action to send them for training. For letter click here..


Tour Programme of Com G L Jogi Chairman and Com A A Khan CHQ President to Karnataka:

The tentative programe is as Scheduled below:

On 19-09-2016 Morning Belgaum and Afternoon Hubli

On 20-09-2016 Morning Sirsi and Afternoon Karwar

On 21-09-2016 Raichur ( Com Jogi) and Bijapur (Com Khan)

On 22-09-2016 Bellary (Com Jogi), Davangere (Com Jogi) and Gulbarga (Com Khan)

On 23-09-2016 Chitradurga (Com Jogi), Tumkur (Com Jogi) and Bidar (Com Jogi)

On 24-09-2016 Bangalore

The exact timings may be confirmed from the respective District Secretaries and let us utilise the best time of our CHQ leaders.


General Body Meeting at Vijayapur:

The general body meeting of Vijayapur was held at Golden Height Hotel on 10th Sept 2016. Com Mangasuli District President Presided over the function. The meeting commenced with the invocation of Com Smt S H Kori and welcome address by Com B M Chalavaadi. Com Bijjargi DS gave brief account of the activities of the district and focused on the adverse effect of the non availability of regular GM to Bijapur and GM Belgum seldom visits the SSA. The lack of interest and motivation by the negative approach in deciding the decisions on the files has further deteriorated the functioning the SSA.

Comrades Ustad, Puranik, Karbhari, Panduranga, Parande and Dasar have highlighted the various problems like biased transfers by administration, delay in vendor payments, delay in disposing files, problems faced by transmission team, level one mtce of mobile service, shortage of critical items of stores and non availability of staff for the outdoor and cable maintenance and thereby difficulties in meeting the requirement of the SWASS programme.

Com S B Nagavi CS, Com Pandurang Nayak JSS CHQ, Com Quraishi ACS and senior leader of Bijapur have attended and addressed the gathering. Com Vivek Nayak DS AIGETOA also attended and wished the organization for colorful results in the forthcoming membership verification.

Com Nayak, young and future icon of SNEA gave a detailed account of the ongoing issues like (1) Standard Pay Scales (2) 30% SAB (3) CPSU cadre Hierarchy and the stand of SNEA on all these three vital issues and the basic reasons for that. How the contrary stands taken by others when the settlement was at its peak; had acted as a stumbling block. He has thanked for the realization of others at least now and joining SNEA in the present on going struggle. Had we been unanimously pursued only E2 and E3 in the first step as was proposed by SNEA we would have been successful by this time. Today the realistic approach of SNEA at this juncture of forthcoming 3rd PRC, is well recognised, understood by all the executives at the grass root level and the same is indicated by the huge support in the LHD and Dharna programmes in the entire country. If issues remain unsettled we may have intensify our struggle in the future. He thanked all executives and the members of SNEA in particular for the leading role played by them in making the struggle a great success.

Com Nagavi CS gave a detailed account of the circle activities and the stand taken in the transfer cases of the JTOs both Rule 8 and intra circle transfers and also the success story of blocking the long stay transfer of JTOs proposed by circle administration in the month of May/June 2016 at the instance of some other elements. The struggle is an eye opener, which protected the dignity of the executives. It is SNEA Karnataka which went on an organizational programme to ensure the assured Rule 8 transfers and the intra circle transfers which is settled, concluded to the logical end and at the same time blocked the conspiracy of others who wanted the long stay transfer of JTOs is enforced. It is ultimately ended with the written assurance of CGMT Karnataka that 64 rule-8 transfer will be considered and relieving will be ensured by the circle and this is a reality now that all the JTOs upt to WL No.67 were relieved by Karnataka Circle under Rule-8 transfer. We have not only ensured the assured 14 intra circle transfers but also ensured another 20 transfer orders are issued and reliving are done in most of the cases. Due to the sustained efforts, struggle and persuation the intra circle list of JTOs is reduced from 130 pending cases to only around 65 cases. SNEA believed in ensuring the justice of the legitimate issue coupled with proper policy and never promoted Tom Tick and Harry to get their membership when they are not eligible to get such benefit. SNEA stood by the comrades particularly the JTOs who were never dreamt that they would get their transfers this year. Many young JTOs though not identified with SNEA have also spoken personally to CS for his bold stand taken in the issue.

Today both at CHQ as well as at Circle and SSA level who are really involved into settling of the issues is being recognised by the base root members and of course this message is reaching from mouth to mouth; which ultimately will be quantified in the process of membership verification. It is the duty of the actrivists of SNEA to only pass on our policy, works done and struggles undertaken. All these informations are well explained in the manifesto published by CHQ. CS thanked the organisors for arranging the meeting in beautiful way.

The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by Com Puranik.

For the glimpses of the meeting click here..


Further improvement in the participation of Dharna on 7th Sept 2016. The leaders and members of SNEA took leading role and active interest in making the programme a grand success. We from SNEA are committed to resolve the issues on the agenda and is clearly manifested by our participation everywhere. ( Executives participated in Bangalore on 6th Sept 2016 SNEA 46%, AIGETOA 32% and AIBSNLEA 22% again on 7th Sept 2016 SNEA 56%, AIGETOA 24% and AIBSNLEA 20% are the indicators).

All the leaders of SSAs of Karnataka Circle have also took great initiative and held Dharna on both the days ensuring the participation of all the 3 associations and in many places 100% participation is reported. The major participation of the members of this association in the said Dharna is the key index that demonstrates the seriousness with which we are fighting to resolve the issues. Some young leaders like Com Tata Babu, Pallavi Latha, Ajaykumar have in fact appreciated and acknowledged the huge participation of the senior comrades so actively in the programme.

Comrades during the deliberations in our Bangalore Dharna, we have come across many doubts raised by members and leaders of all the associations have given clarifications on such queries. This will give a great opening up for the youngsters to understand the issues thoroughly and this effort of leaders will cement them into organizational action in the coming days of struggle.

The fights that we have done before the 1986 prior to 4th PRC and before 1996 prior to 5th CPC are the achievement to be written in the golden letters in the history of Telecom Engineers Trade Union History.

Before 4th PRC our scale was Rs.425-15-700 and in the normal course it would have been replaced with Rs.1400-40-2700. But the great vision and struggle of this association (SNEA- earlier JETA) we had a jump to Rs.16400-60-2900.

Before 5th PRC our scale was Rs.1400-40-2700 and in the normal course it would have been replaced with Rs.5500-150-9000. But the great vision and struggle of this association (SNEA- earlier JETA/TEOA) we had a jump to Rs.6500-200-10500.

And 5th CPC by the powerful presentation of this association (SNEA- earlier JETA/TEOA) to the CPC, also recommended for the elevation of the cadre from Group C (non-executive) cadre to the Gazetted Status (Executive).

Under the leadership of Com W Sheshagiri Rao, it laid down several mile stones as above including 12 year 24 year time bound lateral advancements and huge JTO to SDE functional promotions to the tune of 8000 promotions at one stroke.

When DOT was getting converted into BSNL, it only this organization which was not ready to get absorbed into BSNL just taking Rs.2000 PM extra amount without knowing the three fundamental questions to be clarified by BSNL.

(1) Prospects of promotion avenues in BSNL

(2) The weightage for the service rendered in DOT

(3) The pay scales in the IDA pattern for the absorbed executives.

This organization has single handedly fought the issues and taken oath from each members of SNEA that we will not sign the absorption form while others were on the toes to get absorbed by accepting Rs.2000/- offer. Though we were singled out we did not give up our struggle. It is on this result of the foundational struggle; today we are able to get point to point fixation in IDA scale, 4-6 years TBU and upgraded pay scales ie instead of E1 ( Rs.8600) to E1a ( Rs.9850) for JTO/JAO E2 (10750) to E2a (Rs.11875) for SDEs, etc., Comrades remember except SNEA ( Earlier TEOA) none were with us. But Com G L Jogi and more than 4000 ishfollowers under the banner of BSNLEA supported Com W Sheshagiri Rao in his single handed struggle to achieve above mile stones after the formation of BSNL.

Then in 2003 in Kanyakumari these two organizations having profound belief in welfare of the executives and who were knowing that struggle and struggle only can be best tool to archive our goals; joined to form a new Association called SNEA. The Tiger of Kashmir Comrade G L Jogi took the captaincy of the new team at Kanyakumari and Com W Sheshagiri Rao relinquished the post of GS after his three terms.

During the period of Comrade G L Jogi the implementation of the TBU policy, the smooth promotion from the cadre of SDE to DE and various issues were got settled.

Thereafter, due to multiplicity of associations, multiplicity of Ideas, coupled with various court cases and unfortunately lack of vision and cheap popularity have over raided in the minds at some corner and BSNL started to take advantage of this situation.

Under such situation also SNEA took a very tough stand. We said in clear terms to the BSNL management to settle standard pay scale issue ( E2 and E3) alone and separately and get it approved before we move forward to 3rd PRC. We tried our best to explain the complexities if it is linked with cascading. But the views of others the reasons best known to them criticized our stand and taken a different view. Even on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 30% SAB also we have our view very clear.

Today all have understood the game plan of the BSNL and DOT management.

The brief analyzes of the history tells us very clearly that the more we united the near will be our success. Despite SNEA leadership being ridiculed we never gave up our principle of struggle, it is SNEA which initiated this struggle and is leading the same. SNEA would like to state that what we say we will do and our marching forward is for the purpose of the benefit of the cadre in its entirety and not to appease any section of persons.

We not only thank SNEA, but also the members of the our sister organizations both AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA for their participation and hope to maintain unity.

CS AIBSNLEA Com Hiremath, CS AIGETOA Com Sunder Raj and CS SNEA Com S B Nagavi have spoken on the ocassion

Com M H Gombi, ACS, Com M H Hiremugadur ACS, Com Jayaprakash Javali DS BGTD, Com B Ramesh Ex DS BGTD, Comrade Thippesh, SNEA, Com Vasantakumar, SNEA, Com Tata Babu SNEA were the prominent speakers on the occasion from SNEA side.

Glimpses of Bangalore Dharna on 7th

Glimpses of Rest of Karnatakata on 7th


Tremendous Response for the Dharna today. All SSAs have reported of having conducted the Dharna Programme. At Bangalore more than 200 members have participated in the programme.

Glimpses of Dharna in various SSAs...

Glimpses of Dharna in Bangalore CGMT Office...

Keep the tempo and make it grand success tomorrow also.


Full Day Dharna on 06th and 07th Sep 2016
United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations consisting of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA launced organizational actions demanding
1) Implemenattion of stanadrd pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A
2) 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL direct recruits
3) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

All Circle / SSA / Branch Secretaries are requested to make all out preparations for the two days Dharna on 06th and 07th September. Ensure 100% participation on both days.

At Bangalore the programme will be at CGMT Office Halasur Bangalore


BGTD, Halasur Branch Meeting

BGTD,Halasur Branch Meeting was held on 1st Sept 2016. Com S B Nagavi, CS Com Govind Gudi COS, Com M H Gombi ACS, Com Balakrishna Aithal CVP ,Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO BG, Com Huliraj DP BGTD, Com R B Joshi, CEC member and Com Jayaparakash Javali DS BGTD have attended the meeting.

CS and ACS have spoken on the occasion and explained the on going issues at Circle and CHQ level and to make the 6th and 7th Sept 2016 Dharna programme a grand success. Com Huliraj DP has presided over the function and called upon the members to consolidate our strength further in the coming days. DS Com Javali updated the district level issues and on the recent meeting held with PGM BGTD.

Com Shivakumar, Com Ravikumar and Com Udaykumar have been elected as the Branch President, Branch Secretary and Branch Treasurer. Com Madhukar and Com Smt Harishri have been elected as the Executive members.

For the glimpses click here..



Com Nagarajaiah AGM (LA) Mobile Services Bangalore, expired on 28th Aug 2016 who was suffering from cancer; leaving behind his wife and two daughters. SNEA empresses its deep condolences and pray God to give strength to the bereaved family to bear the shock.


What SNEA CHQ says on SAB?. the much talked Superannuation benefit and What we have done so far and what we will.,..View..


Spectacular Road Show by Executives and Staff of Kolar SSA under the leadership of Respected Shri Janardhan Rao, Sr GM in additional charge of Kolar. The way SWAS programme is taken seriously and executed in all its dignity, with dress code, banners and above all leading from the front by the Sr GM who is holding additional charge. SNEA acknowledges and congratulates the great effort and movement of Kolar staff. Congratulations.... View Glimpses


Massive Dharna Programme at Bangalore (23rd Aug 2016)..

CS SNEA Com S B Nagavi, CS AIGETOA Com Sundar Raj and CS AIBSNLEA Com S K Hiremath spoke on the Dharna programme at Banglaore. Com Chandran from AIGETOA highlighted the detailed account of the struggles carried out by associations and requested the members to have the glance of detailed account published by SNEA in its web site and emphasized the need of the united and focused struggle on the issues and thanked all the associations for the united struggle

Glimpses of Dharna at Bangalore CGMT Office on 23rd Aug 2016By UF of Executives (SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA) view....

Enmass Participate in Historic Lunch Hour Demonstration on 23rd Auguest 2016. For details View..


CSs of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA serve notice copy to CGMT Karntakta and Karnataka Circle UF decision to participate in the CHQ Programme. Make the programme a grand success. For letter click here...



Hassan District Conference was held at SARAYU Hotel. Com C Sanjay Kumar SDE STR Presided over the function. Com Maruthi Rathod, JTO, District Secretary presented the annual report and Com Udai Shanker, JTO, Treasurer presented the finance report. The conference was addressed by Com Sampath Kumar (NFTE), Com Parvataiah (SAWA) and Com Kantarajaiah, AO ( AIBSNLEA) and Shri Umesh DGM Hassan. Com Sadanand Makkannavar DS CO and Com Ramadas Ex DS Hassan have also addressed the conference.

The retired JTOs Com Ismail Pasha, and Com Bemmegowda were falicitated in the conrcernce.

CS Com S B Nagavi, explained the activities of the circle organization and the leading role taken by SNEA in resolving the critical issues with regard to stores and execution and particularly on the tough stand taken in ensuring the Rule 8 and intra circle request transfers in the cadre of JTOs. CS also elaborated the focused and strategic stand taken by the CHQ in the ongoing issues at CHQ level and called for making the united forums agitation programme (SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA) to ensure E2, E3 scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and 30% SAB. CS also thanked Com Udai Shanker JTO for his donation of Rs.3001-00 to SNEA Karnataka

The function commenced with the invocation by Com Sheela, welcome by Com Raizwana Pathan and concluded with vote of thanks by Com Anitha.

Com Sanjay Kumar C, SDE, Com Maruti Rathod, JTO and Com B Tirumalesh, JTO have been unanimously elected as the District President, District Secretary and Distreict Treasurer respectively.

For glimpses of conference chick here.

SNEA Hubli Meets CGMT STR at Hubli on 13-08-2016


On Behalf of SNEA Hubli  S.P.Jagadale Dist Secretary Hubli, Bongale Treasurer and  S.A.Bellubbi CEC member  and SDEs mobile Service met GM and CGM STR on 13.08.2016Following are the highlights.

1.We thanked for excellent Support of STR to Hubli SSA.  
2.We highlighted the pending allocation of fibres and tapping for dark fibre Business and NOFN works for early approval . 
3. We also agreed to make Use of STR network in Most economical way.
4.We also expressed why we SSA  depend on STR network and need their help.             
5.We also expressed the problem of STR DXC of not switch over of Mobile traffic data in alternate path when there is break in One path.Link will be available but no traffic flow is observed.
6.Expressed the huge potential of dark Fibre business and need of early approval of fibre from STR. But GM STR expressed their difficulty to fulfill the same but as alternate of providing dark fibre he suggested that we can satisfy the need of cable TV operators by giving bandwidth which  we are having surplus bandwidth which is unused it can be alternate to dark fibre.It is easy to give bandwidth rather than Dark fibre.
7.Discussed Many mtce issues.  
8.We also expressed the problem of STR out door maintainance and scarcity of supporting staff.We suggested to take ITI and Diploma completed fresh students as apprentice which is economical and will be great help to mtce staff.
9. We also requested to consider request Transfers and giving priority to genuine cases of ladies ( Case of Smt U.B.Patil who is requested for Bangore on her genuine problem). Many of our ktk people working in AP STR if their requests are considered to ktk then scarcity of our ktk may resolve and long standing transfer can be avoided . 
Both GM and CGM STR acknowledged that It was very good discussion and appreciated our concern to the organisation . Encouraged us to have such discussion at different platforms for the betterment of the organisation.



SNEA CHQ published this small article in March 2016; just to get refreshed click here...


CS writes to Shir Ashok Aggarwal, GM Admn and HR protesting on the arbitrary orders of Circle Office regarding the consideration of the request transfers of the JTOs working in the non territorial circle to territorial circle and vice versa. For details click here...




Programme of United Forum of BSNL Executives:


In view of the refusal of the pay scale proposal by DoT, the further course of action was discussed between AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA. The three associations have decided to launch immediate and hard trade union actions. United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  served notice for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of


i) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres

ii) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees

iii) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP


Click here for the notice served by United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA



Inspiring Independence Day at Circle Office Bangalore:

Respected Shri R K Misraji, CGMT Rajastan hoisted the national Flag at Circle Office Bangalore. Shri R K Misraji and Shri P Nagaraju, CGMT KTK addressed the meeting thereafter. Shri Shenoy PGM and Shri Janardhana Rao Sr GM have also addressed on the marketing and operation subjects respectively. CS SNEA Com Nagavi and CS AIBSNLEA Com Hiremath also addressed. CS SNEA drawn the attention of the management on the burning issues of the field officers both on stores and labour issues.




Our Leaders




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S B Nagavi, BSc, LLB
Circle Secretary

Contacts of CS
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